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1 Henkei Clan on Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:51 pm

Alwen Sangotatsu



Clan Name: Henkei (変形)
Location: Sunagakure no Sato
Specialization: Bukijutsu / Kugutsu

Elements: N/A

Clan History:

What would one do if they considered the possibilities of a weapon, as more than just a weapon?

One such clan exists based entirely on that principle – the Henkei. Founded by Gozou Henkei, the Henkei clan was originally a wandering family of weapon specialists, who often fought using spears, polearms, and poleaxes, but for variety and safety, would often focus on other weapons as well. The nomadic people travelled far across the shinobi world, selling their services as mercenaries in exchange for money, food, and a place to stay. However, when the village first set foot in the village of Sunagakure no Sato, this way of life was changed forever.

Their first introduction to puppetry, Gozou Henkei was fascinated by the amount of tricks he could see ninja puppeteers use with their tools and weapons, the various forms of warfare and even defense being a foreign idea that he grew infatuated with. Inspired, Gozou immediately set to work, training in the art of puppetry, and creating his first puppet. Taking the information he had learned, Gozou began to work, using the knowledge of mechanisms and hidden contraptions, while forging them into the shape of a traditional weapon. It took him months to create his first piece, but when he’d finished, he felt a pride greater than even the samurai of the land of snow.

He challenged the previous family leader to a duel, declaring that he had created a weapon so unique, that the family leader couldn’t predict it. The clan leader accepted, and the two fought, sword on spear. The sword wielding clan leader closed the distance quickly, getting the spear out of the way of him and the user, and keeping out of reach of the spears tip, too close for it to reach. The family leader then pointed the blade of his sword at Gozou, stating that it was a disappointment. Gozou proved him wrong, subtly clicking a button on his spear to cause it to flail left and right, swaying by the use of a piston to smack the family leader in the head, Gozou retreating back while he was dazed.

The family leader surrendered, given that he had a concussion, and Gozou’s spear flicked up to reveal a flamethrower, something the family leader didn’t feel like getting on the receiving end of. Gozou took over the role of family leader, spreading his teachings of puppetry mechanisms to the family he now led, although his work was quickly surpassed by many who saw more practical, or useful methods than wild attacking, and wild use of such an uncontrollable element, however he is respected for turning the family into a clan proper. The Henkei joined the village of the sands shortly after, during the rule of Bandai Henkei, the second clan head, and the successor of Gozou, whom used his skills to make shields that could expand, retract, or rotate as he needed. Yet to this day, hundreds of years after the rebirth of the Henkei, they still prefer the use of polearm weaponry – there is something about fighting at a medium distance that just feels right to the mechanism addicted clan.

Gozou Henkei (Deceased, first clan head)
Bandai Henkei (Deceased, second clan head)

Kekkei Genkai Name: Art of the Puppet Blade (Ningyō ha no geijutsu - 人形刃の芸術)
Kekkei Genkai Description: Following the teachings of their founder as a clan, members of the Henkei clan have the ability to app for weapons that act as puppets in several aspects.
Kugutsu Buki:

  • The primary use of this ability, is called “Kugutsu Buki” (傀儡武器), literally “Puppet Weapon”. This allows the Henkei member to create weapons made using the techniques of puppet creators, a somewhat ironic technique, wherein the user turns the workings of a uniquely designed weapon, into the appearance of a traditional weapon, almost making it a reversal of roles and inspiration.
  • This is both a gift and a curse of a skill, as it allows the users to create malleable and sturdier weapons with many tricks, but, this creates a proud stubbornness in the Henkei, to the point that they will refuse to use any weapons that are not made by themselves. Still, this isn’t without reason. By adding modifications to their weapons, the Henkei may have multi-purpose weaponry, or just more durable weaponry.
  • When applying for a Puppet Blade, Henkei clan members use the puppet template, stating the puppet as a Henkei KKG in either the description, the name, or the primary use (this does not replace the contents of the appropriate area), and states what Bukijutsu subspec it requires next to this (e.g. Name: Example Sword (Henkei KKG/ Swordsmanship).
  • A puppet weapon may have the modifications of a puppet up to one ranks lower than the weapon, to a minimum of E rank. This means if someone made an A rank puppet weapon, it may have five modifications of up to B rank. The modifications must make sense, and a moderator may deny the modifications if they seem out of place, or unbalanced – this is a thematic ability, and not a means of getting unbreakable weaponry.
  • Furthermore, the weapon must take the shape of the weapon it is intended to be, and the mechanisms must have a method of activation, which can be anything from a button, to requiring kugutsu no jutsu.

