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(( OOC: Perception training. E-D1 ))
(( OOC: Speed training. E-D ))
((OOC: Reaction time training: E-D1))
((OOC: Strength training E-D1))
((OOC: Endurance training. E-D2))

I subtle chuckle would come from near by before hearing the sounds on shuffled steps approach. Her hands were still a tad damp from having washed the pots after breakfast, she could still feel it in-between her fingers as she wiped them against her trousers trying to dry them off tilting downwards slightly before being caught off guard as she felt the presence of another within her personal space. The sound of the lads chuckle would come again speaking as his hands shifted to un-tie the blindfold as he spoke "Sorry I didn't mean to make you jump" As he spoke the last word his face would come into view his lips plastered in a smirk of amusement giving a slight twinkle to his eye. "Yeah yeah I'm sure" Taeru would purse her lips trying her best to fight back a smile. The lad would take a step back still gripping the blind fold, a subtle limp in his step before speaking again "Right, no-one should say training shouldn't be fun. Were going to start with your perception as I've already said, the rules are simple spot everyone and I mean everyone, there all in there waiting now. Go." Taeru's eyes would flicker from the lad to the patch of woods just off from the clearing in which they called a garden. She would give a short nod before shifting over to the edge of the woods before slowly stepping in, her head would tilt back turning her face up to the lofts of the trees with her eyes closed, the movement causing her straggled pastel violet hair to fall from her face as she stilled herself inhaling the scents around her slowly filling her lungs before allowing her lips to part. A smirk would crawl along her lips tugging them up at the right side before allowing her head to drop to one side before opening her right eye as she pointed. "one meter from my position to the right hidden behind the tree." She would pause as she listened and watched hearing a mutter of "awe damn" come from her indicated direction. She would bite back a chuckle as a subtle pink hue rose along the bridge of her nose momentarily watching the young lad step into view speaking with a whine in his tone "Elder brother.. I'm not going to live this one down " the lad would pout up at her as he rose his hand to her, she would simply give an apologetic smile as she reached out placing her palm to his before grazing her fingertips lightly down his face. Her head would tilt back once more as she continued to listen to the others as the lad exited the woods hearing the two lads muffled conversations back in the clearing wouldn’t help, the more she found the less she would hear in here, this she knew though her thoughts wondered slightly as she thought to herself about trivial matters only to have her thought trail broken by the sound of a twig snapping. She would quickly dip into a crouch allowing her miss matched eyes to open as she scanned the area raising her hand to point out another only to stand pointing her other hand in another direction both being at almost oposit angles from her as she called out "North east of my position three and a half meters away you stepped on the twig, south west of my position closer to the woods edge I cant believe I missed you on the way in. Both captured." She would again listen out hearing a mixture of mumbled cursing and ground kicking before watching for them as they stepped into view the one coming from the south west still cursing before speaking " Its because I can hide you just got lucky..this time" the young lad would fold his arms over his chest in a huff turning his head away as the young girl came into view from the north east a grin plastering her face as she raised her hand speaking as she did "Elder brother would find you he can smell you." Taeru would snap at the chance to place her palm to the girls before drawing her fingertips down the girls face "Enough of that go on" she would turn to face the young lad reaching out before indicating for him to step closer though the lad would wait from the girl to pass by them before stepping to her "Try not to let her get to you, you did hide well enough for me to miss you in the first place." She would reaching out to ruffle the lads hair as his arms unfolded. Her fingertips would graze along the lads face as before pressing her palm to his as he spoke " Really elder sister?". she would give a nod before indicating for him to join the others in the clearing she still had work to do and it would only get harder as the noise in the clearing grew. She would grims briefly before stifling a chuckle, it always did amuse her the point of view that the others had of her. She would place her hand on the ground as she though to herself ' three down only.. Hn yeah only eleven more