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1Kazekan Clan Empty Kazekan Clan on Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:05 pm

Kei Iriye

Kei Iriye

Symbol:Kazekan Clan Latest?cb=20111205214150

Kazekan Clan FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Kazekan Clan(Kaze-Kan 風管(Wind pipe))
Location: Sunagakure(Can start out as a Ronin, though still must begin in Sungakure)
Specialization: Genjutsu in primary or secondary.
Elements: Fūton as Primary, Nothing as secondary.

Kazekan Clan HhU72Pp
Clan History: The Kazekan Clan is a clan of Fūton specialists with tribal roots. This clan during the time in which it was a nomadic tribe within the Land of Wind wished to wield and control the dry, harsh winds of the desert, bending it to their wills in order to use as both weapons and instruments. During their travels, the tribe came across the method of which to do exactly that. After a child is born specially made needles are inserted into the bodies and limbs, avoiding the vital organs, of course. As they grow older, the tribe replaces those needles with slightly bigger ones, creating holes within their bodies which would heal over time, the specially made needles allowing for those holes to create similar sounds to that of a wind instrument, which members of the clan use to create rather devastating sound-based Genjutsu.

When members of the clan reach the age of nine years of age, they are given the gift to creatively express themselves through their holes, choosing which ones to make bigger and bigger and which ones to allow to shrink slightly, allowing for their bodies to create different tunes accustomed to them. A side effect to this, however, is that in order for the holes to stay clean and not have them clogged or anything of the sort, members of the tribe would generally keep themselves covered up outside of battle or celebration, preferring to wear long-sleeved clothing or even wraps, if they feel like being cheap imitations of a mummy. The clan has adopted this tribe's tradition continuously, even after they mostly stopped being nomadic and instead joined Sunagakure as means to further strengthen the village, allowing their members to either join the village or set out as Ronin when they reach the age of fourteen, as per the agreement for their joining the village as a whole.

Due to being a relatively young clan, and due to some of their young not surviving the process of becoming living wind instruments, the clan isn't relatively large, but only slightly less than normal-sized.
Members: N/A

Kazekan Clan Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Living Wind Instruments
Kekkei Genkai Description: Members of the clan have holes going through their bodies, which vary in size. These holes were designed so when wind blows through them, they create a musical sound. The bigger the hole, the lower the pitch, the small the hole, the louder the pitch. This allows them to utilize Fūton in order to create music with their own bodies, and as a result making them capable of creating creative techniques and jutsu with their own bodies, as well.

-Due to the holes in their bodies creating constant sound, sound-based Genjutsu used by them becomes harder to break, requiring the target to have a perception of two tiers higher than normal to break a sound-based technique, or to have one post in preparation time before using Kai to break the sound-based Genjutsu.

-Members of the clan receive free E-Rank body wrappings upon creation, which has no actual use outside of keeping their holes from getting foreign objects inserted into them.

-Because their holes utilize Fūton in order to create sound, members of the clan are allowed to create sound-based techniques of any kind in more than just Genjutsu without the need of an instrument.


-Because they compromised their body structure since birth, members of the clan must take the Frail SC without a counter-balance:

[b]Name:[/b] Frail
[b]Type:[/b] Negative
[b]Description:[/b] This individual is incredibly physically frail. They bruise easily, and their bones are more brittle than most. Where most individuals would suffer a simple fracture, an individual with frail will suffer a broken bone. Wounds they receive also bleed for longer without medical attention.

-Because all members of the clan specialize in Fūton, they neglected the other elements overall, making it so they can only start with Fūton as their primary element, and must train in order to take a secondary.

-Because they're specialists with Fūton and because they do not have a secondary element, they cannot take either of the primarily/secondarily weak custom SCs and must take the Hesitant(Element) SC without a counter balance:

[b]Name:[/b] Hesitant (Element)
[b]Type:[/b] Negative
[b]Description:[/b] This person has a comfort zone that he/she doesn't like to venture out of. Learning a new field of techniques can be scary, and this ninja puts it off, or ignores it entirely. This individual cannot have a fourth element, and can only learn their tertiary element at Jounin rank. (this is a clan drawback and cannot be counterbalanced.)

-Due to their bodies tending to automatically have wind flow through them and due to their devotion to Fūton as a whole, Katon is seen as a rather dangerous element to practice in, requiring members of the clan to suffer a 10% increase in wc for training and learning Katon and Katon-based techniques, as they must spend extra time mastering it so the flames do not accidentally burn them as well when they use them.

-Because their bodies automatically create noise due to the wind, members of the clan cannot use any sort of stealth-based technique.

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2Kazekan Clan Empty Re: Kazekan Clan on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:13 pm




  • Given the level of body modification and body maintenance, it would seem that this clan should have medical as a specialization

  • One full rank higher perception seems a bit much. Reduce to 2 tiers for balance purposes.

  • Drawbacks seem ok however clarify that they donít start with a second element (in the hesitant element point you wrote)


Kazekan Clan 180?cb=20090302210514

Info: [Bōei] | [Nara] | [Jutsu] | [Armory] | [Stats] | [Theme]
Missions: [D: 3] | [C: 3] †| [B: 0] | [A: 0] | [S: 0] | [SS: 0]
Elements: [Doton - 土遁] (B Rank)
Stats: [STR: C-0] | [SPD: C-1] | [END: C-0] | [PER: C-0] | [REA: C-2]
Specializations: [Taijutsu - 体術 - Speed / Striking / †Wing Chun] (S Rank) | †[Ninjutsu - 忍術] (A Rank)

3Kazekan Clan Empty Re: Kazekan Clan on Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:55 pm

Kei Iriye

Kei Iriye

Edited, though I'd like to disagree with you. One doesn't need medical as a specialization in order to perform body modification. In fact, this clan was both based on real life situations where people have pierced parts of their bodies since birth so they can increase the size of the holes and on people that have done other such things, such as using rings to increase the lengths of their necks, and those people were generally tribal, with no sophisticated medical experience. The inspiration primarily came from a man in Hunter x Hunter whom of which didn't have any sort of medical specialization as well. In fact, he came from a tribe of warriors. The body modification came from a young age and the maintenance is more common sense than anything else, meaning that generally someone else had to do the piercing, which in turn means that it wouldn't make much sense for the user to have medical as their specialization unless they're the one doing then piercing for other tribe members. The modification of the holes can essentially be chocked up to a similar thing people do with gauges, where they increase and decrease the size of the gauge in order to adjust their ear-holes, and those same people generally don't have any real medical experience.

I also already stated there is nothing in the second element up above in the elements area, not to mention I already stated it in the drawbacks as well.

"-Because all members of the clan specialize in Fūton, they neglected the other elements overall, making it so they can only start with Fūton as their primary element, and must train in order to take a secondary."

4Kazekan Clan Empty Re: Kazekan Clan on Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:42 pm




Your body modification is A-OK; if you were trained medics, you wouldn't have Frail.

All I need on your boost for Genjutsu is a statement that the victim must still be in the effective trigger range for the sound-based Genjutsu. (I'm pretty sure that was a given, but best to write it out to be sure.)

I need clarification on your drawback; you don't say you can have a secondary element, why do you need Hesitant (Element)? I'm only assuming here; if you can't have a secondary, how can you have a tertiary? It may be easier to say 'can only have a primary element and may not learn any others'.

Thanks for your patience!


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