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1 Hitoshi Yatsuo Plot Mover on Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:58 pm

Hitoshi Yasuko



Missions completed list:

D Rank

C rank


Genin Socials

So, they stuck you with me, eh? - Hitoshi would meet his attractive Sensei and fellow squad mates, effectively embarrassing himself during the meeting, but also learning a little more about them. This ended up with him undergoing an extremely odd Genjutsu, one which he must admit he enjoyed.

Chuunin Socials



Jutsu Learned: 14

E: 8
D: 4
C: 1
B: 1
A: 0
S: 0
SS: 0

Hitoshi's Family:


Name: Oba Yasuko
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Rank: Ex-A Rank Shinobi
Specialties: Bukijutsu(Onojutsu)(S), Genjutsu(A)
Elements: Fuuton(S), Raiton (A)
Items: A-Ranked Chained Sickle, two standard Kunai
Description: The current head of the Yasuko Family, this man has, due to poor health, been confined to the insides of his home, watching over his children and the memorial devoted to his dead wife. A vengeful man, he would begin slowly implementing a disdain for Hitoshi within the minds of his siblings as a means of punishment for his trying to separate himself from the rest of them.


Name: Oishi Yasuko
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Rank: A-Rank
Specialties: Bukijutsu(Onojutsu)(S), Ninjutsu(A), Genjutsu(C)
Elements: Doton(S), Katon(A)
Items: A-Rank Scythe, B-Rank Whip-sword
Description: The eldest of the Yasuko siblings, Oishi generally acts as the enforcer of his family, generally being the one to arrange for his siblings to settle any disputes between one another, though is also the one that is the most under his father's manipulation into feeling betrayed by Hitoshi when he left them.


Name: Watari Yasuko
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Rank: B-Rank
Specialties: Bukijutsu(Onojutsu)(S), Taijutsu(Hybrid/Speed)(B), Medical Ninjutsu(C)
Elements: Fuuton(S), Raiton(B)
Items: B-Rank Mace, C-Rank tanto, 2 D-Rank Katars
Description: Second oldest in the Yasuko Family, Watari has always desired to be in the ANBU Division of Iwagakure, though due to being a troublemaker, was rightfully denied.


Name: Yei Yasuko
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Rank: B
Specialties: Bukijutsu(Onojutsu)(S), Medical Ninjutsu(B)
Elements: Katon(S), Fuuton(B)
Items: B-Rank Flail, E-Rank Kunai
Description: Yei Yasuko is the younger twin of Watari, but holds a special kind of dislike towards him because of it. Being the main medical specialist of her family, Yei tends to handle the wounds of her siblings after they face one another.


Name: Suda Yasuko
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Rank: C-Rank
Specialties: Bukijutsu(Onojutsu)(S), Taijutsu(Grappling/Sojutsu)(C)
Elements: Fuuton(S), Suiton(C)
Items: C-Rank Chinese Pike, C-Rank Tanto
Description: The youngest elder sibling of Hitoshi, Suda Yasuko is less mature and more care-free than the rest of his siblings. Preferring to just lay around and take a more fluid approach to combat, he is an unpredictable opponent that has sometimes fallen into overcoming his older siblings a few times by accident.


Name: Mino Yasuko
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Rank: D-Rank
Specialties: Onojutsu(S), Ninjutsu(B)
Elements: Fuuton(S), Raiton(C)
Items: C-Rank Sickle and Chain, C-Rank Whip, 2 D-Rank Katar
Description: Hitoshi's younger sister. She is the youngest of the siblings, and probably the only one that apparently hasn't bought into her father's manipulations, though she is also the sibling that has never once won her parent's favor, always seemingly being a step behind everyone else.


3-Part Arcs:

Family Warfare Saga

Division of Blood

Death in the Family - Hitoshi would be visited by one of his brothers, learning about the death of his mother through unknown means. After the ceremony, however, he would soon learn that this would not be the end of how mother, but the beginning to something worse.

Birth of Discord

Clash of the Siblings

Division of the Siblings

Twins Separated

Sides are Formed


Tyranny of The Eldest

Usurper of the Head

Coalition Formed

Loss of One More

Rise and Fall of the Youngest

Betrayal from the Closest

End of the Line


2-Part Arcs:

Family Secrets

Father's Past

Revelations put to Rest

In Regards to PC Characters


Romantic Relations

1. Tadashi Guanyin - Team 2 Member
2. Colvert Alistein -  Team 2 Member



1. Shigeki Kanetsu - Team 2 Leader


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