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She stood silently, listening to Tenshi talk to Sero after she did. She was still ignoring the person. Not on purpose, but because he wasn't exactly more important than the current situation. She had to make sure That Sero wasn't going to tear them to pieces. She was sure she had calmed him down though. She had chosen her words as carefully as she could have. Her eyes were hard set on him as she tried to make everything look non-threatening still. She knew she couldn't say anything more to him. Nothing more needed to be said. And if he didn't understand what she had told him, then maybe he wasn't as impressive of a man as she had thought.

Tenshi was turning away from the man, and she was approaching Shuiro pretty rapidly. She was curious to why Tenshi was approaching her when she should still be focused on Sero. Shuiro watched as Tenshi pulled some arm band off her arm as she got closer to her. Right when she got in front of Shuiro, Tenshi was pulling her close into the most delicious kiss, and the first kiss, Shuiro had ever had. It wasn't that long of a kiss, but to Shuiro, it had felt as if the kiss lasted a millenium and she wished that it would never end. Such sweet, soft lips Tenshi had. They were lush and absolutely beautiful. When Tenshi was pulling away, Shuiro was still locked in a sort of intoxication from Tenshi's lips and felt as if she was on the highest peak of the Earth. She didn't even notice the brace on her arm. The words Tenshi spoke after made Shuiro fall into a trance of wonders and they were the words she had always wanted to hear. She was Tenshi's, and Tenshi was Shuiro's. How absolutely perfect this was. Shuiro's face was beyond bright red and her overwhelming emotions had caused her to collapse on the ground as Tenshi moved away.

So she lay on the ground, forever in a state of ecstasy that she wished she would never break out of. But as she started to realize she was laying on the ground, that overwhelming feeling seemed to vanish. She felt her arm to the armband, and stood back up to face Sero. He was suddenly standing in front of her. Odd, she didn't remember him being that close. She nodded to him, not responding to his reasoning behind Utau, but took in how awful her cousin really was. No surprise there though. She knew she was a horrible person. Shuiro's only fear was that that awfulness was also hidden away inside her somewhere. She had hoped this wasn't the case though. She didn't think she was a monster anyways. Tenshi suddenly snapped back into her mind. Shuiro had to go after her. She loved Tenshi more than words could ever describe, and now with Tenshi giving her love back finally, she wanted to express her love so much more. She wanted to be closer to Tenshi than ever. She bowed to her new "sensei" and said "Thank you for your time and your teachings, I hope we meet again soon Mr.Sero." With no other words that could be said, she began to run after Tenshi. So much love to have and so many kisses she had to give.

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Ten sighed as all the dust seemed to settle and better yet no blood was spilled. Ten had a slight worry that this was going to turn out really badly. He looked down at all the notes he made, and he made a lot. He was surprised that everything turned out so smoothly. He must have came in at the wrong time, maybe he will actually learn the names of the other ones later on.

Ten had a gentle smile as the kiss happened, for love was a great thing between shinobi. He wonder how close those two, and it came to a thought that could be problematic later on if something happened to one. He didn't make a note of this just a mental one, these files were meant to be only official business. He nodded to them both, as the quickly left.

Sero came up to him and said what he had to say. Ten nodded to him and smiled, "Okay Sero, this will be done. They will be at the wagons as soon as I get there." He makes a slight frown with his brow "Why me? I am not skilled enough to mend a bone, I would recommend someone who had more training than me. Alas if that is what you wish I will take a look at it later on." He nodded one last time and took his leave. He smelled some awesome ramen off in the distance.

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