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1 Beyond Comradeship [Priv•Lin only] on Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:36 pm



Life is a bed of roses to some but to others, its a terrible nightmare.To Syn, life is a combination of both because he has experienced both halves. Life in konoha wasn't the sweetest but it wasn't the worst either. At least he had a roof over his head, somewhere he could call home and he had good food to eat so what more did he require but little did he know that his fate had been set on the day that he decided to travel out of the hidden leaf village. Permission was granted to him by Sousetsu, the hokage at that time who was also a senju like him. The newly promoted chunin travelled happily with hopes of training and becoming better though he had just one thing on his mind; vengeance. His whole family which consisted of his father, mother and younger sister had been slaughtered in a war and he had gotten a lead on the killer but he knew that he couldn't yet take him on so he had to get better thus why he seeked power elsewhere.
Fast forward.. Shit happened and the young Dray became a different person. Reborn into the world like a new baby that knew not how to call it's mother's name. Through will power and the zeal to acquire, he became who he is today- a respectable shinobi in the hidden cloud village, something he never thought possible. He had done some hard work and such comfortability wasn't more than what he deserved.

Syn stared at the finely decorated ceiling of the room that he had lodged in. He had decided to give himself a break from the death involved tasks that he always had to embark upon and had left the comfort of his home to spend few days at Mt. Ikkyu resort. He chose this place not because it was one of the best places to relax in the village but because behind the mountain lay a beautiful forest that had some konoha feels within it. It was pretty early in the morning and the various bird tweets reminded him of beautiful moment in the past but that life was long gone, he was no longer that person. The jounin raised the sheets and got out of bed, heading straight for the bathroom. In a matter of minutes, he was done cleaning up and putting on some clothes. Rather than his usual black jacket and pants, he wore black ripped jeans and an ash colored hoodie with black high tops. He put on black shades and left all of his ninja gear in the room. If anything did arise, he had his skills to rely on.

He walked down the hall and descended through the stairs, leading himself to the cafteria of the hotel he had lodged in. He hadn't bothered to call for room service because he wanted to have breakfast while feeding his eyes too. He would take a seat at an empty table and as a waiter would approach him with a menu. "Item 4" he would say to the waiter and then wait for his breakfast of fried eggs, break and orange juice.



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Lin stretched as she got up. She blinked a couple of times before realizing that her legs had gone numb in the night. And the reason for it? It was the white panther sprawled across her legs. Gora, the panther in question, had her mouth open and was snoring, a droplet of spittle yo-yoing off her tongue in her daze. Apparently she was having a good dream, as she suddenly licked her lips and resumed snoring. Lin gave her a half-lidded look of annoyance before poking the giant feline. True, it wasn't a good thing to wake a sleeping panther, and true if Gora wasn't a trained companion Lin would most likely be dead by now, but the feline yawned at her poking attempts and opened one lazy eye.

"Gerroffame." Lin said in a half-awake tone, her annoyance getting lost somewhere between her head and her voice. Gora closed her mouth and looked Lin directly in the eye, a silent challenge for dominance. Lin stared, and they had a push-pull tense moment before both of them started giggling. It was a good morning to be awake. The weather was supposed to be brisk at best, and Lin had planned on going to the hotsprings on Mt. Ikkyu to get some rest. She wiggled her toes, the pins and needles just starting as Gora whined and asked her not to go to the mountain today.

"I know that I can stay here with you, but I really want to go and soak myself. I am bone-tired from all of the missions that I have been running lately and I am up for a promotion to Special Jounin any day. If I get promoted, I'll have nothing but work work work to do and you know how that stresses me out." She decided to swing her recovering legs out from under the sheets and around her bed, smacking the side of her foot in the process and cursing. Gora put her ears back and muttered something about a lady-like conduct.

"Alright, alright, thanks mom." The sarcasm poured out of her mouth along with morning breath. Gora gave a disgusted look, though if it was for the tone or for the breath, Lin didn't know nor particularly care. It was a good day, it was a good day.

Her mantra kept her going. She opened the bathroom and stared into the mirror. A ghoul of early-morning greeted her with red eyes and hair that looked like it had gelled it to stand straight up. With a grimace, the ghoul decided that a shower was in order before she headed to the springs.

Now, the springs had two sides to it, she knew and went over in her head as she lathered up the suds all over her body and took a razor to her unwanted hair. The two sides were the private springs and the public ones. The private ones were where people would go to relax while in the nude, and could be rented out to couples or... well... to people with more depraved purposes for being there. On the other-hand, and this is where Lin would be going, there was the side with swimming-wear. It still felt good to soak in the water, but without the nudity of the other side. The public side had room for everyone in it, whereas the private side was sectioned off for mens, womens, and the easily rentable pools. The higher up the mountain one climbed, the hotter the springs got, and they eventually emptied into a river.

Lin wrapped the towel around herself, not noticing a giant white body in the shower and was suddenly pounced on. White fur, white towel, and white hair all went into the tub as Gora snickered, "You're not ready for Any promotion dear." She gloated before sauntering out of the tub and right, towards the kitchen and living room. Lin was left in a tangle of shower-curtain, towel, and scowl. At least the shower curtain wasn't ruined, as the shower-rod had given way to the weight of the two with a resigned "Squeak!"

Lin unwrapped herself from the towel and wrapped her hair in it to dry while tidying up Gora's mess. "... going to be the.... I swear... stupid..." She muttered as she put the bathroom back together and snagged her toothbrush. Looking out into the living room and kitchen area, she didn't see Gora readily, and decided that it was best to close the door to the bathroom. No sense in having to put the curtain up again. After brushing her teeth, and doing other necessary things in the bathroom, she exited with her hair still in the towel. Gora made a leap from the dining room and Lin stepped back, seeing fur and and open-happy mouth rush past her. With a clang and a clatter, Gora rammed full-speed into the night stand and ended up with the alarm clock resting on where her tail met her hind end. The tail was up, twitched a couple of times, and then flopped to the floor in a defeated gesture.

"Not ready am I?" Lin teased as she picked out her favorite bathing suit. It was a two-piece, white and blue stripes that matched her hair and eyes. At least she didn't have to worry about it, or her hair becoming yellowed from the chlorine.

Putting her clothes on over it, she grabbed enough ryo to go up and pay for the day at the springs, hopped out the door while waving good bye to Gora and sped off towards the mountain.

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