to go. At least three had already had to head into the town otherwise my job would have been even harder.' She would sigh pushing up from the ground before taking a few steps further into the woods away from the clearing. She would clamber onto a gnarled root of a tree giving her more height as she scanned the area raising her hands to point " Keela, Why would you wear bright blue? east of my position crouched behind the bush..." Cutting her sentence short her gaze would flicker to her front "north of my position is that Dyko I see?.. What are you eating..." Her head would tilt a touch to one side as they both cam into view mumbling as the others had. She would raise her hands pressing her palms to theirs before grazing their faces with her fingertips as she had the others. She would hop down from the root continuing further in 'Five down, seven to go'. She would keep her pace slow making sure to be as quiet as possible as she sort out the others. She would pause hearing muffled voices to her left. her smirk would tug at the corner of her lips once more as she dipped down into a crouch sneaking up on the voices. "Shh shh be quiet or else.." Taeru's head would dip a touch to one side as she watched the small group scwobble before speaking in a hushed whisper "Or else ..what?" the four would jump in unison all falling to their butts as they turned to look at her. A visible grin would spread along her lips reaching to her hidden orbs "Boo". She would tilt her head down trying to stifle a chuckle as she struggled to get her words out "I should have known it would be you four .. never could stop talking even in your sleep.." Her hands would raise as did her head was she waited for the others to press there palms to one another, before grazing her finger tips over their faces each in turn repeating the actions. She would stand to watch them walk away before raising her hand to rub at her eyes before drawing her hair up away from her eyes briefly 'nine down, three to go.' She would step to a tree placing her hand against its trunk as her other hand continued to scrub at her eyes 'This is taking too long.' She would sigh again before relaxing as she listened out. she would slowly make her way off to the east before opting to climb a tree hoping the height would help. she would only climb to one of the lowest branches, staying close to the trunk she would sit before wrapping her legs around the branch before gripping it with her hands. Taking advantage of the new height she would scan the area taking her time trying to make sure she wouldn't miss anything, these would be harder to spot. She would grims raising her hand to scrub at her eye once more before shuffling a little further to the edge of branch away from the trunk before loosening her grip enough to allow her body to slack slightly as she shifted to the under side of the branch continuing her search, her hand would return to the branch as her hair drifted away from her face to sway in the breeze. She would inhale deeply filling her lungs before releasing her legs grip and dropping to the ground. She would sprint off to the west before skidding to a holt. As she turn quickly dragging her foot along the ground before darting up another tree, being careful not to fall she would shift her frame as close to the weakest part of the branch allowing her eyes to seek out the noise she had heard. "eleven meters to the south east of my position you popped your head up from behind the bush at the wrong time." She would grin waiting for the girl to step from her hiding place. Taeru would crouch gripping at the branch before leaning down to touch palms, as she reached to graze her fingertips down the females face her eyes would capture a subtle movement from directly ahead. She would lift back up slightly before leaning a little more gripping the branch tighter as she followed the movement shifting her form before shouting out "HA! north of my position only eleven meters away, captured!" would lean down reaching a hand out to touch palms before nodding for the other two to return to the clearing to the others. her grin would only grow as she sleeked back a touch so that she could stand safely on the branch thinking to herself 'Just one lef..' But she were interrupted mid thought as she felt hot breath on the back of her neck causing her to jump at the quiet word "Boo" she would turn loosing her balance only to be saved in the nick of time clasping her hands with the lads that had startled her. She would pout before laughing out loud as she scrambled back onto the branch to face him " you got me.. it was supposed to be the other way around yano.." she would lightly jab at the lads chest before running her fingers down his face before grazing past him to hop down from the branch "I see you... now" She would step out of the way before waiting for the other to hop down walking back to the clearing with him.

