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It was time to go.

There was no other explanation. He had remained in this god forsaken village for far to long, and he was tired of it. It was hot, dusty, and the food was fucking terrible. Iwagakagure no Sato, or rather, The Village Hidden in The Stone might has well have been under a rock for the past several years with way things seemed to operate in the village. Everything just seemed to be ass backwards in this village to the young Konoha ninja, and he wanted no part of this fucking bullshit. And so, with his scrolls already filled with his belongings sans his weapons; those were hung and slung across various locations of his body, all within easy reach should he need them. And so, with a small sack containing his packing scrolls, the male set off, heading towards the gates of the village. He would not miss this place, as it was by far the most boring trip he had ever taken to any place, ever. The young man had be in this goddamned village for well over two months, and he was itching to get back home.

As the male passed through the gates of the village, he could see before him the stretch of roads that would lead him home to Konohagakure no Sato. It had taken Tre the better part of four days to reach The Village Hidden in the Stone before; and even then, he had been traveling with the Hokage and his guest; the trio had been traveling at a break neck speed, as the Satoshi, the Hokage's guest, was a Sannin of the Hidden Stone Village, and Hokage was meeting with the Tsuchikage to discuss Satoshi staying in The Hidden Leaf Village as an advisor and Sannin. Tre was unsure of how the discussions went, but he was sure of one thing; Kenta left the village soon afterwards without so much as a good bye or an indication of where he was going. The only reason as to why Tre knew that the Hokage was back in Konoha was the fact that Uno had sent him a scroll with money sealed inside and a note asking where he was.

Lord Kenta had some fucking explaining to do. He had up and left Tre and his cousin Nana in Iwa. Nana had long since returned to the village due to needing to get back to her shop, but Tre stayed behind, for gods know what reason. But Kenta... Kenta had left. If the Village Hidden in The Leaves was in trouble, then Tre could understand as to why Kenta had left in such a hurry. But the fact that Uno did not mention such a thing in her letter was proof as to that it was not in danger. So, why the fuck did Kenta leave without telling Tre?

Tre aimed to find out as soon as he got back.

The Hokage had to have some sort of explanation for this shit; was Tre correct to not trust him with this mission? Back then, Tre had assumed that the Hokage was merely using him as a decoy for another person; but it had turned out that Tre was escorting the Hokage himself. And not that he was in Iwa, the Hokage had vanished. And so, in order to find answers, the male was off in a flash, sprinting across the countryside in the direct that he could feel that Konohagakure no Sato was in. It would take the young man a little over three days to reach the border of his homeland, but once he was there, he was home...



Who's gonna stop me from going for your wallet?

Who's gonna stop me when I turn violent?

N O B O D Y.

Call your whole village, Guest.

This is nothing that a few funerals wont solve...

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