Ningyō yoroi:

  • A secondary use is called “Ningyō yoroi” (人形鎧), literally “Puppet Armour”, allows the user to apply for armour that are made in the style of puppets.
  • These armours must always be heavy armour, and unlike normal heavy armour, the user may only wear one piece at a time (this means the user can either wear two pieces of normal heavy armour, or one piece of puppet armour.)
  • Puppet armour, like heavy armour, reduces the users speed by 1 tier, however also confers a -1 to reaction time while in use, as the modifications reduce flexibility and maneuverability. Unlike heavy armour, however, the user does not need a strength stat equal in rank to the armour to wear it, and because of this, cannot reduce the stat reductions by
  • As an armour, puppet armour counts as a light armour of equal rank to itself, however, its durability is that of a puppet.
  • The armour may have modifications equal to a puppet of two ranks lower than itself, to a minimum of E rank (one modification of equal rank), and when it describes “Modification of equal rank”, it refers to the rank of the puppet armour. For example, if person A has a puppet armour of A rank, they could have the modifications of a C rank puppet, which means four modifications of up to C rank. Moderators hold the right to deny modifications if they deem them illogical, as the armour is meant to be seen as a thematic creation, not a piece of invincibility. An example modification for armour could be something as simple as a storage compartment, to something as complex as a senbon launcher built into someone’s left pectoral.
  • The armour has to state how its user can activate the mechanisms, and cannot be moved with kugutsu no jutsu, for it was designed to be worn, not a floating piece of armour. Kugutsu no jutsu can however, be used to activate the mechanisms.

While wielding a Sojutsu weapon, clan members gain +1 tier to their endurance, as the set nature of the weapons and the clans history with the weaponry, allow for a naturally defensive stance. This counts towards the limit of +3 stat boosts.

Drawbacks: Due to the clan never delving into puppetry as a whole, clan members cannot make traditional puppets – if it isn’t a weapon or armour, the clan doesn’t know how to make it. This isn’t to say that the clan member cannot use traditional puppets, however if they wish to, the character must purchase a puppet in character from another player character.

The clan has a lot less focus on elements than other clans, and spends none of their time at the academy training up for the use of elements, for the art of puppet weaponry takes more time than can be devoted to split practices. For this reason, members of the clan begin with no elements. They may learn their first element at D rank for 1500 words, and their second element at C rank for 1500 words. Once learned, they follow the training of primary and secondary elements. If the clan member takes Hesitant Element, they do not learn a third or fourth element, and learn their first element at C rank, and second at A rank.

This is further emphasized in the rest of their training at the academy – both the primary and secondary specialization of the Henkei begin at C rank, the user only begins with the puppet strings technique and must learn the rest of their academy techniques like normal jutsu (they still take up the academy slot, however, not a regular jutsu slot).

As stated above, the clan member cannot wield weapons that are not puppet weapons, or utilized by a puppet weapon – the user may only get kunai, senbon, shuriken, and other projectiles after having a projectile launcher that can launch them, and because of this, only start with a forehead protector, not any of the starter weapons.

Members of the Henkei must take Bukijutsu (Sojutsu) and Kugutsu as their primary and secondary specs. If they take a Special Characteristic to get a second sub-spec at the start, it cannot be Kyujutsu, and in order to learn Kyujutsu, they must first learn every other main Subspec of Bukijutsu (Sojutsu/ Bojutsu/ Onojutsu/ Swordsmanship/ Kenjutsu)

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2 Re: Henkei Clan on Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:43 am



Hiya, thanks for waiting! If you have any questions about my modding, have at it, I'm new. <3

It’s weapons and armor with the durability of puppets and the ability to be modified as if a puppet of 2 or 3 ranks lower. It’s a more functionally sensible version of the Ushinatta, and I see nothing wrong with it.

The Puppet Armor’s tier drops need a bit of tweaking wording-wise. “Furthermore, unlike heavy armour, puppet armour does not reduce the users speed by one tier, and instead lowers the users speed by one tier, as well as lowering the users reaction time by one tier, for the tough materials used in the puppet armour is heavy, and inflexible.”

The +1 durability to their weapons/armor is the only real buff here, and even then it’s not too bad at all; the armor and weapon values don’t change, just their resistance to breakage.

The conditional +1 to Endurance, for reference, will count towards your passive +3 stat boost cap.

The drawbacks are fine by me.

Honestly, this clan is actually underpowered. I recommend bringing up the rank restrictions on your puppet mods, or lightening up on the drawbacks. As it is, very few people will choose this clan, because it hampers an entire spec (which most people avoid anyhow) to have its special type of item be limited to about B-rank at best.


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3 Re: Henkei Clan on Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:12 am




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