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Outside the village hidden in the clouds, Maigo found himself near the border of the land of frost, in a small town that often attracted tourists and many others to the area. The springs of a nearby forest offered fresh and clean water often and the forest itself was large and expansive, enough to offer a sightly view for those who would go and seek it out. But for Maigo, the sound of springs meant a chance to relax, to end up on his own.

He'd lingered out to the town in the form he always had, black pants and his green sleeveless shirt and black sandals on, with two kunai holders attached to his thigh and a pouch around his waist. His katana was attached at his waist like it always was, black sheath clacked at his waist as he walked about. Finding himself walking past a variety of different people walking past him, a couple older women chatting together some young children running in the street, a businessman leaned against a building and conspicuously reading a newspaper.

Maigo had no aim or direction today, instead opting to find the springs for himself and relax a bit, knowing exactly where they were from his previous visits immediately after he arrived in the Land of Lightning. However, he was forgetting the circumstances of his last trips, forgetting about his own actions and how they'd come to symbolize a caricature of himself as the pervy young teenager getting into trouble. No, that image flew totally out of his mind since he'd been with Lin, and he'd curbed a good majority of his habits, at least seemingly.

Absent minded, Maigo strutted into the hot springs and looked around, appearing behind a few people and seeing a familiar face behind the counter. A large woman, who hadn't noticed him at first, but after the couple in front of him moved ahead, her eyes became daggers and pierced straight through him. It wasn't until Maigo glanced up that he realized the true err and the mistake that he made. With a worried glance and a bead of sweat Maigo froze in place and meekly raised a hand, "Oh, Hey... there, I uh..." he stammered out nervously but the woman cut him off. Her red hair was too small for her head, the sort of woman that you could find as a caricature. She shouted off, "Don't you talk to me you little pig!" Maigo laughed a bit, a sullen attempt to de-escalate the situation, he stepped back off to the side, bumping into a wooden chair at a table.

Reaching a hand back, Maigo placed some chakra within it and prepared a substitution, knowing that after what happened last time he might need it. She shouted on, "Why are you back here, do you think I'm fool enough to let you try more shenanigans like last time you little peeping tom?! The sheer audactiy-" her words ran on as Maigo toned out, he turned his head away for a moment back to the door to see that a few people had stopped to hear her yelling. It wasn't until Maigo turned back around and spoke up again that he realized what had happened, "Listen, I'm not-" his own words cut off as the women had leapt from behind the counter, moving incredibly quick for her size, and a single raised leg to bring down in an axe kick, it met Maigo directly on the head and forced him down.

Next came a crash, she was obviously skilled enough to use a form of taijutsu to shatter the earth, dust and splinters flew everywhere, from the wood of the floor that cracked beneath her kick and the chair that Maigo threw in place of himself. The wood shattered and his substitution spent, he jumped back and slid into the roadway, he sword dragged along the ground, he thought of unsheathing it, but for this? It was too much, the woman huffed as she stormed out of the shop, her face red with anger as Maigo had caused a scene and used one of her wooden chairs to save himself from a broken neck. "Listen lady, this is the second time you've tried to kill me!" he yelled out pointing at her, his face scrunched a bit, "I think you owe me an apology!"

She burned bright red now, "Apologize this!" she dashed forward leading with a fist, Maigo jumped up in the air and out of the way, she flew by him, almost gliding as she crashed into a stall and its contents falling out. Maigo's eyes flickered to life for a brief moment, this sort of fight in Taijutsu made his eyes perfect for the battle of this kind, anything with intricate movements, handsigns, the rest of the formalities of battle, all the way down to flowing chakra. He could see it all and read it in real time, it was hard to catch him off guard or by surprise.

"Alright lady, fine! Don't apologize, but don't expect me to ever come back here again!" Maigo huffed and jumped away to a rooftop, using his speed he would disappear off into the distance, the woman shouted some more insults and even a little profanity but Maigo was off in the wind, it would be impossible for someone like her to even keep up with him. But it wasn't like he was running impossibly quick, just quick enough to escape the viewpoint of the citizens, finding himself at the edge of town on a slanted roof, he lied down for a moment and ended with a heavy sigh.

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