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1 A Test of Will [Open, Training, No Kill] on Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:34 am



Iwagakure. Not just a land of stone, but the land of stone. Kiana had recently gotten her body and her chakra control to the point where felt as though she felt she was on par with some of the weaker Genin. This due to the  fact that girl had no formal training in her life what so ever, she felt was an achievement. So Kiana had ventured her way to the land of stone and more particularly near the village hidden in the stone. Even though the girl despised Shinobi. She was going to have to put that aside until a much much later date. For now she ventured to the infamous fissure training grounds. She wanted to come here for two reasons. The first was very simply, and why many other shinobi would also venture to the grounds themselves. And that very reason was to train. To achieve her goals in life, Kiana needed to strengthen her body to points that rivaled some of the more powerful shinobi if she intended to satisfy her revenge, and she was no where near where she needed to be. She had a long time of training ahead of her before she would even get close to that level of chakra control and expertise. But still, she was determined to get there eventually. Even if it meant for now that she would need to quell her desires for revenge and work with these shinobi so that she may live and gain information.

However this wasn't the only reason that Kiana went to the fissure training grounds. There was another reason. She wanted to really see how she compared to the ninja that would arrive and train here. She felt as those she had developed to the point where she was nearly as strong as some of the weaker Genin, but she couldn't say that with absolute certainty, and so the second part of her goals at this training ground where to scout out and analyse the abilities of the people that showed up. If she really wanted to know how she'd compare she'd need to get their rank to make sure that they weren't far beyond her own expectations for where she wanted to be. Say for instance she was attempting to compare herself with someone that seemed to be young enough for the age range she was attempting to compare herself too, and it turned out they were of jounin level. She would look vastly weaker than that Jounin, but at this point she expected herself to be and it wasn't anything to get hard on herself for. But if she thought that Jounin was a Genin, than she would feel discourages because of the vast difference in power.

Now how she intended to get this information in regards to rank was going to be a bit interesting. She'd either have to listen for their rank, or she might have to strike up a conversation. However the latter of the two options was certainly more risky than that of the former as she may be considered to be suspicious and then she may get in trouble with the village of Iwagakure, and getting on their radar wasn't something that sounded terribly appealing to her at this very moment. So she would have to do her best to avoid that. Although that applied for generally either option. And if she was being honest with herself she should probably just focus on her own training instead of how well she compared with others. because outside of general skills for that individual there wasn't much she'd gain out of it. Although if she could get the opportunity to spar with one, that may work out well for her intentions as she'd get a very real gauge of their power, as well as get some real training, and combat practice in. Something she desperately needed. But she couldn't really see that happening, unless she struck up a conversation with one of the tenants of the fissure training grounds, and the conversation headed that direction. Though with her off putting aura, she doubted that would happen.

With this all in mind, the girl entered one of the many training sites at the fissure training grounds. There was a small waterfall that feel off of a decently medium sized cliff face. Not anything a standard shinobi couldn't jump off of without injuring themselves terribly. This waterfall then lead into a small river that went through the center of the grounds, and into one of the large fissures. This fissure appeared to have a hill to get back up to the grounds in case one fell in, and there seemed to be a bit more training dummies and things of the like at the bottom of said fissure. Along with the few training dummies scattered about, and a trashcan near the gate to the entrance of this grounds, there really wasn't much else. A few wooden weapons people could use to practice, as well as weights and poles people could use to further supplement their training. Much to Kiana's surprise however, there wasn't anyone at all in the training grounds. This may be due to the fact that it was still relatively early in the morning. The sun was still coming over the horizon the smell of morning dew filled the air, along with the sounds of birds chirping. A few clangs and sounds could be heard coming from the other grounds, but not very many, and they weren't very loud, so Kiana assumed that her assumption about it still being too early in the morning for people to have shown up was correct. Either way, the girl set down her bag at the base of the cliff near a bush a decent ways away from the gate. It was in the open so she could keep an eye on her things. To further supplement this, she took off her bright red scarf, and tied it to the bag. She then removed her kunai and shuriken pouches from her legs, and placed them within her bag. After doing this, and leaving only her bright red hair, and pitch black bodysuit on her person, the girl set off to work. She walked over to near the wooden weapon stand and grabbed herself a rather thick pole. One that could easily support her weight, and began to move towards the open fissure.

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