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Clan Name: Nishimura

Location: Sunagakure

Specialization: Medical || Genjutsu

Elements: Suiton & Fuuton

Clan History: : The Nishimura have been renowned for their medical prowess.  Their clan has provided the most doctors and medical ninja than any other clan.  For centuries they have been honing their medical talent so that they can be the best in the field.

They are also known for their offensive Medical Ninjutsu techniques.  Having studied the human body, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and all sorts of diseases, the Nishimura are the head clan when it comes to offensive Medical Ninjutsu.  Legend has it that they researched the medical field obsessively to the point that they lived and breathed medical knowledge.  Some stories even say that they could heal people by breathing on them.

Despite the stories, the Nishimura did become obsessed over Medical Ninjutsu.  The began dabbling in brain research, seeing how different chemical substances, hormones, and proteins affected the brain.  Through this the Nishimura became fancy to Genjutsu and its effects on the human mind.  Over several centuries of generations researching, studying, and experimenting with jutsu they learned that their chakra nature had unique abilities unlike other clans.  Thus, the legends became realities.


  • Nishimura, Kohaku

Kekkei Genkai Name: Miasma

Kekkei Genkai Description: The Nishimura have the ability to manipulate and create chemicals from inside their bodies that can be released either through breathe or their pores to create a substance called Miasma. These substances chakra-enhanced chemical substances produced with a distinct scent like cologne to exude effects similar to that of pheromones to trick, entice, ward off, heal, or damage others using medical ninjutsu and genjutsu. Their jutsu can weakened the body and attacks, cause chakra diseases, and make their jutsu more potent by using pheromones as triggers. Their pheromones and gas jutsu are completely invisible at all times unless a chakra sensory jutsu is used.

Normally, they can make these chemical substances and pheromones just with their chakra, however if they use water the effects can be turned into a liquid form.


  • Miasama always has a distinct smell be it rotten, sweet, spicy, fresh or otherwise and is impossible not to notice the scent. The scent is up to the jutsu. Their jutsu also have half the radius range of normal jutsu. The speed at which the scents can move is always at 1 rank lower (~10m/s) than the jutsu rules would allow.

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