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1 Day One [Training] on Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:25 pm



It was a warm summer morning as the sun began to rise, and the cardinal birds continued to chirp.  Logan’s alarm clock blasted off at 7 AM, playing his least favorite melody ever to exist to him.  He clicked the clock off and sat up, putting his two feet on the cold hardwood floor.  Getting up is always the hardest part of the day, and it is motivating that Logan had the endurance to get up so early in the morning.

After raising up out of his bed, he went over to the bathroom to take his daily morning leak.  On his way to the bathroom, he noticed a cockroach in the corner of his bedroom floor.  Having an absolute disgust of cockroaches, Logan creepily walked over to the area that the cockroach resided.  Searching around his room, he began to look for an object that he could use to kill the cockroach.  Noticing slight movements out of the corner of his eye, the cockroach began to move and Logan had no choice but to kill it with his bare hands.  “Yuck”, he exclaimed, wiping the dead guts off his hand.

As he went back to the bathroom, Logan knocked into a side table on his way there, as the lamp residing on the top of the table began to wiggle around.  “Woah”, Logan said out loud as he reacted to the attempted fall, catching the lamp before it fell and resetting it back out on to the table.  That was a close one, he thought to himself as he began to take his morning leak, as well as getting his toothbrush and toothpaste ready.  
After getting himself ready for the morning, Logan left his house containing a mindset in which today was a dedication to pure training.  Thinking about training all day, he thought about his overall athleticism and decided to jog to the training grounds today.  

As he thought about all his potential future success, Logan gave a small corner smile and began jogging his way.  He focused on the inflammation occurring in his leg muscles, enjoying the pain immensely.  As much as Logan loves to workout, his least favorite workout in the world is jogging.  Running to him is such a bore, there’s no excitement occurring, no action happening – just the same foot to floor action that gets extremely repetitive.  Usually when he runs, that is the time that he spends focusing on his most recent ninjutsu trainings.  Logan is a strong believer in the fact that ninjutsu is what wins’ wars and determines a power level.   He also believes that there are “secrets” to Ninjutsu to where almost unfathomable things are possible.  Regardless of the extensive thinking, running is still such a bore to Logan.

Continuing his way down the Iwagakure trail, he thought about his previous training and what that had done for him.  Does he need to focus on being able to endure longer distances or does he have to worry about his speed?  In the past, Logan had always gone through a serious of enduring events for his size, such as muscling on pounds of cinderblocks, and doing his fair share with the ankle weights.  He personally decided that he was going to focus on getting faster, as he looked straight ahead of him and began to sprint.
Continuing down the trail, Logan could almost feel the presence of the training field.  This is something that he’s been nonstop dedicated to ever since he enrolled into the academy.  In the distance, he could see the field, shining as bright as the nearest star.  

When he reached the gates of the field, he stopped before he entered.  He made a small tug towards both of his arm muscles, noticing how he hadn’t stretched them or anything.  It was not fair to get your leg muscles warmed up but not your arms.  Logan grunted and fell straightforward into the ground, landing in push up position.  He immediately began to knock out push-ups, only doing 40.  39… 40, he thought to himself, as his final push-up propelled him back up to his feet.  Phew, Logan thought, as he made his stride towards the inside of the training grounds.

Once he got inside the gates, he took a long analyzation towards everything around him.  Logan noticed all the fissures in the ground, gaining a growing curiosity to why they were there.  But this was not the time to focus on that, it was time to train.  He noticed big standing stones to the right side of him, and decided to test his range.  He pulled an old rusted kunai out of the ground, arching his arm back preparing to throw.  Analyzing the rock, he noticed that there was already a pre-made target on the rock, most likely crafted by a previous trainee.  Finally taking an understanding to the weird target, he decided to attempt to hit the 80-point mark, located in the left corner area, a relatively difficult spot to hit.  Logan threw the kunai, missing the mark by a laughable amount.  The kunai clanked against the rock, falling to the ground, as Logan watched - giving a loud sigh.  Walking back over to the kunai, he picked it up again, walking back to the area that he had first began.  

The young shinobi then closed his eyes, reimagining every movement he made during his first attempt.  Paying special attention to his arm arch, body position, and flick of the wrist, Logan made perfect note of every action he had previously performed.  He then tried again, adjusting first his body position into an archer-like form, arching his arm back higher, and having a more straightforward throw.  He threw the kunai to the rock once more, this time hitting the outer rim of the target – not in the dead center, but still hitting the target.  Logan watched as he hit the rock, giving a slight smirk towards the gift of progression.  He began to walk back to the kunai, once again going through the same process the first time he attempted.  Logan thought more about body position and the hand motion with the kunai throw, taking less care into his arm arch.  

