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Miho woke in a start, he heard a banging on the door of his motel room. He jumped out of his bed and clutched his weapon as he slid to the side of the door, his chakra already getting primed and ready even though he was in his boxers still. In a quiet voice he whispered to the edge of the door frame. Who is it? The voice that came back was meek and quiet, he guessed it at around 17 years of age. Though confident in his abilities he wouldn't fall to some ruse like age, he heard the stranger call out Its Taki, the uh chuunin from here. I have a message from the Kage on a task He let the door open slowly as he saw the small brown haired teen standing there with a scroll marked with a large letter A.

Thanks Taki, give it here. i wasnt awake sorry for the weapon He gave a thin smile and took the scroll and bowed to the Chuunin, seeing him him leave he shut the door. He was staying in Iwagakure for a bit and knew that he had to do the odd mission or two. He never cared much, he did the same types of missions at his old village and at least this area he was able to be much less known then his home village. Back at his home village everyone knew who he was, and what he had done in the past. Since Wolf had a pretty bloody past many people wouldnt talk to him still even 16 years after the event, it never bothered him much back then reveling that people feared him even though the truth was closer to hate.

Here no one knew who he was, he just did the odd mission and went back to his own affairs. As he began brushing his teeth he popped open the scroll as he read he smiled, a real challenge was afoot. As he read it over a 3rd time he got the whole scope of what he was too do. Pretty much what he had to do was go and intercept a dangerous man and kill him. It seemed there was a brand new plot to kill the Tschikage and they wanted someone that if they failed the mission it was no real loss. The reading for the opponent was slightly daunting, he was young and strong ranking around special jounin or jounin in ninja terms and well versed in medical ninjutsu, which meant he was dangerous indeed.
He began getting dressed, the intercept was for a few hours times and he wanted to be ready, there was a hefty cash reward for stopping this assassin and he could really use the money, he was finally running low from his last mission.

He dressed in his full anbu gear, deciding not to wear his anbu mask since it was carved with Kiri symbols, he put on the mask he took for dunki those months ago. He had the mask painted black and silver instead of the red it was originally it was fashioned like an oni. Over his anbu vest he pulled the Kevlar lined wool Reaper vest thickening his defense. He buckled his katar to one hip and a Fuma shuriken on his back, over all of this weaponry he placed the thick bear skin cloak to cover the weapons from spying. As well on each ankle there was a packet of 8 senbon needles.
As he was finally prepared he decided to go and wake up his partner, surprised that he was still asleep at this hour, though he was lazy at best. He walked into the bathroom where in the tub there was a colossal ape laying asleep. He walked over and poked Saru in the ribs with his boot, the ape waking up in a start as he almost tackled Miho in surprise. Wolfgang would have been ready for him, and it would end up being a hearty wrestling match of equals if it came to it, it was one of the most common ways that they trained was straight melee wrestling.

He showed him promptly what the mission was, not using words so much as symbols and gestures, the ape was smart but could not yet read. He nodded to the ape as it put a huge cloak of leather over its body, cloaking itself to appear as a huge jacked man instead of a wild animal. Ill take the main road and you come through the woods off to the side until i get into combat, then you flank and beat the living hell out of him while i aim for a killing blow The ape grunted and pounded its chest with its fists in agreeance, most would view this as a sign of anger or combat but it was  a code system he had developed with his pet.

The duo then left the motel, clicking the lock shut and walking down the road at a calm pace, Wolfgang was currently planning his attack, was he to talk to the man first and get close or maybe just pepper him with his jutsus first and come in with Saru and finish the hopefully weakened enemy off. He knew that he would decide in the moment but he like to have options. As they walked past the towns environs the ape broke off into the wild area of sparse treees, eventually going out of site, knowing where to meet him.
After a few more minutes of walking he finally came within view of the Bridge. He slowed his speed and saw that someone was sitting on the side of the bridge with his legs sitting over the edge.

He was wearing a suit and tie and seemed to be quite close to the description of the man named Tuso Noro. He slipped around a spire of stone before he was seen, taking out 4 senbon from his holder and getting ready to engage. He saw the glimspe of his partner Saru off in the distance and he knew that he had only a few second to get something ready. He prepared his chakra and made a few handsigns while still keeping the needles at hand. He felt the heat of the fire jutsu in his chest and belly and jumped from his hiding spot. Launching the needles at high speeds and a single moment later he released the large oily spurting fire ball from his mouth.

The huge ball of flames came right before the needles, he heard the needles strike home with soft thwink sounds. And the fire struck home with a roaring scream he saw as the fire ball went past and slammed into a far stone spire. The corpse was no longer a corpse and instead it was the piece of a trunk from a local type of tree, he saw the same man 8 meters to the right on the river standing gracefully.
Oooh so someone took my bait thats good. Well met new visage of mine. il make it quick He drew what seemed to be a 10 foot long whip blade, barbed and edged all down itself.
Wolfgang didnt bother with words, he activated his acid aura, a weak jutsu but still quite useful. As he lauched forward streaming red mist behind him, he drew his katar deflty as the man with the whip came at him. This man was faster then he was, by quite a bit. Though Wolfgang was far better armed and armored, the first lash of the whip came into his chest, ripped through the kevlar lace but didnt manage to make it through his anbu vest all the way. Wolfgang came in with a stab, not even moving out of the other mans attack,trading equal blows.
Wolfgangs blade sliced into the assassins shoulder, not far too deep but enough to cause him to roll out of the way and clear the distance between them with another crack of the blade whip. Wolfgang recieved a blow to his back from the whip, though once again tearing a chunk from the outer vest but not all the way through the anbu vest due to its thick make. Wolf was already spinning and throwing his Katar at high speeds almost like a dart. The katar pierced the thin jacket right at his bicep, sticking into him deeply. Wolfgang was clearing the distance already coming in for a punch and aiming to grab the weapon of his .

