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1 I'll be your Opponent! [Plot/Invite ONLY/NK] on Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:45 am



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They’d only been within the village walls of Sunagakure no Sato for only half an hour.  It was during this short timespan that Suutei was engaged by multiple citizens.  One after the other made the request of receiving his signature on an item they’d presented to him.  It was as if he were some kind of celebrity, but the funny thing was that even if he was Juunto only suspected him to be a local celebrity.  Mainly due to the fact he’d never heard of the boy up until about two hours ago, and he couldn’t be that big of a deal right.  Maybe he was an actor as well maybe he was just like him in a way, a jack of all trades.  Though people like that were very common in these parts, this was the more rural area of Sunagakure, but he’d needed to meet someone today.  Someone that could maybe help Suutei.

The two stopped at a Ramen Shop to grab a bite to eat, while inside they received similar treatment while inside and Juunto was confused for a bodyguard.  Suutei seemed to have no problem with this kind of attention, and it seemed he was used to it by now.  When the shop owner introduced himself and his three lovely daughters, all of which were just a bit older than Juunto’s daughter.  Suutei waved off the owner’s suggestion with a nervous expression on his face, and was reassuring the owner that he and Juunto were just friends.  It didn’t take long for the owner to kick out a businessman from a booth, as the two bickered as the man was shooed out of the shop.  The young Kimura explained yet again that he was just there for food to go, and so the shop owner made it a priority to take their order.

“What can I get you sir?”  He addressed Juunto first, as he prepared the noodles.

“I’ll have Miso flavor ramen with chāshū please.”  Juunto looked to Suutei who made the exact same order, but requested for chillin powder as well.

“So tell me again Suutei where are you from?”  Juunto asked as he slurped ramen from a box as he walk alongside Suutei.

“Haha I told you Juunto,” the boy laughed nervously at the question.  “I’m from the Hidden Leaf Village,” trying to reassure the man with his Leaf Headband.

Having just returned from their endeavors in the desert of the Land of Wind, and he’d strangely become suspicious of the boys earlier answer about his place of origin.  Mainly due to their last few encounters with citizens of the village, and it had become apparent that he was bigger than most would think.  If he would bring her to the person he was meeting soon, then maybe they could work this out in fact it had been some quite time since he’d seen Yui.  It had been quite sometime since he served as the woman’s advisor and mentor, and an even longer time he’d seen her.  Surely the woman was taking care of herself, and staying in moderate shape hopefully.

Tossing their boxes aside to a waste basket outside a store, as the two approached a small dojo that was used for martial arts training.  Suutei was curious as to why they’d stopped here of all places, and wondered if the two of them would spar again.  The thought of having to fight Juunto again was firing him up and he was sure the man was a great swordsman, but he knew he could definitely best in hand to hand combat.  Flipping the light switch on he requested Suutei to wait near the entrance, as he disappeared to a back room.  Shortly returning with two sets of Gi, and Suutei was starting to get even more excited as it became harder to hide.  Slipping the midnight blue gi on, and channeled his chakra letting his power flow from his body.

“Now I’m going to get serious Juunto,” Suutei had fierce look in his eyes that symbolized his explosive nature.  Juunto shot down the boy’s thoughts of engaging him in combat and required that he wait patiently for his sparring partner.  Suutei was slightly confused as to who else could or would train with him in Sunagakure no Sato, and what was once pure anxiety had transformed into unbelievable boredom.  Juunto still assured him that he needed him to be patient, and reassured his contact Guest would be here.



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The day past by as Harichimo sat in his hotel room. The furniture had been rearranged and made so that there was more room to move. Harichimo sat on the bed meditating for the first time in peace in quiet. It had been a long while since he could just get away from the needs of the clinic in order to better himself. He breathed in deep breaths as he thought about the hard decision he had just made. He had never before just up and left the clinic without giving anyone a sort of warning. It wasn't that the clinic was going to be short without him. The clinic had many talented individuals besides him to take care of patients. But ever since his talk with Fukai, Harichimo could tell that the elders were losing favor over him. And now to just up and leave the clinic would surly be a poke that stirred the hornet's nest. But for now he would have to just relax and get himself back into the mental and physical shape he once was. He couldn't let himself slack any longer and be controlled by the elders.

As he sat there he heard someone coming to his room's door. He glanced over as the person stopped and simply slid a letter under the door. Harichimo was quick to slide off the bed and retrieve the letter. There wasn't much to the letter but a place and time with directions on how to get there. Harichimo was sure this was some sort of mistake and quickly opened the door to try and find the person that had left it. But when he peeked out his head he saw no trace that anyone had even been near his door. Harchimo became a little confused but thought that he should maybe entertain the idea and follow along. He looked towards the clock to see he had a little time to eat and make sure he was in top form in case anything did go south.

Harichimo would go into the room's kitchen and open the fridge where he was storing his provisions that he had brought with. He had brought enough to stay for a while but eventually he may have to scrounge some work from the local mission board if he could get permission. Harichimo grabbed a bottle of water and some jerky. Just a small snack in order to get himself in gear. While he chewed on the jerky Harichimo would go through his clothes and look for the same casual wear he had worn on his last outing a couple days ago. A simple undershirt, casual jeans, sneakers, and a jacket with the Iwa village symbol on the back. He would finish off the water bottle and snag the last bit of the jerky as he left his room and locked the door behind him.

Harichimo was able to follow the directions with very little trouble. He was surprised to end up in the front of a dojo. Especially in this part of the village. But he had to keep in mind that not all taijutsu users got the attention like they did in Iwagakure. Harichimo would approach the door and slide it open. He simply saw two people waiting, one wearing a gi and looking as if they were getting ready to spar. Harichimo was slightly confused more as to why he was even instructed to come here again. "Excuse me gentlemen. I was hoping someone could inform me of this letter i got saying to meet someone here at this time. Either of you know about this?" He said as he pulled the letter from his jacket pocket.



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