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1A short run for supplies [Solo, No kill] Empty A short run for supplies [Solo, No kill] on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:53 am



Red eyes gleamed before her as she scanned the crowd. A brown cloak resting over her head as she watched diligently. Among her gear that she had picked up from Kumogakure had been but a few ryo. She had managed to clean off her ANBU gear and get it patched up, as well as buy this cloak and get herself some lunch in the bazaar, and she still had a little bit left over. Adn with that little bit, Kaekio anticipated buying some supplies so that way she could begin to set up a few things in her new home. Like for instance a bed would be nice. She currently didn't have anything to sleep on but some fur from some animals she had skinned, and it helped, but it was quiet rough, and she'd rather a bed. Kaekio was also looking for some tools, because if she had some tools she could make a lot of the supplies she needed out near her base, like for instance she could make nails out of the rocks around her house, and out of those nails and some wood make a desk. It wouldn't be the most polished thing, but it would suffice until she could come up with something a bit more manageable. Also once she had bit more cash flow to buy these things. Though, then comes of the problem of getting everything into the cave, and past the bear which she realized is still very much existent in the cave the leads into her own. Meaning she very frequently had to sneak past it, as she'd honestly rather not kill it, as it makes for good cover for her own base of operations.  Kaekio figured she could probably pay someone to teach her Doton, and that would make things easier to getting in and out of the cave. In fact hse may not have to use the bear's home at all to get in, and maybe just use another wall. But then came back to the question of money which she really didn't have, at the moment. Either way, the girl finished had finished her lunch and it was time to move. She didn't want to arose and suspicious by staying in one place for too long. She needed to blend in with the crowd. It's why she currently had her hood off instead of on, as having it on would arose more suspicion than anyone who might recognize her face, which was honestly doubtful. Either way, she needed to move, and so the girl threw away her trash from her lunch and began to move about the bazaar searching for something.. anything, that may assist her in the comming days. Right now was about survival.

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