As he drew close the enemy breathed in sharply, getting a mouthful of the red mist, he heard the pained cough at the mild acid that was around him. The strange man jumped back fast, a bit too fast for Wolfgangs own taste he got back to the ruined bridge in a blur. As wolfgang got ready for another melee he saw the man healing the deep shoulder wound, the wound sealing shut in a flash. You fucker, haven't been hit like that in a while i wont let it happen again He smiled to himself as he began a handsign, Oh you better get ready for th.....!!!! As he was only two handsigns in he was smashed between the shoulder blades Saru who was waiting patienally for his moment to come in. The man in the suit flew towards wolfgang spinning head over heel, Wolfgang sprinted forwards with his knee shooting upwards into his gut.
The man shot into him with cracking force, he felt a rib or two crack as he was sent flying towards the rushing river.

The man caught himself and rolled over to his feet before he hit the water, he caught himself above the water as he stood clutching his waist. The duo waited, Wolf and Saru knew to rush in now would either receive the jutsu, or a crack of his whip. They heard the man relocate his ribs with his healing jutsu, Wolfgang was fine with the man wasting his own chakra. Healing jutsus were incredibly costly on chakra and could drain a ninja fast. Wolfgang called out in an angry voice, the mask making his voice more deep and machine like You will be killed criminal. No matter how many times you heal yourself i will just break the bones again The man in the suit finished up his healing of his muscles and bones. He cracked his neck and went into a flurry of hand signs, and from the river came a large dragon made from water and debris. Wolfgang was already mid jutsu as well, Saru was running for the nearest spire knowing what jutsu his master was doing from the strong strong Citrus smell.

The dragon let loose a roar and hurdled at him, wolfgang smiled and backhanded a small yellow orb of gel at the dragons mouth. Whats that puny thing going to do against the dragon jutsu. Ill break every single bone in your body The small ball of yellow gel moved at blinding speeds, it shot straight through the water dragon jutsu and mid way through its body it made an odd gurgle sound. The dragon turned yellow then exploded outwards. The yellow spray that shot everywhere made the same sound as sizzling bacon, the smell was of lemon.
Wolfgang had a personal shield of chakra that matched the gels chakra type making him immune to his own acid. Wolfgang heard a cry of pain from the man.

As he waited for the rain of yellow acid to subside he cracked his neck and walked towards the water where the man should be. He walked over and saw where his jutsu had done its damage, the man had both arms blocking his face, and due to this the arms were melted to the bone, the left hand completely gone and melting further and further as time went by. A large amount of his torso was melted as well as his whole left leg. Wolfgang looked down at the man with a large smile playing on his face, as he looked down he suddenly realized that the whip had cut him, the blood was seeping out out his chest slowly, he kept forgetting that he had to check on that kind of thing since he couldn't feel it.
The mans voice was strained and pained, he had blood seeping from his lips and chest How? some random chuunin is all i wanted, i was faster and better but you didn't. you didn't even fucking dodge my attacks, how do you fight walked into death you fucking idiot what the fuck is wrong with....with you His voice curled into anger. Wolfgang smiled to himself happily, he knew he was wounded now but he had lots of time to get that attended to. He bent down and picked the man up by the neck, it seemed he was bleeding out fast, as he lifted him to his own level he saw his face slough off, and underneath was the face off a very very bland looking man. It hit him what he was going to do now he wanted someones face to wear to get into the village to do the assassination.
Normally this is wear i behead you, or where i slit your throat but i do not like the idea that you wanted to wear my face or body you leech, so you will die like a pig. He clenched the mans throat and concentrated his chakra onto his finger and placed the small bead of water that formed against the center of the pigs chest. As he launched it he felt the man clench in pain and reflex. That wasnt it though, Wolfgang saw the chest of this creep begin melting outwards as more and more acid began eating at him. He heard the blood piercing scream as the mans organs were melting to goo and liquid. He was eventually just a pile of goo and barely even a skeleton was left.
Then Wolfgang turned around and walked back onto the road, seeing Saru come back from the spire, he motioned for the large ape to come over, he wanted to check him for injuries. The ape did receive a small burn on his left shoulder from the spraying acid, it was minor and the ape barely noticed the pain but Miho felt bad for catching him. There was not many people that he actually cared for, other then Toshi and Bone ninja, this ape was the closest thing he had to a friend now since all his other ones were gone and grown up and by themselves. He took some bandages from his pouch and cleaned and dressed the wound, making sure that there was no more acid in the wound, it was very easy to wrap a wound up and look at it later and realize it was still doing some later tissue damage, and would be bound to be infected. The fight done he went with his ape to go back to the village to tell the Kage that he was safe and he would love some ryo for it.
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