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1 Test of Strength [Repeatable] on Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:38 am



Mission name: Test of Strength! [Repeatable]
Mission rank: D-A
Objective: Spar a fellow ninja of the same rank
Location: Anywhere

Genin Spar: 100 ryo to Winner, 70 ryo to Loser
Chuunin Spar: 220 ryo to Winner, 110 ryo to Loser
Spec Jounin Spar: 310 ryo to Winner, 230 ryo to Loser
Jounin Spar: 500 ryo to Winner, 320 ryo to Loser

Mission description: Ninja need to stay sharp. So go spar!
Mission details: Go find a ninja of your rank and ask them to spar!

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