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1 Kawauso, Aiden [Plot Mover] on Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:03 am

Otter Aiden



Missions completed list:

D Rank

Ninja nanny - During a visit to Iwagakure, Aiden took up a temporary job as a babysitter for triplets, learning why he doesn't like small children.

Capturing a Courier - In order to obtain information for a future Sting Operation, Aiden waited in plain sight within the Grand Bazaar, awaiting for an unsuspecting courier to ride by..

C rank

I killed a bandit group and all I got was.. - Aiden and Zaiaku travel to a destroyed small village that is being terrorized by a group of bandits, where Aiden would soon discover how being brutal doesn't always mean being skilled.

Traveling with a Merchant - Aiden acts as a bodyguard for a traveling elderly merchant. Sharing a common disdain for one another during the trip, the Genin soon learns that not everything is what it appears to be at face value.

Beating the crap out of kids. Life goals are met! - Going after a gang of Delinquents, Aiden would begin trying to mimic how Zaiaku fights, and soon learns that fighting in that way doesn't fit him as well as he had thought.

Getting beaten by a master - Aiden would rise to the challenge issued by a Taijutsu master, and, despite improving a lot since he was free from captivity, would realize that he still has a far way to go until he can truly be called "strong".

Cracking down on Drug Dealers - Aiden and the Drug Courier from before worked together to take out a drug dealer and his bodyguard, causing a minor dent in the supply of drugs to citizens.

Assassinating a drug dealer - Aiden would be tasked to "take care" of a drug dealer that is giving drugs to Academy Students. Thanks to the information given to him by Akio, Aiden would try to get in close and assassinate the dealer, hoping to not alert any nearby students.


Getting a Taste of the Future - In preparation for getting revenge upon his master, Ai agrees to take on a group of 20 freshly made Genin, practicing in facing multiple enemies at once and seeing to himself how strong the future of Iwagakure is going to be.

Taking on the Infinity Gang! - Otter goes out to hunt down a section of the Infinity Gang that has been performing weapons deals with Daiki as a means to not only gain information about the man, but to also see if his training has laid off. After decimating the group that he met in open combat and defeating the leader, he had gained the information he needed, along with a lifelong enemy.


Pestilence and an Otter Meets the Devil! - Nanashi and Otter end up wrapped up in the hunt for a threatening beast of a man that has been leading a dangerous gang and issuing a personal challenge to Iwagakure's nin everywhere. While Nanashi answered his call, Otter himself would soon receive a blast from the past.


Genin Socials

Chance meeting Complete - Aiden would have just recently escaped capture, and now being a new member of Sunagakure, would encounter a giant of a Chuunin named Zaiaku, whom of which would take him in and begin to date him.

Pure love in the form of punching you in the face Complete - Zaiaku would train Aiden in how to fight, which will help him in future endeavors.

Blue and Purple Complete/Discontinued - Aiden would meet Fukai, a skilled Shinobi of Iwagakure, and would learn about Iwagakure as a whole.

Dandy time for odd things to occur Complete/Discontinued - Aiden would encounter Gin and her children, where he would proceed to learn about the unpredictability of others and how it helps in a fight to be unpredictable himself.

Enatsu's Complete - Shortly after returning from Iwagakure, Aiden would try underground fighting, where he would fight against Naho, and after a tough fight, would come out on top.

Nice little date  In Progress - Aiden would be treated out on a date by Zaiaku, and the two would go to a rather fancy well known restaurant called "The Dragon's Tongue".

Getting stronger In Progress - After a couple of missions, Aiden convinced Zaiaku, Gigi, and Jinhue to come to the Tsumi Sand Training Grounds, where Aiden would learn some new Jutsu and realize that Zaiaku isn't the strongest around, along with some other things.