Taeru would hop a couple of times as the lad nudged her still scrubbing at her eye only just catching her balance before raising her free arm to give him a light push. Her hand would drop from her eye as her gaze darted about the garden looking at  her 'captives' before looking to her elder brother biting at the inside of her cheeks before puffing them out. "I know that was pretty slow.." She would look up at him through her pastel violet straggles of hair before tilting her head a touch to the left causing the hair to fall to one side revealing her striking yellow eye. He would simply shrug "Now we move onto speed." Taeru's lips would pause before nodding. She would shift moving to stand beside him as he continued to speak, "You will now catch them. All will remain within the garden, there will be no leaping through the woods or crashing through the house. The garden only." Taeru would watch the elder brother shoot a look at a couple of the younger kids almost as though to enforce his words making sure the boundaries were clear to them. She would take a large slightly unsteady step to on side yet not quite leaving the elder brothers side whilst invading one of the children's personal space to pluck a hair clip from there hair before using it to pin enough of her pastel violet strands from her face revealing her intense red eye the hair still over shadowing her other eye, with a smile of appreciation she would revert to her previous position beside the elder brother as he cleared his throat to speak " Right enough staling. Captives, you may begin to move". He would pause as the children back up in unison before beginning to step about, their eyes glued to Taeru like a hawks. The elder brother's head would tilt a touch to one side before allowing his lagoon blue eyes to rest on Taeru as he spoke "Go." With the indication Taeru's position shifted ever so slightly as she dug the balls of her feet into the ground pushing harshly forwards causing the group to spread out more as they shifted back only for her to shift her direction as she darted to her right, her only play being to aim to catch the older grouping of children first before picking off the younger on her way. The kids would part giving a whooshed sound of shock yet only briefly before an eruption of laughter. a subtle, playful clicked growl would echo within the back of her throat as her body shifted into a crouch, her grin tearing up her lips. She would push hard against the ground using the balls of her feet and the tips of her fingers to steady herself in the process as she lunged. Her fingertips would merely graze past the lads clothing before clutching at thin air as he darted away just in time, she would  skid before re-positioning her feet to push off this time almost tackling him to the ground forcing them both to stumble for a moment before straightening off once more, without wasting any more time she would twist on her heels darting again in the opposite direction coming to an abrupt holt to pivot catching one of the younger kids, her arms would slip protectively around the child's small frame before spinning her briefly ensuring the child wouldn’t slip over before releasing ' two down, nine to go'. she would press on barely giving herself time to catch her breath for the time being, just like last time things would get harder for her the more she caught. an odd grace would follow her somewhat lanky frame as she pivoted within her movements though they still were lacking the grace she coveted. she would slip loosing her grounding only to catch herself against the ground with her forearm. A low hiss would form in the back of her throat at her own incompetence, 'I will do better, I will be strong, I will be of use.' Drilling the words into her mind she would push from the ground with vigor before stilling as she centered herself seeking out a calm from within allowing a quick succession of thoughts to wash over her before focusing on where each of the children stood her mind calculating on the many possibilities of the ways they could each move allowing them to gain confidence before pushing hard against the ground as she pivoted before lunging hard only to feint side stepping in pursuit as the few close shifted into a near bundle. Her hands would out-stretch grasping the cloths of two to pull them closer, captured. "Seven to go." A light smile would tug at the corner of her lips as she persuade the tallest left, changing positions only ever so slightly as she reached out to grasped for others on their way past, snapping at each opportunity rarely missing this time around until there were but one left, that which she had persuade for the most part of this chase only to loose her footing as the pursued came to an abrupt stop sending them both crashing to the ground only to erupt in a short fit of laughter.  

