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Mission Details:
Mission name: Mailman
Mission rank: D
Objective: Deliver some letters.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 70 ryo
Mission description: There are three letters that need delivered to three different people across the village; Lee, Yen, and Kei. The letters are in sealed envelopes with the name and address on each one easily readable on the front.
Mission details: Deliver the letters in any order you wish. If you open the letters you will fail the mission; and they will know they've been opened.

Yuka made a face as she studied the small post office before her, its paint peeled and dusty exterior giving it a distinctly unkept feel. "Ugh why me?" She muttered in annoyance tucking a black strand of hair behind her ear. Nothing could be less interesting then her current mission, a postal delivery of some sort. Beyond the ryo reward and where she had to be Yuka hadn't bothered to read the rest of the mission description. What was the point when the task was so boring and plainly going to be void of any true excitement. Yuka glowered at the wooden door to the post office and sighed. Well no point putting it off she reasoned and pushed the door open a small bell tickling as she did.

She stepped inside the building and instantly got the feeling that whoever was in charge of maintaining it had let things slide quite some time ago. The walls were covered with shelves each bursting with unopened envelopes. Stacks of paper stood in piles around the room broken up with the occasional cardboard box. "Um...Hello?" Yuka called out weaving her way through the stacks to the front desk which might as well not have existed given the piles of rubbish and stray paper on it. With no response to her greeting Yuka looked around, great was the whole mission a bust now or what? "Is anybody there?" She called loudly.

"Huh? What! Yes! Yes! Coming!" The surprised sounds came from a doorway Yuka has missed in her initial observation. A women emerged from the room her brown hair looking as though it hadn't been brushed in a week and her jacket stained by what Yuka suspected was gravy. "Yes? What do you want?" The woman asked non too politely. Yuka's temper flared slightly at the impoliteness of it all- she was the one doing the work after all!

"I was sent here for a mission. Deliver letters or something" Yuka muttered sucking in a breath and attempting to calm that burning beast beneath her skin. The Katon element so common to her clan suited her in more way than one. The women looked puzzled for a moment and then something seemed to hit home in what appeared to Yuka, a slow and dim witted mind. "Ah yes! The letters hang on-" Typically the woman scrambled about for a couple of moments searching through the mess, "Yes here we go! Three of them! Now then it's vital you don't open these-"

"Why?" Yuka interrupted before the lady could even finish. But then again who could blame her? This was supposed to be some boring job and telling a person not to do something always made them want too. The woman sniffed clearly disliking the interruption, Yuka didn't particularly care- she didn't like the woman. "It's none of your concern!" Huffed the lady, "Just go deliver those letters and be quick about it too" and then she scrambled back over her paper and into that back room. Yuka stuck her tongue out at the lady as she disappeared and looked down at the three letters in her hand. Now if only she had some form of x ray vision... For a moment Yuka stared at the wax seal on the envelope it was tempting so tempting. But 70 Ryo... She stored the letters in her ninja pouch and left the shop.

If she wasn't wrong Yen was the closest to this post office and her first delivery. Yuka set off at a reasonably fast pace, if she finished this job quickly she would be able to still have a free afternoon. Things ran smoothly and Yuka delivered her first letter in no time at all, "Here you go!" She declared handing the letter over to Yen. Yen frowned for a moment seeming puzzled as to why he was receiving this letter then he glanced at the seal and paled somewhat. "Oh no..." he breathed "Oh no no no" he groaned looking utterly distraught. "What? What is it?" Yuka asked concerned and curious that her delivery had caused such a reaction. But Yen provided no answer, "You need to deliver those other letters now! And be quick! This is urgent!" And with that he closed the door on Yuka.

"wait! HEY!" Yuka banged on the door as he shut it her temper flaring out of control for a moment. She pulled out the remaining two letters. If she melted the wax maybe she could...No! Nope. Not going to happen. She needed the money. Besides maybe Lee would tell her...Stowing her packages away Yuka looked up at the sky. "Great if I don't get this done it's going to rain" she muttered to herself before turning and getting her bearings. The quickest way through to Lee's would be the Main Street. The genin set off with a sense of urgency not wanting to get rained on for such a stupid job.

The Main Street was bustling with people hurrying about to do their last minute shopping and Yuka ended up being shoved in the crowd more than once. It was more then a relief when she turned off the street and found herself in front of the apartment building where it said Lee lived. Yuka stared up at the large apartment block maybe now she would be able to see what was in the letters. With two sharp knocks on Lee's door Yuka waited for him to answer. A few awkward moments passed and Yuka knocked again...then again..."HELLO ANYBODY HOME?" Her temper slipped its leash again and she banged on the door with quite some force.

"Hey! You don't have to knock my door down you know!" Yuka turned to see Lee, and to her relief Kei. It seemed the mission would be over sooner than she had thought. Yuka had the decency to give a sheepish smile as she pulled out the two letters, "ahaha sorry- here these are for you" she shoved the envelopes at the pair and waited for them to open it. The two looked at each other, "Er thanks said Kei" tucking the envelope away much to Yuka's disappointment. Yuka nodded her head buying for time as she looked over at Lee but he showed no sign of opening his letter either.

"Is there something else?" Lee asked after a moment. Yuka paused, "er see I was kind of wondering" she looked between the two her curiosity almost bursting at the seams. "Whatarethelettersabout?" She asked in a big rush. Kei and Lee shared a startled look before laughing, "Curious genin aren't you?" Kei laughed before opening her letter, "It's a birthday invitation". She flipped the parchment to show Yuka who stared at it for a moment. All that suspense for a birthday invite? The look she gave must have shown her disappointment because the pair laughed again, "Ah better luck next time kid" Lee said opening his apartment, "thanks for the letter". Yuka nodded still processing this information and then her face went red. WHAT A STUPID JOB! Her inner voice roared in her ears as she left the apartment block to report the completion of the mission. Yuka half ran back to the post office, she was so over today.

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