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Clan Name: Shikyo Clan
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu [Kenjutsu and Swordsmanship]
Elements: N/A

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Clan History: The Shikyo clan is a very old clan originating at the root of Ninjutsu itself like a lot of other older clans. During those times the Shikyo were a more peaceful and allied group founded by the clan leader at the time Zeta. Zeta had a vision of a utopia where all the elements in the shinobi universe could work together to benefit the common good. At the time this was an ideology founded around being kind to one another and fighting for the protection of your loved ones and for the good of the world. After Zeta’s passing the clan went through rough times as the next generation war began to brew. Amongst the elemental clan heads there was much debate over who to support and if they should even be involved at all. This caused a schism in the elemental factions leading to separation of the five factions where they would move and create their own cities and villages in various countries generally of the country they had supported during the Great War. Though the years have passed the Shikyo are still a very traditional clan getting their ideals from the time just before the war broke out and each faction was influenced by the leading faction head during the time of the schism. As such there are notable differences between the five factions in both ideals and customs.


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  The Doton faction is the faction that is still in the location of when the clan was created by Zeta. The Doton faction believes that all life was created to benefit the earth. They use their Doton to help create defensive terrain for various small villages. They are known to be protectors using their abilities to defend one another at all costs. They are in close alliance with the Suiton faction and as such they are often assigned to help protect the Suiton faction.

Location: On the Earth and Waterfall Country boarder


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  The Suiton faction believes that all life exists because of water and feels like it should be worshipped. While traditionally a more passive faction they have been known to create serious warriors within their group. The Suiton faction focuses on healing and are often called upon to help aid villages with their power of healing water which is developed after extensive training. They are closely allied with the Doton Faction.

Location: On the boarder of Rain and River Country


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  The Fuuton faction believes that the wind hides no secrets and through the course of time is the strongest of the elements. The Fuuton faction heavily base their ideals on a firm judiciary system believing that being open and candid is the best quality one could have. As such the Fuuton faction while extremely blunt are incapable of lying. They are also known to have the best court system in the shinobi world believe every person should have the right to defend themselves for their alleged crimes. The Fuuton faction has no close allies within the Shikyo clan.

Location: The boarder of Wind and Bird country


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  The Katon faction believes that fire while the most volatile is also only wielded by those who are courageous and worthy of it and if one is unworthy they are burned. The katon faction focuses on creating a strong military presence. Advancement in the Katon faction often means brutal fights and tests with low survivability. Katon faction members are trained to be as fearless as possible meaning they would do anything to prove their bravery. The Katon faction has no close allies within the Shikyo clan.

Location: On the boarder of Fire and Tea country


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  The Raiton faction is a unique entity as it hated by the four other factions. While Doton, Katon, Suiton, and Fuuton all benefit the creation of the world it is believed Raiton is only a symbol of destruction. To try and limit these feelings the raiton faction head made sure that the raiton clan would be completely neutral and form no military or warriors. Anyone presenting the will to fight or become violent are banished from the faction and branded as such. The raiton faction is drastically further away from the other factions and is rumored to be so far away because those they banish are expected to die.

Location: Northern coast of Lightning Country

*Credit to Dameon Shikyo


  • Dameon Shikyo
  • Mira Shikyo
  • Li Yonokaze
  • Sana Shikyo

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Kekkei Genkai Name: Shikyo Blessing
Kekkei Genkai Description:
Natural Speedsters

  • Being naturally quick, all Shikyo gain an automatic +1 tier to Speed.
  • Their speed is also augmented by their natural agility, and thus all Shikyo begin with the Agile SC without needing to balance it with the Frail SC.
  • In accordance to their speed they need to take in and react to outside stimuli, and so begin with the Reflexes SC.

Elemental Superiority

  • The strength of the element that flows through their blood is so great that Shikyo are able to use elemental jutsu of one rank higher.
  • Due to their familiarity with their element, all elemental jutsu cost -5 chakra to activate and maintain.

Fast But Weak

  • Due to their natural aversion to speed, Shikyo clan members gain a -1 tier to Strength and Endurance each.

Elemental Dependence

  • While their elements are admittedly fearsome, it does not come without cost. Due to the strength of the elemental blood, they can only ever have their primary element.
  • Their dependence on their elements also leads to them being unable to learn a fourth specialisation.

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Sorry, but revamps of my clan will not be allowed without my permission.


Shikyo Clan Revamp Pbucket

Dameon Shikyo
Sannin|Anbu Captain|Seven Swordsman|Kirigakure
Raiton: SS Rank|Ninjutsu: SS Rank|Kenjutsu: S Rank|Genjutsu: A Rank

Actual Stats (After +1/-1's)


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