Having taken a moment to collect her breath as she lay flat on her back against the lush grass of the garden she would take a moment to look up at the sky watching the clouds drift about in the wind above only to give a light nod before sitting up  allowing her legs to spread as she placed her hands against the ground either side of her thighs before drawing her knees up. She would push from the ground into a standing position as she watched the others crowed around the elder brother. It were clear each training activity had been planned out and the children had been informed of what way and how to push Taeru and when. Her intense scarlet orb would drift to remain on the elder brother as his lips parted to speak watching the same sort of smirk she often wore crawl along his lips "Now for your reaction time." She would give a stern nod as she waited for further instruction as he continued, "Find your grounding, because you will be remaining stationery whilst the rest of us are able to move about, you may duck, block and so on but you are not to move away from the space you occupy, is that clear?" She would give another stern nod as she spoke, the anticipation that had been brewing within her stomach would linger in her voice "Yes." She would take another step back before allowing her stance to relax as she inhaled deeply, using the process to center herself. Now her perception would also come in handy. Her intense red orb would open flickering between the children as they spread out around her only to find that the first move would be made without warning of any form, the elder brother would launch a small pebble at her only to follow it shortly. She would tilt her upper body down shifting into the position of a light bow yet allowing her legs to bend slightly only to notice a knee coming up towards her face, she would flinch at the unexpected occurrence drawing her arms up to protect her face catching the knee only just in time. "Not good enough" a shot of pain would ripple through her its source being found at the back of her head knocking her down against the knee anyway her arms providing the only obstruction. She would drop down to her knees stunned momentarily as she struggled to regain her composure. The elder brother would step back still watching her as he continued to speak "Get up Taeru." She would only nod allowing her hands to shift to steady her raise allowing her outstretched fingertips to graze against the dirt. Her brow would crease as she waited. Noting elder brother's eyes flicker off to the right she would momentarily brace only to hear the sound of the others shifting. She would dip off to the left allowing her knees to bend in the motion before ducking down into a crouch as a few stones flew past catching sight of them in her Peripheral vision. Her eyes would flicker back to elder brother as she heard movement just in time to see his fist moving closer at speed, she would push up from her crouch drawing her left arm up across her chest placing her right palm against her wrist before guiding her arms slightly up and over to knock his fist out of the way before catching sight of his other fist aiming for her ribs. Her right hand would drop away from her left wrist to push his fist away only to feel the sting of a hit to her ribs anyway. A harsh hiss would force its way from between her lips as the force of the impact caused her to flinch away. Her intense orb would flicker to one the children as laughter burst out among them. A light smirk would tug at the  right corner of her lips. From her Peripheral vision she would catch sight of one of the children drawing their arm back as the elder brothers leg inclined upwards again, she would lean back allowing the pebble to wiz past her face drawing her own leg up to meet elder brothers in order to knock the blow away, slowly catching the hang of things. She would take the moment to bring up her leg a touch more before sliding it down the inside of elder brothers leg before tilting forwards using her unusual height as an advantage as she pressed down clashing her calve muscle then knee against his knee in order to knock him off balance before catching the sound of something mid air, she would tilt her head back before forcing her body back once realizing she had exposed her neck to an attack, her movements just in time to evade a blow to the throat but still not enough to evade the hit completely as she took a heavy fist to the mouth. The blow itself would send her to her butt landing on the grass. Her hands would immediately shift to protect her head crossing her forearms just in time to take a blow from the elder brothers leg, using the opportunity she would grasp his leg only to note another stone heading her way, she would give a harsh tug on the elder brothers leg drawing it across just in time to knock the pebble away using his foot before pushing him away. She would scramble backwards away from the elder brother before pushing up from the ground quickly, as she gained her balance she would flinch back from a pebble as it were hurtled towards her, having caught sight of it just in time to allow her hand to snap up with her  hand to snap up with her flinch allowing it to make impact against her palm. She would draw her right foot back before twisting it off a touch to one side as she once again centered herself finding a more stable stance, finding the flaws in her movements with each push. A subtle rush of adrenaline would course through her veins causing a subtle laughter to escape her lips as a sharp pain collided with a dull ache at the back of her head as a pebble caught where the elder brother had hit with his elbow previously. As the elder brother stepped back giving a light nod before speaking "Over time your reaction speed will get better." her hand would raise to cup over the sore patch at the back of her head giving it a firm rub mouthing an 'ouch'.

