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Kishimoto 16hu3rd


Kishimoto FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Kishimoto
Location: Sunagakure
Specialization: Taijutsu or Ninjutsu
Elements: -

Kishimoto HhU72Pp
Clan History: The Kishimoto are a clan closely related to the Yagatsuki.  The Kishimoto became their own clan when a child of the Yagatsuki developed the ability to infuse their entire bodies to their chakra natures.  This was only developed much later in the child’s life, when the child was grown.  However, the unique change granted better abilities than the Yagatsuki clan.  This new ability, with its heightened power, made the shinobi break off from the Yagatsuki, forming their own clan after marrying outside the Yagatsuki clan.  The new genetic trait was passed on, and the Kishimoto are now a thriving clan that pays no dues to any shinobi village. After generations of the gene being passed on, the Kishimoto have come out from hiding, no longer afraid of others nor the Yagatsuki, which are now their natural-born rivals.


Kishimoto Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Resonating Body: Elemental

Kekkei Genkai Description: The Kishimoto are blessed and cursed with the ability to resonate their bodies with their chakra elements and even can learn up to five elements. When using elemental jutsu, their bodies will look and have the same properties of the element due to their bodies natural tendency to take on the properties of the element in use. When using Katon, the user's skin looks red. Suiton makes the user look wet as if drenched. Fuuton make light breeze gathered around the user and disheveled. Raiton makes the user look full of energy with tiny bits of visible electricity running along their body and hair. Doton would make the clan member look rigid and stiff with cracks along their skin as if made of dry earth. However their true ability does not lie there. Turns the user into the literal epitome of the element they are using however they are also locked to the element they choose. But there are benefits.


  • The user's body is covered in fire. They can cause burn damage on contact with anything. Genin: Major 1st degree burns Chuunin: Minor 2nd degree burns on contact. Spec Jounin: Major 2nd burns. Jounin (A): Minor 3rd degree burns Jounin (S): Major 3rd degree burns Jounin (SS): 4th degree


  • The user's body is covered in water that bends the light around them to same them transparent. It requires those with perception a full rank higher than the user to see their outline. Those of two ranks higher can see them completely, the user simply looks white and has wind blowing. This does not mean the user cannot be detect as their is still the sound of water rushing.


  • The user's body is covered in high speed wind that deflects basic projectiles (not chakra enhanced) of equal rank or lower away from them as well as cut into others on contact. On contact, the winds surrounding the user's body deal cutting and piercing damage. Genin: 3/4in cuts Chuunin: 1 1/2in cuts Spec jounin: 2in cuts Jounin (A): 3in cuts Jounin (S): Completely pierces through others and cut directly through bone.


  • The user's body becomes dusty and they are covered in a thin layer of earth. In this form the user has defensive properties to aid them. It requires a 1 jutsu higher ranked than the user, 2 of equal rank to the user, or 4 of one rank lower than the user to break this defense. All jutsu of two ranks or lower than the user are negated. Once their defense is broken, they must wait the duration of this form plus one post in order to reactivate it.


  • The user's body is covered in electricity. They can cause burn damage on contact with anything. Genin: Major 1st degree burns Chuunin: Minor 2nd degree burns on contact. Spec Jounin: Major 2nd burns. Jounin (A): Minor 3rd degree burns Jounin (S): Major 3rd degree burns Jounin (SS): 4th degree

Maintenance Cost:

  • Genin & Chuunin: 5 chakra per post

  • Spec Jounin & Jouin (A): 10 chakra per post

  • Jounin (S): 15 chakra per post

Activation Cost:

  • Genin & Chuunin: -15 chakra

  • Spec Jounin & Jouin (A): -25

  • Jounin (S): -30

The Kishimoto have a larger chakra pool than average as they have such an affinity to elemental chakra and their body resonates so well with their chakra. Their chakra pool increased by 20.

*Fifth element can be learned at S-rank for double quatery costs and learned up to B-rank*


  • Weaker than Weak: In the Elemental state, elementally superior elements to the state do +2 interaction instead of +1.

  • Elemental Stasis: The user in the elemental state can only use one elemental at a time and must wait 4 posts before they can switch. They also must use only the element of the elemental during that time

  • The Kishimoto clan person can only gain access to a state by training for it. To gain access to the first state, they must do a 1000wc training and pay 100 ryo at Genin. To gain access to the second state, they must do a 2000wc training and pay 200 ryo at Chuunin. To gain access to the third state, they must do a 3000wc training and pay 300 ryo at Spec Jounin. To gain access to the fourth state, they must do a 4000wc training and pay 400 ryo at Jounin (A). To gain access to the fifth state they must do a 5000wc training and pay 500 ryo at Jounin (S).

2Kishimoto Empty Re: Kishimoto on Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:37 pm



While I'm fine with clans that have chakra-cost abilities, I'm trying to steer us away from full-on-jutsu crammed into clans as a Kekkei Genkai. Otherwise, why did we get rid of them in the first place?

I understand we're trying to revamp clans, but we should also consider which clans should be revamped in the first place.

Essentially, what I'm looking for in revamps is whether the clan can stay unique despite not having clan jutsu, not just putting its jutsu somewhere else where they still get them for free.


Kishimoto Solsig
Arts 🙪 Arsenal 🙪 Ascent 🙪 Ability 🙪 Acceptance

3Kishimoto Empty Re: Kishimoto on Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:57 pm



made some edits, and as for wheter its worth it, the orginal clan debuffed them hard and only have them a chakra boosts whilst giving them useless visual elemental properities if you take out jutsu. If you can think of a better way to put my changes in and make it worth taking the clan (if they take on phyiscal properties of clan i want it be specific what it does but in doing so i had to put a set cost and make it practically jutsu in order to explain but im open to other idea)

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