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Act 0: Liar in the Leaves:

Act 0 - Liar in the Leaves: Arthir Trunkslimb, Age 22, has decided to leave his home town that was Konoha. Why? Because he got bored of lying to the same faces. That's correct. Arthir Trunsklimb lies for fun. But it's no fun if the people you lie to do the same reaction over and over! So, he decided to leave.

After being able to lie his way into a free ride to Kumogakure, Arthir decided to try out his skills in lying and persona crafting in the local hospital. He ended up having to redo someone's bandages. This 'someone' was a captain of a team of three kumo ninja, their rank unknown. Arthir called them 'Joe' (average joe), 'Tiny' (because he's small), and 'Biggles' (because he's huge). Then, he decided to go to the casino named 'Golden Horn', where he crafted the persona 'Alex Parlor', a fictional son of a well-renowned family. He ended up with a VIP card that allows him to flash it to gain entry. After all was said and done, he decided to go back to his living quarters within Kumo.

Act 1 - Secret of the Senju:

Act 1 - Secret of the Senju: Arthir, now home, slowly drifted off to sleep, where he met a weirdo in his dreams. This weirdo was called 'Aety-Aeth', a strange name obviously. It was quick, but all Arthir gathered from it was that he may have known this person. That, and apparently, he's somewhat versed in fuuinjutsu and Mokuton, the art of sealing and wood release. He didn't quite get it at the time, brushing it off as a dream. Though, when he woke up, he had three 'green senbons', a gift from Aety. Also, there was a blank piece of paper with a message written on it, presumably from Aety. That couldn't make any good sense though because the weirdo claimed to be 'trapped' in that...weird fuuinjutsu place. Ah, and he was also told to go to Sunagakure to find someone named 'Firoyuki'. Again, it went by too fast for Arthir to understand. So, he decided to see the Captain about this 'wood release'. He advised Arthir to visit three locations, the 'Abandoned Mines' being one of them. There, he met up with Tiny, or rather he saw him running away...from a baby Coal Armadillo. Apparently, it was looking for some food, indicative by its eyes' brightness level. It, obviously, went after Arthir...

He explored the mine shaft, or rather, he was about to. Running out was the blond ninja nicknamed by Arthir 'Tiny'. Following after him was a large ball of coal. That 'ball' was actually a curled up armadillo. Thanks to the help of a A random stranger Arthir lived to see another day.

The second location was somewhere in the middle of Thunder Grounds. There, he ran into a floating...necklace? No, it was actually a demon of sorts named 'Hurahn'. They were basically a skeleton made of lightning energy. Hurahn had no intention of letting Arthir go, honestly, but thanks to yet another stranger, he managed to get away. Again.

Arthir left for Sunagakure when his list of locations had been updated. The third location, originally being Sky Point of Kumogakure was...suddenly not anymore. He didn't question why, but decided to set off for Suna, the new location. However, as fate would have it, Arthir had ended up in Iwagakure. While in the middle of hashing a deal with a local of Iwa (most likely for a discount on the rent), he ran into some trouble near the Stone Bridge. Literally popping out of nowhere where was a blue bird covering in snow. During, Arthir learned of the authorities' actual name. The 'ANBU'.

Rank up:

D 0/1

C 0/2

Jutsu: (Originally 4 D, 1C - Link To Jutsu Reg)
1 D: Bunchberry

2C: Sundew, Oswald

Ninjutsu: S
Fuuinjutsu: C

Doton: S
Suiton: B
Mokuton: B

Threads (Need 6):
Link: Naw
Link: T-sturm
Link: da burd


[C] - [L] - [J]

Aaaand officially burned out.

Doton - S, Suiton - B, Morning Wood -B

-10% ryo cost (Jutsu library/Weapon catalogue items/non-custom weapon)
-10% WC jutsu training (-20% learning from)
-1 From Katon
-1 From Genjutsu
Cannot flee

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