Her arms would outstretch grazing over her pastel violet strands that fanned out within the grass above her head, allowing her hands to reach up towards the center of the circle they had created before allowing her fingers to flex brushing against the hands already reached into the center. She would allow her ribs to raise upwards drawing her right knee up in the process as she arched her back causing it to crack as she relieved the tension that had been building since they had returned to the house for dinner, her lips would part allowing a subtle pleasured groan to leave her as she felt the bones of not only her back but her right hip pop in sync with one another before collapsing back against the ground as she listened to the others chatter around her, speaking of all sorts of things all speaking over one another there chatter rather loud yet cheerful as every now and then a giggle would erupt among them, such included Taeru and even the elder brother. Her frame would twitch arching her body over to the right slightly  as she felt a prod against the tender sore of her ribs. Her head would snap to the side causing the hair that overshadowed her miss match orbs to drop off to the ground revealing one to the child that had prodded her, a soft almost sweet smile would tug the corner of her lips upwards keeping her voice low as she spoke to him "Hey now.. That’s a little tender.." She would twitch again out of natural reaction before settling as he placed his hand flat against the tender area as she continued to speak "Admittedly, it's not half as tender as that lump on the back of my head I've been leaning on... but shhh" one of her hands would draw down to place a single finger against her lips "Don’t tell elder brother." The little lads free hand would raise pressing his balled fist against his mouth allowing his sleeve to cover over the bottom half of his face as he tried to stifle a chuckle. Her hand would move from its placement against her lips placing her hand against the little lads briefly "You have healing hands." Her head would tilt back only to find elder brother staring down at her, a subtle rose hue would lightly head the bridge of her nose before fading as quickly as it came. The elder brothers brow would arch before speaking " Break time is over now we train your strength, you may not use any jutsu to aid you." He would straighten up shifting his weight a tad removing the strain on his bad leg to look at the others that had already scampered up, he would simply nod to them before watching them sprint to the house. "Follow" He would begin his trek up to the house taking his time, clearly giving the youngsters time to fulfill their mission he had sent them on. She would roll over onto her front before pushing from the ground wincing slightly as she felt the dull throb within her head. Her hand would immediately return to the lump that had formed, before proceeding to rub at it such causing one of her eyes to squeeze shut. She would however upon reaching a few meters of the house be stumped at the sight in-front of her. Her head would turn a touch to one side as a brow rose "What is this?" Her head would slowly turn to face the elder brother. The smirk had repaired upon his lips as he spoke, without looking at her "I'm surprised you don't remember it. You will wear this, of-course the weights have been adjusted and you will climb to the roof whilst wearing a rope. Once atop the roof you will then proceed to hoist up to the roof that which we decide to attach to its bottom. And remember no jutsu" Her brows would pull into a light grims before nodding. She would turn back to the weights before hunkering down into a crouch only to proceed to climbing into it. She would slowly stand with a slight strain before adjusting the straps ensuring it were tight, feeling the leg straps already being adjusted for her she would look down to witness the elder brother finishing tightening them, she would give a light smile before giving a mock grims "This sinks of you after a long day." he would only snort before giving her a light push "Climb." She would nod before stepping back to assess the best route to the roof with the extra weight she carried, surely the weight were more than the kids she had carried up there before so her approach must change. She would close her eyes inhaling deeply as she centered herself before exhaling heavily causing her hair to 'productive punishment.. Hn I like it' she would try to hold back a light smirk as it tugged at her lips before approaching the house. Her head would tilt back causing her pastel violet hair to sway from her face in the light breeze, her frame would lean into a light crouch before pushing from the ground with as much force as the weight she carried would allow, her arms would immediately reach