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1 Cracking down on Drug Dealers[Mission/CRank] on Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:31 pm

Otter Aiden


Mission name: Sting Operation (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Capture the drug dealer alive.
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 200 ryo
Mission description: A captured drug courier has revealed a drug dealer who is operating in and around the village. Intel shows hes of a smarter sort than the kinda tempting kids around the academy. We have arranged a stint operation. The courier has flipped and is co-operating with us. He has divulged the location and time of his next pick-up. You will stay hidden from view as the meeting ensues. As soon as the drugs are in the couriers possession, ambush the dealer. Capture the drug dealer alive so that we may interrogate him to gain Intel on his supply source.
Mission details: What drugs he he dealing is up to the player. However, he will have a D rank criminal ninja bodyguard. This ninja will know the basic academy techniques, and uses a rusty katana that can cut 1 inch deep. He has all D0 rank stats. If the dealer gets away or the informant is killed, or the dealer dies or is in no condition to be interrogated (permanent damage that wont heal fully) the mission is a failure and no reward will be given. The bodyguard will likely try fight to kill or maim, and despite his D ranked abilities should be treated with caution. The bodyguard may be killed.

In the middle of the night Aiden would be walking with a familiar face. It would have been just earlier when he had captured this courier and was delivering him back to be interrogated and his supply confiscated. Apparently, this male that only looked slightly older than he did also lacked twice as much loyalty. As a courier, wasn't his job to deliver the packages he was given and not betray the trust of his employers? The Genin guessed not everyone is stubborn or brave enough to do their jobs all the way. "Can I just not go back there with you? If they see that I sold them out then I'm going to be so screwed." The courier would ask Aiden, whom of which rolled his eyes in response.

"You have to come with me, Akio. You have to receive the drugs since you're the one he trusts." Aiden would explain once more to the other male as they walked on. He was told to not attack until the drugs are given to the courier, but he would be planning for something different. He was hoping to ambush and take out the bodyguard, and then use the transformation technique to take his place. That way after the drugs are given to Akio, the courier, Aiden can then attack and capture the drug dealer, taking him in alive so they can learn about his supplier and then take that supplier out as well. The Genin was looking forward to this, as he recalls how he could see the effect these illegal drugs have on the sand dune slums, and how the gangs in power currently are a poison on the village, ruining the lives of those that live within it.

Once more, Aiden would stop in his tracks due to Akio stopping, which was beginning to seriously get under the Genin's skin. "Wha-" "We're here early.", Akio would say as he looked with fear washing over his face down a dark alley. There, underneath a lone light that illuminated a small space that contained a door, would be a six foot tall man with short black hair. Standing on its end would be a sheathed sword, whose handle preventing from leaning against the wall by the man's left hand, which rested peacefully on top. The man himself would wear a plain dark blue t-shirt with a pair of grey cargo pants and black boots, an intimidating glare in his eyes as he looked back towards Aiden and Akio. Aiden in response would continue walking away. "Act like everything is normal and go to him. I'll attack from above." The Genin would quietly command the courier as he went out of earshot, continuing on as Akio himself would begin walking to the bodyguard, sheepishly looking at him.

Once he was out of sight, Aiden would immediately to to the closest building to the alley, where he would begin to climb it via windows and the little indents and ledges poking out of the aged walls. As he climbed, he could faintly hear a "What are you doing back so early?" coming from what he could only suspect to be the bodyguard. Aiden himself would attempt to speed up his climbing, reaching and getting on the rooftop of the short building. Thankfully, due to the fact it was nighttime, the rooftop wouldn't be hot from the sun, but instead lukewarm, allowing the Genin to run on all fours as fast as he can down the alleyway, only jumping between two ledges and onto the next building once before he reached Akio and the bodyguard's positions.

Peeking over the top of the ledge, he could see the older boy flinching from the bodyguard's feint attack, causing the tall man to laugh in response. "Still a pussy like always, Akio. Why don't you go and finish delivering your shit before you come back. I'm in a good mood so I won't beat cha for coming back." Waiting a few moments, Aiden could see Akio still standing there, clearly frozen with fear. The Genin would take this opportunity where, pulling out a Kunai, he would jump from above, attempting to fall on top of the bodyguard, though as he neared the man, Aiden would be surprised when his feet would land on the scabbard of the blade, where he would be launched off and to the side, making him slide along the ground.

"Akio you traitor! After I kill your friend I'm going to cut you open too!" The bodyguard would announce as he would withdraw his blade, tossing it to the side. as he would face Aiden. "Quick hurry, the boss should be coming out any moment now!" Akio would yell towards Aiden as the Genin would avoid the sharp metal that would glance against the ground where he laid before. Rolling to the right, the Genin would quickly get up, throwing his Kunai and then, using the Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, and Snake hand-signs, he would stand there as the bodyguard would swing his blade twice, once knocking the Kunai to the side and the other aiming to drive into the side of Aiden's throat. Instead of digging into flesh, however, the blade would knock away the scabbard, slicing through a small puff of smoke as Aiden himself would end up behind the bodyguard.

Forming the Tiger sign, Aiden would breathe in before suddenly exhaling, firing two bullets of water directly into the back of the bodyguard's head and neck. With a soft, tired moan, the bodyguard would fall to the ground, clearly knocked out from the attack with blood coming out of the back of his head and neck. Looking towards a now-terrified Akio, Aiden would raise both hands to him in a non-threatening way. "He's not dead, don't worry. He's just knocked out. You only have to wait at the door until the dealer comes and we can finish this." As he spoke, Aiden would drag the bodyguard into the darkened alley, out of sight of the door. After this, he would form the Tiger hand-sign once more, transforming into the large bodyguard himself with a puff of smoke. After that, he would pick up the guard's weapon, carrying it with him as he would stand in front of the door, waiting.

"When he comes, you just need to act natural. Say you accidentally fell off your bike and the last drug broke or whatever you need to do, just don't act unnatural. I'll ambush him as fast as I can." Just then, the door behind the disguised Aiden would open, and he would feel a hand touch he shoulder, patting it. "Well, well, well, Akio, you came back. Mind telling me why the fuck our last customer didn't get his supply?" Aiden would hear the dealer ask as he would glance towards the man, taking note of the short spiked brown hair and a soul patch, along with the sunglasses he wore, despite it being nighttime. Immediately, before Akio would respond, a puff of smoke would cover what the dealer once thought was his bodyguard, and out shot Aiden's left hand, grabbing the dealer around his neck tightly as he would immediately punch the man in the cheek as hard as he can.

Immediately, after this, Aiden would bring his fist directly into the drug dealer's gut before pushing him to the ground. Immediately he would pull out a Kunai and jump on top of the dealer, where he would hold he weapon against the man's throat. "You're coming in with me. Your bodyguard is finished and you're done with to. Don't make me hurt you." Aiden would say as Akio would begin to run away. It didn't matter though, as the courier did his part, and now he would be free from having to do anything more for them. Aiden would look back to the dealer as he spoke. "All right, all right, just please don't kill me!" The man would plea as Aiden would get off of him, pulling him off of the ground and holding onto the back of the man's neck, kunai positioned against his back. "Walk." The Genin would command him as he would being the man in, leaving his bodyguard behind for now to be turned in later by other Shinobi that will inevitably arrive to clean out the building.

[Mission Complete]

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