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   Clan Name: Yomotsu (黄泉 - Yellow Springs)
   Location: Sunagakure
   Specialization: Bukijutsu (Kenjutsu or Swordsmanship) Must be Primary
   Elements: N/A

   Clan History:

Long ago, during the first battles of the ninja, there was a small group of nomads who wandered the Kaze no Kuni. Though they lacked a named and common ancestry, they were relatively famous within the desert for their barbaric customs and atrocious acts. They strived off of warfare and conflict, slaying all who they pleased and greatly enjoying the glory that battle brought them. No man or woman were safe from them while children were generally brought into their ranks. Despite their violent nature, these people greatly worshiped the great Bishamonten, god of battle and dignity. They prayed and called upon the deity extensively for strength and power for every battle they entered. They cheered his name after every successful massacre. They brandished their blades in honor of the mighty Bishamonten.

Despite their intense veneration for the heavenly being, the god constantly grew more and more disgusted with them. They fought not for justice or for the innocent, but for the rush battle and feeling of victory. They slaughtered all those who angered them and have left entire villages in shambles, just because they felt like it. It wasn't long until the god had enough and appeared to the band of vile barbarians. He told them of how he was disappointed in them and that their actions must be stopped. Bishamonten would then tell them how he would grant them strength should they go onto the right path and fight for honor and justice. The group, however, demanded that they'd gain his blessing first.

Angered by such disrespect, Bishamonten cursed them.  Their mouths were filled with razor-sharp teeth while their ears pointed out at the top. Their eyes seemed to be filled with fire as their pupils became akin to those of a cat. Finally, their skeletal structure was altered and configured. Blades made their bone and the metal in their blood ejected out of their forearms, their lengths varying from person to person. Bishamonten had transformed them into their vicious lust of blood. Violence and death personified. At first they were distraught about this and were unsure of what to first. One of them, a man named Hoshoku, saw this not as a curse. Rather, he saw it as an opportunity.

"Look at us!" He would say to his afflicted brethren. "We are built for war and combat. We no longer need swords or blades. Men will tremble upon how fearsome visage. We are now built to conquer all!"

Naming Hoshoku as their leader, these demi-humans laid waste to their enemies with ease. Those who couldn't fight and surrendered were subjugated and sent to work. Within decades the fiends began to dig caverns under the desert to escape the heat of the sun. In doing so they found several sources of ground water. Thus, they decided to set their headquarters there. As time went on, they began to produce more and more children, making them all related to some extent. A clan. Because of this and rumors of their caverns and water, they were dubbed the Yomotsu. They readily accepted the name and began to prosper. Over the course of centuries more and more caverns were dug and more sources of water were found.

They readily ignored the creation of Sunagakure and, within its early years, constantly raided it. It wasn't until the passing of the third Kazekage that a treaty was made. The Yomotsu would stop their attacks and act like a civilized clan, opening their doors so that they can studied and documented. In return, the shinobi would cease conflict against them and leave them alone. Because of this, the clan came into the public eye.

The Yomotsu heavily followed a "Survival of the Strongest" ideology. The leader of the clan was and still is the only member who can marry. His wives also must carry the curse with them as well, to guarentee that a "Pure" Yomotsu is born. The clan leader is then either challenged by one of their children or someone else of the clan. A duel is made and the winner becomes the new leader. Though while not being allowed to marry, members tend to go and develop relationships with outsiders. Some even bare children, though only those will the curse are accepted as Yomotsu by the clan. They tend not to officially marry, however, as to not avoid the scorn of the clan. Female Yomotsu are also the only ones able to pass down the curse, interestingly.

It wasn't until the latest century that the Yomotsu officially join Sunagakure. They officially signed off 75% of all their ground water sources to Sunagakure. However, the clan compound is still underground along with the majority of the members. They are experts on surviving in the desert, yet are still hesitant when it comes to society.


  • Yomotsu, Hoshoku (First Clan Leader/Deceased)

  • Yomotsu, Eijin (Sixth Clan Leader/Hated historically for having destroyed numerous small villages/Deceased)

  • Yomotsu, Chi (Thirteenth Clan Leader/First Female Leader/Deceased)

  • Yomotsu, Mei (Sixteenth Clan Leader/Signed the Peace Treaty between the clan and Sunagakure/Deceased)

  • Yomotsu, Boko (Nineteenth Clan Leader/Current/NPC)

Kekkei Genkai Name: Folly of Bishamonten (毘沙門天の愚行 -  Bishamonten no Gukō)
Kekkei Genkai Description: Members of the Yomotsu are afflicted with Bishamonten's ancient curse. All members are born with sharp teeth that do one rank less in damage to their rank (A genin's teeth does E-Rank damage and so on). They all have pointed elfish ears and arm-blades. These arm-blades are usually kept inside of their forearms under an almost unnoticeable flap of skin. These blades then eject from the middle of the forearm outward and can be used as weapons and with bukijutsu. The eject speed of the blades depend on the user's rank. D-Rank has a speed of 1 meter per second, C-Rank has 2 meters per second, B-Rank has 3 meters per second, A-Rank has 4 meters per second, and S-Rank has 5 meters per second. These blades measure two feet initially, growing one foot in length per character rank up (maxing at four feet at Spec.Jonin/B-Rank).

The damage done by the blades are equal to the damage done by weapons of the same rank. So a Chunin's arm-blades with do 1.5-inch cuts and piercing (C-Rank weapon damage). The durability is also equal to the durability of a weapon of the same rank (one C-Rank jutsu will damage a Chunin's arm-blades, etc).

Though not really part of the Kekkei Genkai per say, the Yomotsu are almost entirely secular due to their past relationship with Bishamonten. Their clan compound is far west of Sunagakure, with caves marked with their symbol leading underground to it.
Drawbacks: Because of the violent and combat-oriented way of life, Yomotsu aren't exactly the calmest. They must take the Short-Fuse characteristic without a balance. As previously stated, their arm-blades can be broken. Once broken, it must be reattached via a Medic of equal or higher rank with a 1000 word count each time. The Medic may be a NPC, but the person must pay 500 ryo if so (cost increasing by 100 ryo for each rank above D). Finally, as the clan's Kekkei Genkai is passive, they receive a -20 to their overall Chakra Pool.

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