up to grasp at the low shelter that covered over the back door before hearing the house groan from the weight she now bore. Muttering to the house she would proceed to strain pulling her body just high enough for her to get her arms atop it bent at an angle to give her a little more grip before swaying her hips back and forth building up her momentum before tensing her stomach on the rise just enough to get her foot atop. She would nip down at her bottom lip taking a moment only for the weight to drag her leg back down. She would clench her fist before giving the perch she held a short headbutt as she continued to mutter at the house again repeating the movement only this time she would edge her leg further on to the perch before immediately holding her breath and she forced herself fully onto the perch. There she would take her time to catch her breath only to hear the elder brothers voice call out "I don’t believe that's the roof.. Do you?" She would shake her head more so to straighten her mind rather than to agree with the elder brother. She would slowly push up to a standing position only to hear an ominous groan from the perch before a sleigh cracking sound, her eyes would widen a touch before darting along the surface of the rigid wall in-front of her, she would immediately begin climbing more as a way to get away from the perch incase it would break as it sounded so close to doing so. After a few meters of climbing she would pause to look down only when stopping did she begin to feel the down drag of weight once again causing her to grit her teeth as she tried to grip harder. Her right hand would slip away from the wall threatening to caster her completely from its surface. Her upper frame would tense as she brought her fist towards the wall giving it a harsh punch only to do more damage to herself as she proceeded to climb and tell the house itself off  "I refuse to give up. I will become stronger I will. Nothing will stand in my way." Her voice would become quieter and quieter the more strained it became as she pushed herself onwards. She would reach the lip of the roof gripping at it with her hands as she brought her knees up towards her chest in an attempt to give her upper body more leverage only to pause as she gave a short snort before a chuckle as she wondered about what she looked like from their point of view. She would take a moment before trying to shake the thought as she pushed hard against the wall with her feet as she pulled hard on the lip of the roof with her hands resulting with her chin meeting the roof before anything else. A grunt would leave her with the impact only for her to scramble atop the roof in order to rub at the graze under her chin. She would lay there for a moment as she panted placing her hands under her armpits causing her lungs to streach out as she attempted to catch her breath for the moment. She would slowly sit up before giving the rope a few tugs indicating she were atop the roof. She would only look about as she waited for the signal for her to start to hoist before desiding on her positioning. Before push herself up before making her way up the roof before stepping around the chimney before scailing back down to the roofs lip as she rolled under the rope again to give her leverage just in time to feel the rope give a tug. She would place her feet against the roofs lip before leaning and gripping the rope before pressing down against her feet as she tugged on the rope hoisting it upwards, her innitial though being that it wasnt as bad as she had predicted, though as soon as that thought crossed her mind she would feel another tug and the weight seemed to be more so. A few beads of sweat would drip from her brow along the bridge of her nose and down her cheek as she continued to heave only to feel yet more weight. She would again grip her teeth before letting out a slight grunt as she continued to tug. Having closed her eyes with the strain she would be startled as she felt a hand around her ankle causing her to nearly lose her grip. Her eyes would open with a start as she stared at the elder brothers dopey grin. Her lips would purse as she lent closer to him "Your heavier than this sink I'm wearing." The strain would show in both her voice and her grin as she watched him clutching her ankle and the rope. She would playfully release a small section of the rope that had been held slack between the grips of her hands causing it to go tense as she regained the grip fully. Only when she hired panicked screams followed by laughter did her heart pound remembering the children below witnessing. The elder brother would only chuckle "If you were to look over there are two of them attached to me giving more weight" She would roll her eyes playfully before straining to slowly lower them all to the ground.

