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Clan Name: Jun Chi
Location: Formerly Iwagakure, now Konohagakure
Specialization: Ninjutsu
Elements: Katon

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Clan History: The Jun Chi are an ancient clan, having formed long before the Age of Ninja; in the time of elemental sages and thousand religions. In this time, sages dedicated to individual elements thrived; with temples spread throughout the lands. The Jun Chi clan was always known for producing particularly adept fire monks, and more then a few High Fire Sages in those days. It was in those early days that they formed a sort of alliance with the Tsukino clan; sharing many of the same values as the Lightning Sages, if not always seeing eye to eye when it came to what skills where best used on the battlefield. Where as the Tsukino have always been unwavering in their usage of Fuuinjutsu, the Jun Chi have experimented with many different styles over the centuries. One thing has remained consistent since the time of the Rikudō Sennin; the Jun Chi have specialized in Ninjutsu in some form or another.

When the formation of the villages began, the Jun Chi found their ancestral lands on the Iwa side of the border. This has led to some... interesting problems ever the years. The clan is loyal to Iwa, always has been; but their closest allies reside and are loyal to another country. Watching the clan fight is... a treat, if they ever do. More often then not, they will refuse to fight each other; and more then one major conflict has been resolved by this. The clans are always more then willing to broker peace over being forced to fight each other. In recent times, the clan has revoked thier ties with the village of Iwagakure, though some members have chosen to remain there. The vast majority of the clan has traveled to Konohagakure.
Members: Jun Chi, Houjin

Jun Chi [Revamp] Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Gift of the Fire Salamander
Kekkei Genkai Description: Due to this clans long association with fire of all types; they have honed the use of the element to an art form rarely seen otherwise. Because of this, all clan members receive the ability to use Katon Jutsu ONLY of 1 rank higher then normal. [The clan member is required to have any specialization associated with the jutsu trained up to at least the same rank as the element]
Drawbacks:  No member of the Jun Chi may have Suiton as a specialty. This is due to the clans extreme affinity to Katon, as well as generations of repression of the elemental chakra whenever it appeared in the clan. Because of the clan's extreme affinity for Katon, Suiton attacks used against them do 1 rank higher damage then normal.


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