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Clan Name: 保護然, lit. "Warden of Nature"
Location: Scattered. (Must start as Ronin.)
Specialization: Kuchiyose | Senjutsu

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Clan History: The Hogoshika are a very loosely-bound clan, and in fact often are not related by blood except for in the generational sense. Before the era of shinobi, in the Land of Ancestors, there lay a chosen few that had communed with what they had named the Gracious Nature Gods (明全神, Myōzenjin). These were not, in fact, deities; they were simply animals of great wisdom and power, not unlike Gamamaru of the Toad Mountain. The Nature Gods were protectors of their chosen areas, treating them not only as personal territory but also a place that they were charged with the safety of.

The Nature Gods, of course, became old. With time, they were naturally not able to fend off the greatest of threats,

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Kekkei Genkai Name: Individual Microcosm (天地具現, Tenchi Gugen)
Kekkei Genkai Description: The Hogoshika are a loose family of protectors. From generation to generation, they have been custodians of a specific type of animal. They must state which animal at character creation, such as "Clan: Hogoshika [Marmoset | Speed/Endurance]". This animal must also be their Summoning Contract, and must also be the animal their Senjutsu embodies. They gain +2 tiers to a stat that reflects their chosen animal.

  • A Hogoshika begins with a minor trait associated with their chosen animal. It must be applied for within the Jutsu Registration.

    At B-rank or higher, if the Senjutsu and Summoning specializations are also B-rank, they gain a second trait which, while still biological, must be called via chakra. Unlike the minor trait, this one can be re-applied for at each rank should the Summoning and Senjutsu specs also be equal in rank to the ninja rank.

    [b]Type:[/b] Offensive? Defensive? What kind of Supplementary?

    D-rank examples:

    A predator could have a D-rank natural weapon.

    Monkeys might be able to scale vertical surfaces without using Supernatural Walking Practice.

    Fish could have gills, and be impossible to drown.

    For B-rank:

    This ability costs 15 chakra to use or dismiss. If the individual meditates using Senjutsu for at least 1 post, they can ignore this ability's chakra cost. Entering the thread with the ability active doesn't cost chakra.

    As examples...

    Birds gain a pair of wings with which they can fly at equal speed to their Speed stat, up to 10m above ground/water level. +5m to height and movement speed at each rank.

    A turtle or armadillo might gain a natural armor of equal rank to this ability, but it must be treated as Heavy Armor for the purposes of stats.

    Predators might gain an enhanced natural weapon, equivalent to an equal-rank item in power, but it is always an extension of their body, so may get in the way.


  • All Hogoshika begin with Senjutsu as their tertiary specialization, and can access Sage Mode regardless of rank. Their primary or secondary specialization must be Summoning. Their specializations start at B, C, and D ranks, respectively.


  • Hogoshika are instinctive allies with their chosen animal, and they will fight for each other tooth and nail. Each clan member receives a C-rank contract upon creation. It ranks up each time the Hogoshika does (for no Ryo cost).


  • A Hogoshika's bond to nature allows them to call and fight alongside their friends with more ease.

    Senjutsu Summoning techniques, because they cannot gain +1 to interaction due to not interacting at all, do not have heightened chakra costs. They instead have their activation and maintenance costs decreased by 5.

    Creatures called by a Senjutsu Summoning technique can pay 5 more chakra to cast their techniques as Sage Arts.


  • A Hogoshika devotes some of their chakra to their potential for body enhancement. They do not gain the +20 chakra associated with Senjutsu.

  • No animal in nature is ever perfect. By imitating the strengths of an animal, a Hogoshika gains their weaknesses as well. They must state one stat that they receive -2 to, which must also be thematic with their animal. (In the character application, the second of the stats is assumed to be the negative.)


  • Hogoshika are dedicated to the sector of nature they embody; they must take "Hesitant (Element)" without a positive to balance it.


  • The Summoning Contract's elements must be the same as the Hogoshika's. They may never have a second contract.


  • Devotion is never without sacrifice. Their Specializations other than Senjutsu and Summoning take 15% more words to train.


  • A lifetime of seclusion begins to show in a lack of connection with more modern folk. Their Social Thread wordcount requirement for ranking up is increased by 20%.


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