Her rump would touchdown against the lower steps that would lead up to the back door of the house as she slumped taking a moment as the children had again began scampering around in search of things the elder brother had sent them for.  Her overshadowed miss match hues would follow them for a short while before allowing her head to tilt back a touch as her elbows shifted to rest against her thighs close to the knee. She would peer up at the elder brother though the pastel violet coloured strands that stuck to her sweat beaded brow only for a moment before raising up a hand to rest her chin atop her awaiting palm "Next is the endurance..?" Though her question were rhetorical she felt the need to press for information as there seemed to be no clues as to what he would have her do next. Her chin would lift from the palm of her hand allowing both hands to feel their way down along her right calve muscle allowing her fingertips to work into the muscle in a short attempt to relieve the tension that had been created when she had nearly slipped during the strength training. She would press her fingertips deep enough into the muscle causing her to wince only to bite down on her bottom lip as the elder brother began to speak "Of course, it's the last one for now." Her gaze would cut back to him as her bound chest pressed against her thighs stretching out her back causing it to pop before drawing her hands back up to hold against her knees giving a little leverage as she pushed down against the drawing her frame upright once more. She would take a step closer to him allowing her miss matched hues to wonder over to the sauce of the children's bickering. Her head would tilt a touch to one side as a brow arched causing the strands of hair stuck to her forehead to move slightly and somewhat uncomfortably, her hand would raise absentmindedly to the hair swotting it to one side revealing her striking yellow hue. The elder brother tried to stifle a chuckle as he spoke his hand would unpeel from his walking staff indicating for her to go to them " Let's get you wired up over there we shall be moving about anyway." Taeru would incline her head lightly before adjusting it to one side slightly before taking a single bounded step causing a fair bit of distance before slipping her hands into her pockets as she approached the children. As she stopped she would scrape her feet shoulder width apart before leaning into a crouch drawing her hands from her pockets to res her forearms against her knees  as she spoke, noticing the children were scwobbling so much they hadn't noticed her arrival "What's going on?" As they all turned around in unison all speaking at once. Her head would tilt a touch to one side allowing her brow to raise above the visible striking yellow orb, raising her hands in an attempt to hush them in order to find out what was being said "hey hey slow down.." Her words would fade as she felt a presence behind her right before feeling a hand atop her shoulder. Her head would tilt a touch to one side before inclining upwards to face the elder brother. He would however not bother to look at her keeping his attention on the children as he spoke "Everyone stop. We can rig Taeru up here." With that he would give a somewhat forceful shove against the shoulder he held in order to sent her to her rump. Her head would duck down with the impact of hitting the ground only to place her hand against the lump that had previously formed on the back of her head as it throbbed. The children would nod surrounding her before taking her arms to straighten them out. Her brows come together creasing as she watched them allowing them to guide her frame. The children would take a pole placing it below her arms like an underlining splint before looking to the elder brother. He would nod passing over his staff before taking to a knee in-front of her. The children would place the elder brothers staff opposite to the pole creating an upper splint. They would hold it there as the elder brother proceeded to tie them in place before tying rope around her wrists and palms, leaving a loop hanging below her hands. She would attempt to bend her arms before wriggling a little in an attempt to get comfortable finding she couldn't bend her arms. " This time for the endurance training you will have small weights attatched to the loops, and you will exercise like that. Over time the weights will seem to get heavier hence why we are restricting your ability to bend your arms. This will slowly toughen you."  His hand would move to her chin lifting slightly to make her look at him causing her to stop wriggling as her miss matched hues focused on him "You will stop only when I say, or when you fall unconscious." She would simply nod as the children attached the light weights. The elder brother would move back before slowly rising to his feet his hand immediately finding one of the tall-ish children to grip their shoulder. Taeru would shift on the ground before gripping at the loops attached to her hands as she struggled to her feet as she realized she had become used to her hands assistance for balance. A subtle chuckle would raise from her throat. The elder brothers brow would arch before chuckling as he shook his head "You won't be laughing soon. Now start with squats." She would stifle her giggle as she nodded before stepping away to find a space before pausing, inhaling deeply to center herself. She would spread her legs shoulder width apart before leaning down into the squat before proceeding slowly making sure to feel her muscles stretch out. She would continue though more so than usual the strain seemed to become more far quicker than she had felt previously, her shoulders and arms had began to feel heavy but without bending them