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Wolfgang began his walk back to the village, clicking off his face helmet and clicking on his rebreather. As the pressure of the air change made him sigh in relief. The Iwa air around these parts were much dryer then he was used to and he found that the air much tighter and lower oxygen. So he used his breather to fix the amount of each of those things. The feeling in his lungs was so great, it wasnt that it was a good feeling it was more so that it was less of an annoying one. As he walked his gorilla took off into the forest and rock spires, wanting to climb or just hang for a while.
As he began walking within sight of the village he sighed to himself, after a long fight his blood was always pumping, and wanted more. He actually had to resist the urge to keep looking for trouble.
As Wolfgang neared the village he saw a few caravans sitting around and doing nothing, the caravan leaders were currently aruging with a ninja that he saw around the village often, he was a chuunin in rank and was in a heated discussion with the man. Wolfgang came near the gate and almost walked past, save for the comment he heard from the ninja saying someone couldnt escort them anymore because he got a kunai in the chest and was in the hospital for the whole day due to internal bleeding. Wolfgang sighed to himself and turned around and approached the chuunin. Need someone to do it? i just finished a mission i can go if you wish Takashi. The ninja turned and looked up at the tall Wolfgang, his face scewed for a moment as he tried to remember the tall ninja. His face lighten as a smile broke upon his faceSounds great Miho, i needed someone for that, umm here is the scroll, basically you just gotta get these guys to the border un touched by any sorts of bandits or anything thing else, the mission is forfeit if the men are hurt or killed or any of the 6 wagons of weapons and liquor are damaged, it pays 300 ryo and they leave when youre ready. Youre saving me a huge headache Miho Wolfgang smiled to himself and Shi, he actually didnt mind, the idea that more combat may be afoot made him greatly a fight in which he didnt have to hold back was far better then a spar or a bar fight.

Wolfgang took the scroll and handed him the one he had for the other mission, If you could shi can you bring this to the Tschi? I just finished the mission and was about to bring it back, and sounds great we'll leave....well im not doing anything we'll leave now Shi smiled to Wolf and took the scroll and bowed, he returned the bow and was gone with a afterimage, Wolfgang turned to the group of caravan owners and bowed, his face going into a thin line, though his mask hid the most of it.
Now we have a few rules, if there is a threat you get behind me, not for personal care of you but for my honor and the fact that i am not even a ninja of this land i am a ninja of Kiri and have zero intention of letting harm come to you or my name, so...enemy comes you hide got it? His voice was stern but not angry, he had to make sure they knew he was in charge of everything in reference to safety. They all nodded meekly to him and turned and began loading everything up to go, the bandits in these parts were not numerous but they were a problem enough to warrant a spec jounin or a few chuunin, or a squad once in a while.

And within the hour they were on their way, the 6 caravans and 20 something employees and lackeys of the caravans began going at a nice pace. As they began walking Wolfgang began adjusting his face breather, setting the smell to a misty dew, and upping the oxygen level to much higher waking his him a bit and making his lethargy go away. As he adjusted it he saw the caravan leader walk over beside him and in a voice that sounded shy and meek began to ask him a question Ummm... sir what is that? are you like crippled or something, seems unlikely that you are such a good ninja if you have a breathing problem His voice trailed off, as if Wolf would have hit him for even asking, a deep low rumble of a laugh escaped his lips as he patted the short man on the back. No no no sir, i am from Kirigakure the land of the mists, im so used to heavy mists and humid areas i only moved to this land for a while so i prefer the wet air, other wise my mouth and nose get dry and i get nosebleeds as well the smell He  smiled wide enough that it was near ear to ear. The man smiled back mildly nervously and nodded, making a notion that it made sense. It was indeed the main reason he wore the mask and as well it made him look terrifying at his height with the mist trialing from his breathers.

As the hours went buy Wolfgang found himself playing with a senbon, throwing it into the air and letting it spin and trying to catch it without spiking his own hand, which he had seemed to grow very good at. As they were marching all the men walked happily, not hearing or noticing any of note. Wolfgang though was different, his fine tuned ears picked up on some different sounds, most people would just take it as a sound of the forest and spires, maybe an animal or two but Wolf knew better, he knew the sound of peoples feet when he heard them. He didnt react though he didnt want to startle anyone, including those that were following he knew they were there and that put the ball in his court.

As  they continued walking Wolfgang finally caught sight of one of the men following them, he saw the glimpse of an axe blade and the brown color of leather armor, as they traveled Wolfgang noticed that they were going near a pass, that descended a few meters into the ground and out the other side and was a prime spot for an ambush, he didn't like it much but was fine with going there to get the full scope of men out of hiding. He could attack one but the others would run away and come back later when Wolfgang didn't know they were coming, that wouldn't do, so instead he primed his chakra, thinking of the jutsu he could use since a lot of the ones he enjoyed were near unusable since they affect huge areas of people and people included the caravans. He smiled despite himself his blood getting pumping and the flare of life entering his veins.

As they descended the pass Wolf heard a group of men yell out to him, Caravans or your life bud, dont bother fighting Wolfgang looked up and winked at the one that was talking. Sure thing, ill just throw ya my purse as well one sec The merchants were terrified, but Wolf was cool and calm. He reached down and grabbed ten senbon with his hands, jumping the full chasm high into the air, coming near face to face with the dirty man. Launching the barrage of Senbon at center of mass slamming all of them into the poorly made leather jerkin with soft thuds. The man fell to the ground in pain an groaned as the needles pierced a few muscles and organs.

His two buddies lauched at him right away, coming at him with the large bandit axes whislt yelling for their fallen comrade. The attacks were so simple to see coming, they were so badly telegraphed that Wolf was able to grab the ledge and swing around behind the two men. They swung in and missed as they contacted with thin air. Wolfgang sent his boot into ones back as he saw him go flying across the chasm to the side with the needled one. The other swung around and chopped with the axe savagly, the blow coming for Wolfgangs head.
Wolf brought out his katar and parried the blow, seeing the large chunk he carved out of the terrible metal of the ax.
As the blow was parried Wolfgang made the single hand sign needed for his jutsu that he had prepped for this. A torrent of 6 bubbles, the odd looking rainbow bubbles of water shot at the target, inflating out of his masks breather and slamming into the bandits chest, face, arms, and legs.

The scream of pain was enough for the other one to slow his roll, he saw his partner begin to melt from the skin onward, the skin going within a second and the muscles and bones beginning to melt as smoke sizzled into the air with a sharp smell that was terribly acidic and acrid. The other bandit charged, hoping to end the threat in a single stroke of an ax.
Wolfgang ended the threat with a single meeting, the two coming in and stabbing a whole right through his sternum bone. The man fell dead within a moment the artery bled out fully within seconds, he went over and finished off the other man with a quick throat slash.

The caravan safe the rest of the trip was no worries and went without a hitch.


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