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1 Missing Limb Trait replacements? on Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:08 am

Kazuko Shinka

Kazuko Shinka

Currently considering employing the Missing limb SC along with Steel release to create a temporary arm to use in combat. Would this be possible, or not, due to the SC rules and the arm being "Unable to be replaced?"

2 Re: Missing Limb Trait replacements? on Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:19 am

Takashi Nekomata

Takashi Nekomata

The SC for anyone else who visits this, so you dont have to search for it:

Name: Missing Limb
Type: Negative
Details: The user was born without one of their limbs, where it should be there is only flat surface of skin, this happens generally due to a birth befect though other reasons would suffice. The Missing limbs can be either a Leg or Arm, if arm they are cut off at the shoulder, it leg directly at the top of where the thigh should be, this also causes the bearer to have slightly less chakra due to the missing limb (-20 to chakra pool)

I have the ''blind'' SC and in details it says, that no jutsu or item can restore my own vision. I'm not sure if transplants would work (since it's a thing in the game), but I have a jutsu that invokes someone else's vision in me.
Anyway, I think there is no way your idea should not work. You won't get back the 20 chakra though. It's an interesting idea. Go for it! (I'm not a staff member, so don't take this as a fact)

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