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The day at the clinic was slowly winding down as the afternoon was turning into dusk. Harichimo had been hard at work, taking most of the walk-in patients for the day. The last patient had long gone when Harichimo was cleaning up. He neatly put away all the medical supplies in their designated drawers or cabinets. He removed the cloth that lined his room's bed to be washed. He even had the window to the central garden open to let the fresh air circulate. Harichimo would grab the cloth and bunch it up into a ball to take it to the laundry room. He noticed that everyone had taken the day easy compared to him. Lately he had been hard at work busting his butt to try and keep himself in the good graces of the elders. He feared after his talk with Fukai that the elders might have over heard them. But with his hard work he thought he was off their radars. Harichimo would simply toss the cloth into a waiting hamper as he walked past the door not looking or paying attention to if the cloth had landed inside or not. Harichimo continued to walk and would reach the main lobby of the clinic where he would check for mail. Sure enough his box had a letter from Karumo. Harichimo was quick to stash the letter in his pocket and make his way back to his room.

When he was back he quickly shut the door and opened the letter. His request to travel to Sunagakure had been approved. Harichimo needed the time away from his family and the elders in order to train and resume his shinobi duties. He figured getting out of the village and country was a good idea but the only place he had been before being Sunagakure wasn't the most ideal location, but a location none the less. Harichimo folded the letter back up and grabbed a duffel bag out of his closet. He was sure to pack a couple sets of cloths and brought some medical supplies. He looked over to see his Monolith robe still hanging and displayed as he left it from the last time he wore it. He put on the robe and started to already feel like his old self again. He grabbed a roll of bandage laying on his night stand and wrapped his arms up for the first time in a long time. He was finally ready to escape from the eyes of everyone else and figure out his next moves in peace.

Harichimo opened the window of his room and quietly disappeared into the night without even saying goodbye to his mother, father, or siblings. He didn't want anyone from the clan to know where he was going or what he was up to. With even as bad an idea as it seemed, he knew the elders would probably disapprove in he asked them. But it was time for Harichimo to take his own path. He closed the window back up and made his way to the stables to grab a horse for the long journey back into the desert that he had once traveled and got lost in. Upon his arrival Harichimo showed the official letter from the Tsuchikage to the stable master who gladly lent his a horse that had been prepped for his arrival. Harichimo thanked the man and quickly went outside to start his trip. Once he got out of the village walls, Harichimo knew he was back and free from the bonds that have been holding him back.

Travel 600/600
Remaining WC 3


Futon: S-Rank | Doton: C-Rank | Katon: C-Rank
Medical Ninjutsu: S-Rank | Taijutsu: S-Rank | Ninjutsu C-Rank
Mission Counter: D:4 C:4 B:5 A:0 S:0 SS:0
Active Passives: +2 tier to Speed (Specialization)

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