Chuunin Socials

Searching for an Answer - Ai, beginning his hunt of his old master, encounters the ex-Tsuchikage Nanashi, whom of which offers to aid him in getting revenge, and instills seeds of doubt that he truly belongs in Suna into his heart. (I hugged Senpai)

A New Kazekage Speaks!(It was ruled by the administration that this thread, despite not everyone reaching the required word/post count, would still count as a social due to the sheer number of participants) - A new Kazekage would be announced; Midori Ningyou, and Ai, only having recently returned to the village, would be one of the many participants present for this historic event.

Meeting the Peers!(The ruling for the Kazekage speaks threads should apply to here, as this thread has more than two participants) - Otter, hearing of how multiple Genin would be present at The Dragon's Tongue. As a result, he would go there and meet Anon Brier, Kuno Uchiha, and Kiyoshi Hattori.

Why Should I Stay? - Ai would get ambushed by a group of Infinity Gang thugs just outside of his home, leading him to attempt to flee Suna after killing them due to believing in that moment that Zai's family would only be in danger the longer he lives with them. Midori would soon enough catch wind of the killing of the three and go out to pursue and meet him, where she would convince him via calming him down that leaving isn't the best choice that he could make, not when he could receive help from her.

Item Locker

Jutsu List

Jutsu Learned: 20

E: 8
D: 5
C: 4
B: 3
A: 0
S: 0
SS: 0

Aiden's Family:

Name: Sho Kawauso
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Rank: Considered A-Rank
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu (Hybrid|Strength|Wushu) | Genjutsu
Elements: Suiton | Katon | Raiton
Items: N/A
Description: One that was thought to be dead and left behind, Sho was once a skilled Shinobi whose family members would be scattered and destroyed, and his son taken. After being left behind in a destroyed home to rot, Sho would, through sheer willpower, be able to leave the general premises, almost crawling his way to where some hiding, surviving family members would find him and nurse him back to health while remaining hidden themselves. After this, he would swear that one day he would find his child and have his revenge for the destruction of his life, wishing to kill any Shinobi that he came across after his son is safely with him.

Name: Daichi Kawauso
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Rank: B-Rank Bandit Leader
Specialties: BukiJutsu (Kenjutsu) | Ninjutsu | Taijutsu(Hybrid/Speed)
Elements: Suiton | Fuuton | Katon
Items: B Rank Katana
Description: Being one of the two cousins members of Ai's family that had found and nursed Sho Kawauso back to health, Daichi would have also lost his left eye during the destruction of the clan, though would survive overall. Being an aspiring swordsman, Daichi shared Sho's feelings towards the Ninja world, though doesn't understand why the man wanted to find his son at all instead of focusing entirely on his goal. Being the one that is primarily in command of the bandit group they run, Daichi acts as the head of the group while Sho focuses on tracking his son, causing Daichi and his crew to travel to the Land of Wind in order to continue searching.


Name: Kaiya Kawauso
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Rank: B-Rank Medical Specialist
Specialties: Medical Ninjutsu | Ninjutsu | Genjutsu
Elements: Suiton | Raiton | Katon
Items: 2 E-Rank Kunai
Description: Kaiya, being a medical expert, was able to save both Sho and Daichi from dying during the massacre. After that she would travel with the two with the goal of finding Aiden, though like Daichi she didn't really care if they found him or not, especially since only very faint signs indicated that the boy was alive, but they were certainly nothing to go off of. She also doesn't care for their sense of revenge either, as she feels the only ones that should pay should be the ones that attacked them in the first place, but due to her loyalty to the two she would still go along with it, acting as Daichi's second in command of their bandit group.

3-Part Arcs:

Bad Blood Saga:

A Dying Clan Emerges- Hasn't Begun

A Forced Reunion - Hasn't Begun

The Vengeance of a Father - Hasn't Begun

Purification Saga:

A Courier's Betrayal - Hasn't Begun

The Wrath of a Gang - Hasn't Begun

A Kingpin's Requiem - Hasn't Begun

2-Part Arcs:

Realization Saga:

Theft of Youth - Hasn't Begun

A Clan's Vengeance - Hasn't Begun


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