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1 Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 00:57


Good afternoon (at least where I am it's afternoon)!

I'm Elisa and I'm completely new to this (rp included- well, kind of, I really like Chatzy and I was once in a Percy Jackson RP...) ANYWAYS I'm very, very excited, although a little nervous - blame social anxiety.

And once we're all here, let me ask a question:
I had already created an account when I was reading the character guidelines, when I found out that the account name must be the same as the character's name... Although I could use Elisa as a character's name, Flemer is simply not a Japanese surname (it's german, actually).

So, I'd like to know if there's any way I can change my username or, in case I need to create another account, how can I delete this one...

Thanks in advance and have a great day :)

2 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 01:56



Hi! Welcome to Saga! From what I understand once your character is made and you have a name just post in the admin requests to get your name changed and they will do it for you :) looking forward to seeing you around.


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3 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 01:59

Izayoi H


As Nayoko has said, if you want your username changed, just request so in the admin requests section~ It'll be done with the next admin clear~
Also, welcome to Saga Elisa! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask away~
Have a nice day, and look forward to seeing you around! (For the record, my first account had a non-character name as the username, so, I can say with certainty it's cool to change~)


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4 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 02:44



Hi there! There is an admin that can change your account name, like Bokuden or Gin :) Hope to see you around!

5 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 03:02



Hey there, Welcome to Saga! If you have any other questions feel free to ask and see you around the site~


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6 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 03:13


Thank you so much, guys, YOU ARE AWESOME! :D

7 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 05:43



Special Jounin
It's good to have you onboard! No need to be anxious with us. We'll all get there together.


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8 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 06:16

Raishi Kanetsu





9 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 06:37



Welcome to Saga Elisa.. Lovely name btw



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10 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 07:15

Ieyasu Tokugawa


Hey, welcome to Saga, Elisa! You can change your username in the Admin Requests. If you have further queries, don't hesitate to ask in the chatbox, through PM, or this thread!


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11 Re: Hello :D on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 10:13

Nakajima Naho


Welcome to Saga!

12 Re: Hello :D on Thu 26 Jan 2017, 04:03



Welcome to Saga, looking forwards to seeing you around.

13 Re: Hello :D on Thu 26 Jan 2017, 04:24



Hiya darling, welcome to Suna



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