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Clan Name: 甕星一族, Mikaboshi Ichizoku
Location: Sunagakure no Sato.
Specialization: Bukijutsu (Onojutsu or Bojutsu)
Elements: Fūton.

Clan History: Tessenjutsu (literally 'Folding Fan Techniques') is a skill that Shinobi of the Hidden Sand Village have always excelled in, and thus is widely taught throughout that state. This means that anyone with the right elemental affinity can learn it; of course, rather than a bloodline limit, Tessenjutsu is a secret art, a Hiden which enables the ninja to fight using iron fans at all ranges.

The discipline dates back to the foundation of the village and has since then been the pride of the Wind Country. They were once called the Murasaki-Hoshi, referring to the purple circles painted on the open surface of their fan, which were called stars. However, they have since eliminated the use of 'stars', now adorning their fans however they choose. Originally taught to a select few, the style had a boom during the Fourth Shinobi War.

Members: Nara Temari.

Hiden Name: 鉄扇, Tessenjutsu
Hiden Description: An art whose origins lay in the covert missions of early ninja, iron fans were used as weapons of deception, able to function as both blunt clubs and potential cutting weapons brandished from the otherwise harmless guise of a folding fan.

Those that study the way of the Mikaboshi have extreme prowess in using Iron Fans as a method of attack, and upon creation start with either of the following items, to be renamed and decorated as they see fit. Other aspects of each style are listed below the item in question. The Giant Folding Fan or the set of Tessen is the personal weapon of each ninja, and can be Enchanted to increase its rank any number of times. (Enchanting from C-rank to B-rank costs 700 Ryo.)


[b]Name:[/b] 鉄扇, [i]Tessen[/i]
[b]Type Of Weapon:[/b] Iron Fan.
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b]
[b]Quantity:[/b] 1 set of 2.
[b]Ability/Function:[/b] Used as a bludgeoning weapon, the shafts forming the ends of the fans can deal moderate bruising to the affected area. Using them in this manner requires Onojutsu.

When unfolded, the metal wire causes the 'fabric' of the fan to become a weapon in and of itself, able to cut 1.5" deep into flesh, but not into bone. Using them in this manner requires Kenjutsu and Onojutsu.

These fans, in all manners, look and feel to be regular folding fans while collapsed. Unfolding it allows others with a Perception of C-2 to detect its true nature, should they be able to see or touch it; however, this only applies if it is still held and used as a normal fan. Brandishing it instantly disrupts the disguise.

[b]Appearance:[/b] When collapsed, take the appearance of squared batons or Rattan sticks, no more than 45cm each in length and no more than 5cm in width.

When unfolded, resembles a traditional folding fan, down to its "fabric", which is actually woven superfine metal wire.

  • A trained wielder of a Tessen has learned the Supernatural Walking Practice enough so that it may be used while not costing chakra, and with no cooldown. This, however, is only in relation to their fans, which otherwise have no combat-oriented manner of wielding to ensure stability.

  • Due to their air-wafting origins, an unfolded Tessen can be used as a returning throwing weapon, akin to a bladed boomerang, in exchange for the powerful gusts of air of their larger cousins. Due to the rotation needed to throw it, the Tessen will slice past, rather than into, obstacles; while this may reduce damage, it increases the chance of the fan returning. The fan will only travel in a horseshoe-shaped arc of 10m (+10m for each rank of Strength above D) before returning. If it hits any obstacle that it cannot cut head-on, it loses its momentum and must be retrieved manually.


[b]Name:[/b] 巨大扇子, [i]Kyodai Sensu[/i]
[b]Type Of Weapon:[/b] Giant Folding Fan.
[b]Rank:[/b] C
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b] Fūton.
[b]Ability/Function:[/b] When folded, this weapon functions as a quarterstaff, and cannot be wielded as such without the Bojutsu and Onojutsu specialties. Used as a bludgeoning weapon while collapsed, it can inflict major bruising with a full-power attack.

The true power of a Folding Fan of this size, however, is that a ninja with D-3 or higher strength that is knowledgeable in Tessenjutsu can swing this fan to create gusts of wind. This item is treated as having its Wind Release affinity [i]only when fanning wind[/i], and may have another elemental nature as normal at B-rank or higher. Using the fan to create gusts like this only requires Onojutsu.

The wind constitutes a flattened cone up to 10m in length and 4m in height, and is a 130-degree area in the arc of their swing. It can blow back all objects of 35kg or less in weight, or of up to 100kg if they are airborne in any way. Humans are difficult to push with this rank of item's wind, but the wind itself can buffet them and kick up debris, making it haphazard to move or even open one's eyes. An airborne ninja, or one who is running or otherwise not rooted to their spot, is easily blown back up to 6m. On soft ground, this wind can manage to push a person with a solid stance up to 2m back and possibly knock them down, unless they have C-0 or higher Endurance.

[b]Appearance:[/b] A large rectangular-prismic piece of metal, 1.5m in length and 16cm in width. It unfolds out in a wide arc to 140 degrees.

  • A trained wielder of a Giant Folding Fan has learned the Supernatural Walking Practice enough so that it may be used while not costing chakra, and with no cooldown. This, however, is only in relation to their fans, which otherwise have no combat-oriented manner of wielding to ensure stability, not to mention being impossible to swing otherwise.

  • While the gust of wind cannot harm anyone on its own, the power at B-rank or higher begins to be able to throw shinobi hard enough that colliding with surfaces can leave them with major bruising. At A-rank, this increases to broken bones.

  • The gust produced by a Giant Folding Fan can repel all non-enhanced projectiles; any that are of equal or lower rank to the Fan itself are knocked back in the direction of the wind, often to their thrower.

  • A B-rank Giant Folding Fan requires C-3 Strength to use, but also has its range increased by 5m in length and 2m in height. These values are compounded for each rank higher of Giant Folding Fan. (A-rank gets +10m/+4m instead, and so on.)

Each ninja can only start out knowing how to use one type of fan, and must be learned as if a sub-specialization for 500 Ryo.

A ninja following the Path of Mikaboshi can use Wind Release jutsu without making hand seals, so long as they are wielding any type of folding fan, and can swing it in place of making said hand seals. They can also create jutsu that combine Wind Release with another element. They do not suffer from the drawbacks of the "Wind Release: Great Breakthrough" library technique.

Drawbacks: Due to their general fighting style revolving around wind, and their focus on the Wind Release chakra nature, a follower of the Path of Mikaboshi must take the "Hesitant (Element)" SC without balancing it.

While wielding an open Giant Folding Fan, a ninja has 1 tier lower in Speed, and loses another tier for each rank below the Folding Fan their Strength is. Folding such a weighty and stout fan is not instant, and as such one cannot fold their fan while under attack to negate the Speed decrease.

All weapons aside from fans are prohibited, save for basic ninja projectiles like shuriken, senbon, and kunai. (They may still learn the styles, but may not make weapons other than fans.)

Custom Wind Release jutsu cost 20% more words to train if they are not activated via a swing of the fan. Alternatively, they cost 5 more chakra each.


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