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1 Itazura, Yūrei [Rank Tracker] on Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:14 pm



D Rank Progress

Interactions 1/6

Missions 0/1 D | 0/2 C

Jutsu Trained

Items Obtained

  • Kunai x1 [E | Starter Freebie]
  • Senbon x6 [E | Starter Freebie]
  • Word of Crota [C | Ushinatta Freebie]


There are songs we sing in silence
There are words we choose to hide
In our faces no emotion
With our fists clenched by our side
We let it burn
Under our skin

And we stand calm and collected
We’re so cool and in control
Don’t take comfort in this quiet
Because something might explode..

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