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Mission NPCs

Name: Orn
Age: Middle-aged
General Appearance: Wears brown robes, always has a smirk on his face.
Personality: He has an inferiority complex due to always having been lesser than his rival, Piandao. Under the influence of Zuko's Kotoatsukami, his work is now to serve the interests of Zuko and the Black Dawn; however, he still retains much of his personality, willing to explain his background with Piandao to you as you fight, not having totally submitted to being a puppet.
Motivations: His goal in life became to beat Piandao ever since he was beaten in the Chuunin Exams by him a long time back; however, under the influence of Zuko's Kotoatsukami, this goal is now second to serving Zuko.
Fears: He fears Piandao always being greater than him.
Abilities: He is an S-rank ninja with S-3 stats who has S-rank ninjutsu, S-rank bukijutsu, S-rank raiton, and access to the entire Raiton library. He carries an S-rank katana.
Other: You can undo the genjutsu by touching him on the small of his back with your hand and paying thirty chakra.
Chronos, the Accursed Time Dragon:
Name: Chronos
Age: Old, has been locked up for ages by his own will
General Appearance:
Personality: He is cursed with having two polar opposite personalities that switch depending on whether the sun is in the sky or not.
Motivations: In daytime, he is motivated by a passion to lift up humanity, which he believes he has a responsibility to help. In nighttime, he is motivated by a lust to tear down humanity, which he believes he has a responsibility to wipe out.
Fears: In daytime, he fears the nighttime side of himself. In nighttime, he fears the daytime side of himself.
Abilities: Chronos has S-rank stats, SS-rank ninjutsu, his teeth and claws function as biological S-rank weapons, and his wings allow him to fly; however, his main strength is seen with the combination of his Standstill Barrier and his Horde Invasion, which work together to create a seven year long siege of a specific area that lasts mere seconds in the outside world, preventing anyone from sending reinforcements or warning the outside world of his wrath.

It takes one offensive S-rank jutsu to his body or the equivalent to defeat him and release his genjutsu; from there, he is at your mercy to kill or spare. His wings can block up to the equivalent of one S-rank jutsu, so you will most likely require the equivalent of two S-ranks overall to defeat him.

Standstill Barrier:
Name: Standstill Barrier
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 2km radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until seven years has concluded within the barrier (four seconds on the outside).
Cooldown: Once per thread
Description: A tactic used to siege an area for an extended period of time without actually having any time pass outside, preventing anyone on the outside from sending reinforcements and anyone on the inside from sending warning signals about what is to come, Chronos massively speeds up the flow of time so that each year within this barrier will last only a second.
Horde Invasion:
Name: Horde Invasion
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: SS
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Hordes spawn in front of him.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Six years and 364 days.
Cooldown: Once per thread
Description: Chronos enters a sleep state for the duration of this jutsu, spawning endless hordes of gaseous spirits with A-rank stats who immediately dissipate upon being hit by an offensive jutsu or
Other: None
Name: Arcturus
Age: Old
General Appearance:
Personality: He is a serious spirit with a high and mighty attitude; his deification by the White Lotus has swelled up his head.
Motivations: He fights for his ideals of fairness and justice; he wants to find a "superhuman host" to walk the world once more.
Fears: He fears staying as a powerless spirit without a host.
Abilities: None, as a spirit, except for lacing genjutsu.
Other: None
The Minotaur:
Name: The Minotaur
Age: Centuries
General Appearance:
Personality: He is a rough spirit with a kind heart on the inside.
Motivations: He serves Arcturus, the guardian deity whose shrine he has protected for centuries.
Fears: He fears anything harming his master Arcturus.
Abilities: He is an S-rank level beast with an S-rank battle axe that can cut through and cancel out jutsu with a chakra cost equal to that of the jutsu that he is cutting through. He has A-3 stats with the exception of his strength which is SS-3.
Other: None


