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The young ninja stepped out of her house, and grimaced as the suns deathly rays struck her. "Nnng..." She quickly stepped down the staircase, skipping a few steps, before collapsing at the bottom in a heap near the gate around her house. Looking at the small shack, she smiled.

The house may not look to be much from the average passerby, but to Arashi, it was a wonderful place with wonderful memories. She could remember the days of training in the back yard, and the small house for the pet she had as a child. Strange thing was, she couldn't seem to remember what the pet was, or what happened to it. It wasn't something she remarked on at the time, but was rather a feeling that surrounded the small home. Looking at it made her uneasy, so she kept trekking.

Walking down the path, she started to feel a tug in her brain, and sighed. Scratching the back of her head, she hoped a migrane wouldn't set it. Knocking on her head, she frowned. Kyoko and Arashi were fighting again, and seeing as she was both people at once, she had to deal with it. Feeling a tear come to her eye, she went to sit down. Nursing a small bottle of water in her hands, Arashi took a few sips, and sighed. Then, he was gone. In his place there was a girl and a boy, and as soon as the two split, they began wrestling on the floor.


"You can do whatever you want, don't try to get in the way of what I'm doing." Cloud narrowed his eyes at the girl, and kicked her in the side with his full might. Considering neither of them were very strong, it hurt Kyoko nontheless, and she hissed, bearing her teeth. Jumping on top of the male, she bit the living shit out of him, until he pushed her off, and they decided upon a truce.

"Do you want to meld back together?" Cloud looks to Kyoko somewhat innocently, cocking his head to the side.
"Not really. I think I need some space from you right now." Kyoko gives Cloud a dirty look, that turns into a sly smirk as soon as he looks away.

And so the two sat there, waiting for something or someone to come by and break the silence.

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