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Mission name: Babysitting
Mission rank: D
Objective: Simply look after the kid while parents are out.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 70 Ryo
Mission description: The parents need to leave for the afternoon to run errands and do things that they cannot bring their children along for. You will watch them until they return.
Mission details: The kids are 3, 4, and 7 years old; and they will mostly entertain themselves. Just make sure the oldest brother doesn't pick on the babies, and that they get lunch by noon and a nap by 1:30, and they'll be fine. Be warned, the baby LOVES to play in the mud and climb into high places, and will almost certainly end up dirty and scrapped up if you're not paying close enough attention.
Yuka hovered nervously by the door as she was delivered last minute instructions, "Oh and don't leave Aki-chan alone she's prone to climbing things- and make sure they all eat lunch on time otherwise they won't eat dinner! I've labelled the meals and make sure Katumii and Takashi don't switch meals either, Katumii is allergic to the fish but he just loves it!" The mother said all in one big rush. Yuka paled slightly. She had taken this mission expecting it to be somewhat easy- just a nice little mission to round off the week. But already her head was swimming with the 101 "don't do's" that had been listed within the past three minutes.

"Don't worry Nagahashi-San I'll take good care of them, I promise" Yuka said in earnest. She really would try her best, really how bad could it be? Stick them in front of a game or something, make lunch and put them down for a rest. Everything would be fine. She gave the lady a winning smile, "You and your husband just do what you need okay?". The woman gave her a semi confident smile finally beginning to calm down.

"Well if you're sure...but just in case I've left instructions on the counter if anything goes wrong." She fretted as Yuka slowly herded the woman towards the door where her husband waited. "Alright- make sure you all behave for Sarutobi-chan" she directed towards her children waiting sulkily by the door undoubtedly annoyed they couldn't go out as well and then allowed herself to be steered outside by her husband. Yuka watched the door click shut and then locked it. Right. She turned to the kids,

"Alrighty kids- wait...where's the short one?" She lowered her hand in gesture as she stared at the other two. The eldest- Takashi shrugged his shoulders and turned towards the living room. Yuka arched an eyebrow attitude much? She turned to the second boy, a black haired child with wide blue green eyes. "How about you?" Katumii started up at her in silence. Yuka blinked. Katumii blinked back. "You don't talk do you?" Yuka asked again after a moment. Katumii shook his head. "Well...okay then. You go wait with Takashi while I find your sister" she decided. She watched Katumii move off before beginning her sweep of the house.

The kitchen was empty, the bedrooms a mess but otherwise devoid of children. She checked beneath tables, inside cupboards and behind chairs when she heard it. Running water. "Oh no. No, no, no!" Yuka sprinted for the bathroom "please don't be flooded, please don't be flooded" she murmured to herself and opened the door. A pool of water instantly swirled around her feet. How had she missed this! The kid must have turned it on the moment her parents left! Sure enough Aki was standing beside the bath wet with a small toy clutched in her hand. "Aki-chan!" Yuka ran forward slipping on the wet floor as she stumbled forward to turn off the water. The three year old turned to her with an innocent green gaze her little purple toy held close to her chest. Yuka stared at her she was a rather cute kid- a shame she was also a demon child. "Come on Aki let's get you cleaned up" Yuka sighed picking the child up and carefully carrying her out of the slippery room only to find Takashi staring up at her.

"I'm hungry. I want food" Yuka stared down at the demanding child. You're not getting shit with that attitude she thought to herself only finding restraint on her temper because he was so young. "I've got to clean up your sister you can eat at noon" Yuka said about to tell him to go and play when she realised he would probably just go get food himself. "Here" Yuka put Aki down, "You can help me, go get your sister some new clothes while I clean up this mess". Takashi pulled a face and then looked up "Are you going to do ninja stuff?" He asked. Yuka blinked. This was the first time he had actually asked something in earnest.

She shook her head, "No- I can't do anything with water I'll be doing this the old fashioned way". Takashi seemed to consider this then took his sisters hand and led her off. Yuka turned to the bathroom alright time to clean. A good twenty minutes later Yuka emerged from the now dry bathroom her own clothes wet. She made her way into the living room where Takashi sat on the couch playing a console and Katumii lay on the ground drawing. "Takashi I though you were going to get Aki new clothes" Yuka said. Takashi shrugged, "she was being annoying". Annoyance burst through Yuka but she turned on her heel making her way back down the hall to the 3 year olds bedroom. The girl sat on her bedroom floor still soaking wet. In silence Yuka redressed the girl and went out to the living room. She placed Aki on the couch beside Takashi and moved to the front of the room.

"Alright listen up" she demanded. Katumii looked up from his drawing but Takashi barely spared her a glance. Yuka's temper slipped, "That's it!" She stepped forward and snatched the gaming device from his hand. "Hey-!" Takashi  protested but Yuka cut him off, "Here's how this is going to work kids! Takashi you will stop with this attitude nonsense it's stupid. You want to be a ninja right? I saw it when you asked me about my ninjutsu- well grow up kiddo" it was almost ironic to hear herself giving the same lecture she had been given many times before. "All of you will eat at noon, then you will go for your nap. In return for not misbehaving I'll let you pick three things, any things we can do- within reason" she added. There it was. Standards and a reason to meet them. "Deal?" She demanded. Takashi stared at her, she stared back. Eventually he nodded. And that was when there was a cry of pain from the kitchen.

Yuka's blood went cold she glanced around, "Aki!". She moved towards the kitchen at record speed to find the three year old crying on the floor the other boys in close behind her. Yuka dropped to the floor instantly moving scanning the child for injury. There is was a scrapped knee, she'd just fallen over. Yuka loosed a breath. Good. It wasn't major she could handle this. "Hey Aki, it's okay. I know it hurts but here I'll fix it for you" gently Yuka moved the child's arms from the scraped knee and held her hands over it utilising the hovering hands technique until the wound healed. Aki quietened looking up at Yuka once more. Yuka smiled and stroked the girls head, "no more wandering off you me stick together like glue from now on" she decided.

Yuka turned back to Takashi and Katumii who had watched in silence. Eventually Takashi spoke up, "It's lunch time. I'll help" he said moving to the fridge. Yuka smiled. It seemed an agreement had been reached. Four hours later the kids had eaten, napped and Yuka was trying to explain how she had healed Aki's leg when the Nagahahsi's returned. After a few minutes of checking nothing had been destroyed (such little faith) they turned to Yuka, "Thank you for looking after them Sarutobi-chan" the wife said gratefully relieved that nothing seemed damaged and no one was hurt. Yuka nodded, "any time" she smiled. Sure it had been a bit of a nightmare at the start but Yuka had grown rather fond of the kids. So she meant it when she promised to look after the kids again and left that afternoon happy to have done her part.

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