Terrible Spying in Black Dawn's Lair:
Mission name: Terrible Spying in Black Dawn's Lair
Mission rank: S
Objective: Infiltrate Black Dawn's lair in Konoha, collect info on their plans, and come out safely and stealthily.
Location: Hi no Kuni Wilderness
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: The White Lotus has located Black Dawn's headquarters; they need you to go in and collect info.
Mission details: You will enter the lair sneakily and eventually come across Zuko's journal, which will contain important information about his plans and about the genjutsu that he uses to control his lieutenants. However, as a terrible spy, you will be found by his top dog, Orn, who will challenge you to a fight. As you face off, you will have to also read through Zuko's journal (making the fight even harder), finding more about the genjutsu until you come across the page where it details the way to dispel it: touching the victim in the small of their back and expelling chakra. Then, you have to figure out how to dispel the genjutsu from Orn without getting maimed or killed. Once you dispel the genjutsu, Orn will agree to work with you to end the threat of Black Dawn; just as you guys determine to leave the lair, you will be spotted by a group of lost souls. You two must then quickly make an escape and report back to the White Lotus.
The Curse of the Dragon of Time:
Mission name: The Curse of the Dragon of Time
Mission rank: S
Objective: End the threat that seems to be wiping entire regions off the map in almost no time at all.
Location: Hi no Kuni Wilderness
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: The White Lotus has found recently created ruins of villages all over and is sending you to find out the cause and eliminate it before it causes more destruction.
Mission details: [This mission requires A-rank senjutsu and Shadow Clone Jutsu to take.] You will follow the trail of destruction until you find an intact village near to which Chronos, the Accursed Dragon of Time, lands, roars, erects the Standstill Barrier, and begins the Horde Invasion. You will start out by fighting off the hordes alone, soon realizing that there will be no end to the hordes any time in the near future; you will create shadow clones to fight for you and will meditate underneath a tree to regain your chakra to make more rounds of clones once your current ones are exhausted. Things will go like such for almost seven years within the Standstill Barrier but a mere seven seconds on the outside before the hordes end.

Once the hordes stop coming and the dragon awakes from his slumber, you will confront him and defeat him, releasing the genjutsu that was put on him by Zuko, one which displayed his fiercesome nighttime personality even in daylight. He will explain his story to you and what happened to him, as the sun is out, the genjutsu has been knocked out of him, and thus his heroic daytime personality is displayed. You two will create a plan of action wherein he will fly to Black Dawn's lair, confront, defeat Zuko, and then seal himself once more to prevent his nighttime personality from once again emerging.

However, not a lot of time later, you have a vision where you see the dragon's final breath as he is consumed in a huge swath of Amaterasu flames, where he explains that he is using his last reserves of chakra to send a final message: Zuko has used the seven years within the Standstill Barrier to perfect his Giant Amaterasu jutsu, having had the lost souls to fend off Chronos's hordes. He apologizes and dies in the flames; the vision ends wit his body consumed in black flames.
The Shrine of Arcturus:
Mission name: The Shrine of Arcturus
Mission rank: S
Objective: Visit Arcturus in his shrine and pass whatever test he gives you.
Location: Hi no Kuni Wilderness
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: As preparations are being made on both sides for the incoming invasion, you have been sent to the shrine of the White Lotus's guardian deity to request his blessings in the upcoming battle.
Mission details: When you arrive at the secret location in the woods that you were informed of, you will enter an underground passageway filled with booby traps until you reach a door with an S-rank beast standing guard who calls himself the Minotaur and promises to defeat you. You must take him on in battle and defeat him; however, you must not kill or maim him, else you fail the mission.

Even after you defeat him, he will refuse to open the door for you, turning down any bribe offers. You will then chat with him, until you suggest grabbing some food from the forest for the beast, who admits that he has not eaten for centuries. After you bring back food, he eats it all up and displays his gratitude by opening the door.

However, once you enter the room, you will be placed under a genjutsu that reveals an emotional vulnerability of your character; as a result, your character is overwhelmed by negativity and the genjutsu breaks, revealing a disappointed Arcturus in front of you who rebukes you for your ultimate failure to pass his entire test. You will then have a long discussion with him in his shrine as well as a vision of Zuko's respective trial with Novus.


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