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Nakajima Naho

Nakajima Naho

Mission name: Sunagakure Ninja Education Program [ Repeatable ]
Mission rank: D-A
Objective: Teach a fellow ninja
Location: Anywhere

  • D-rank: 70 or 100 ryo
  • C-rank: 110 or 220 ryo
  • B-rank: 230 or 310 ryo
  • A-rank: 320 or 500 ryo
  • S-rank: 650 or 1000 ryo

Mission description: Not all Genin have Jonin sensei, and not all Genin have access to a Chunin. But they should still be able to improve. The Sunagakure Ninja Education Program is a series of repeatable missions assigned to ninja of any rank, insisting that they train their fellow ninja and rewarding them for doing so.
Mission details: This requires for two PC ninja to RP with one another, with at least one of them having a lower specialisation, stat, etc, if they wish for the higher reward. If at the end of the thread, one or both of the ninja learned something, e.g. increase in stats or a new jutsu, this mission is considered a success. Mention of training should be done within the thread, but the thread does not have to be solely dedicated to the training itself. The word count for this mission cannot be used for the increase in stats, etc. If this mission is done with an NPC, the rewards are the minimum amount for that rank. The rank of the mission being taken is equal to the rank of the person undertaking it.



Seems fine to me. This is approved, remind me to mI've it over when my computer is fixed


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