it were only causing more strain. She would feel the sweat begin to slowly drip down her back as her breathing slowly picked up 'Well he sure wasn't kidding' she would continue waiting for him to tell her to stop and to move onto a different exercise. She would continue even as her body began to shake. Taeru's miss matched orbs would close as her brow creased even further as she concentrated on regulating her breath slowly regaining her control as she pushed past what she had thought were her limit. She would continue pushing through as she forced her legs to stop shaking as she bared the growing weight tethered to her arms. As her eyes opened once again they would only close once more as she felt the strike of a pebble against an already sore area before feeling someone flick the  sore lump at the back of her head causing her to suck air in sharply. her left eye would open as she peered over her shoulder to find the elder brother there with his hand raised and a brow cocked. Her fingers would twitch under their restraints as her lips mouthed a the word ' ouch '.  His smirk would return as he spoke " You may now run laps around the garden." the right side of Taeru's lip would tug upwards forming a clef before nodding. Her head would dip down momentarily before raising. "Okay" she would inhale deeply before pushing off allowing her feet to carry her into a jog, she would follow closely along the tree line  down to the small pond before filing around to the boundary of the garden and back up to the house repeating this over and over. Her lips would part as she began to pan each breath beginning to feel like fire tearing up her throat as the fire spread along the muscles of her chest back and arms slowly spreading along her stomach, thighs and calves. She would continue to push as her body shook with each step. She would grit her teeth as she continued to push only to stumble over her own footing forcing her to come crashing to the ground. She would hear the children grasp before hearing there feet as they headed towards "NO" she would call out through gritted teeth before leaning a touch to her right before drawing up her left leg for support as she tensed her aching body before forcing it up, once on her knees she would slowly stand pausing as she regained her self remaining in place until she were sure her legs wouldn't give way before continuing her jog around the perimeter of the garden. She would hear the elder brother usher the children inside as the sun had began to lower. The elder brother would remain to watch her settling himself down on the steps of the house. He would watch her stumble through another few laps before calling out to her "You may stop. Find your grounding in the middle of the garden and resume your squats." she would continue the rest of the lap stopping at her starting point before slowly stepping towards the center. She would take a shaky breath in as she attempted to to find the center inside of herself closing her eyes  as she whispered slowly lowering herself into a crouch "I will not give in, I will not.." her words would fade as she gritted her teeth coming out of the squat before repeating again and again. A whimper would leave her lips through gritted teeth as her head lean forwards causing the sweat to drip from her nose leaning into the crouch over and over. Her body would shake and burn under the pressure as stood, her frame would sway as she tried to find her footing trying to keep her position. Her head would drop back turning her face to the sky as the sun began to set as she thought ' the weights really did get heavier the more..' Her body would fall forwards crashing to the ground as her world went dark. She would slowly come too feeling the heat of a fire against her aching flesh. Her eyes would flutter open before wincing as she shifted her arm hissing at the shoot of pain in the process 'well the staffs are gone' a subtle smile would crawl along her lips as her eyes scanned the area finding a small mud dome over her with a fire beside her, her gaze would shift from the fire to the elder brother as he rested comfortably in a soft mud chair that kept his gammy leg raised, it would seem he had been watching over her. Noting how dark it had gotten it must be around midnight, she had been out for a while. His head would tilt to one side as a smile graced his features. She would slowly shift to her hands and feet, though still very shaky she wouldn't trust raising to a standing position before crawling over to the elder brother placing her head against his healthy thigh. "Thank you for training me today." her voice would sound horse as she felt like someone had rubbed the inside of her throat with sandpaper. He would weave a few hands signs just out side of her perhibital vision. She would watch as the mud dome and soft earth she had been sheltered in shifted morphing to his slouched chair to keep her covered before continuing to morph covering over him too. She would stretch a leg out drawing it closer to the fire mewing in comfort as she felt its warmth. She would feel the elder brothers hand against hear sweat wet hair feeling him brush it over to reveal her miss matched orbs as he spoke " You should have your hair cut, that way it won't get in the way." She would nod lightly as sleep began to creep up on her.

(( Total word count: 7686))
((Training Perception: 1075/1075))
((Training Speed: 750/750))
((Training Reaction time: 1075/1075))
((Training Strength: 1075/1075))
((Training Entrance: 1475/1475))
((Total Ryo cost: 150))

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((Training disorientating ash 1000/1000))
((Training defiant blaze 1000/1000))
((Word count remaining: 236))

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