He picked up the kunai, having a new way to try to hit the target.  Walking back to throwing range, Logan was going to do something a little different this time.  He walked past throwing range, about 5 meters further.  Turning back around to face the target, Logan got in his throwing position.  He titled his torso towards the right, keeping his legs in place this time.  He arched his arm back, not paying close attention to it, with his hand ready to throw the kunai.  This time when he threw the kunai, he threw it from across his chest, rather than over the shoulder, hitting the outer dot close to his dead center target.  It was almost a perfect throw, and anyone could see the amazing glow on Logan’s face after he had performed that.  He figured out an efficient way to throw, minimizing on energy and time used, while maximizing on power and range.  

Range is something that is important to the Kyudoka clan, as they specialize in long range combat.  Anyone who cannot do something as simple as throwing a kunai at a target had no place belonging to the shinobi world.  Logan understood this, successfully earning a junior spot to his clan.  He looked to his left, noticing three separate training dummies constructed out of hay and sticks.  They were like the ones that he practiced on during his time in the academy, Logan noticed as he began to make his way towards the dummies.  One thing that Logan made sure to learn during his time in the Academy was one of his clan’s most simple Kekkai Genkai.  Not the Takamegan itself, but the Art of the Kyudoka.  The Kyudoka are a prestigious archery kind, therefore having many archeries based abilities.  Logan has always taken pride to his clan, and wished to learn of their abilities.  He wanted to practice a little of his Bukijutsu with the bow.  

He closed his eyes, focusing on the mold of chakra he was about to make.  He closed his hands together, then performing the correct hand seals.  After the hand seals, he closed his palms together once more, “Art of the Kyudoka”, Logan said, as he separated his hand apart slowly, creating a bow of the Kyudoka with six arrows attached through the centerpiece.  He smirked, as he was proud he could create such a magnificent weapon, as he drew his bow and aimed towards the dummy.  Logan had been practicing the art of bow and arrow ever since he was a small child, and was already very proficient in the art.  

He aimed towards the dummy, shooting two arrows in rapid succession.  One of the arrows was aiming down towards the head, while the either aiming towards the crotch, both hitting their directed targets.  Logan knew exactly where the arrows were going to land, and that made him upset as he wanted to train he skill.  Without previous looking, Logan quickly turned around drawing an arrow in his bow, aiming towards that rock he was throwing the kunai at before.  The rock was around ~30 meters away from his current location, Logan being forced to extend his reach.  Aiming down the sights of the bow, he released the string, forcing the arrow to emit a sound of light whispers as it charged towards the rock.  The arrow hit the exact location of where he had previously hit the kunai.  Logan smiled, knowing that his bow and arrow skills are getting better and better, as 25 meters was the furthest he had gone previously.  

It seems Logan’s athleticism is working out for the better and boosts his motivation to get more fit.  Looking back towards the dummies, he charged towards the wooden sticks with his two hands on his bow, holding it as one would a sword.  Logan began to strike the wooden sticks with a sense of ferocity, predicting where he would strike next every second that passes.  Logan did not just want to be a normal Kyudoka and stick to specializing in long range encounters.  He was tired of feeling useless at close range as all Kyudoka clan members have a hefty deficiency towards all things related to taijutsu.  Logan is a strong believer in multiple arts of Bukijutsu, including swords, poles, chain whips, etc.  If you’re forced to have a taijutsu deficiency, go with the next best thing and wield a weapon to defend yourself against taijutsu.  It’s brilliant, and it’s one thing that Logan wants to truly focus on if he ever faces an opponent with a dangerous close range skill set.  

After he was done pin pointing his strikes, he stepped back a step and immediately rushed towards it at a different angle, beginning to do the first step over again.  The young shinobi was hoping to get a feeling of every situation he may encounter in the future, regardless of the angle.  If he did the same thing repeatedly, he would gain no variety and therefore have no sense of actual combat tactics.  His father, although paralyzed, has taught young Logan many different forms of being a shinobi and how to be ready.  Luckily for Logan, his father used to be one of the highest ranked Jounin in all of Iwagakure, and is therefore able to learn all the nitty gritty secrets.  One of the most important lessons was the lesson of practicality, and most lessons from Father Tyro is something he will remember for the entirety of his life time.  Once he finished hitting the dummy from the second angle, Logan ran up the object, doing a backflip using the opponent’s torso, rapidly firing his remaining four arrows.  

Unfortunately, because Logan attempted to do something flashy, he only connected two out of the four arrows.  Two arrows barely connected to the dummy, while the other two arrows were stuck in to the ground.  Logan let out a brief laugh after he landed and had seen what a horrible job he had done.  Although young, the young shinobi is not too serious enough to where he cannot have a little fun.  He is a hard worker, and all hard workers need to let go of a little stress every once and a while.  Logan wrapped the bow across his back, having the string lean across his chest.  He looked towards the ground, and started walking around the training fields, looking for a big enough fissure in the ground to where he could practice some moderately dangerous training practices.  

Searching the field for minutes, Logan’s luck turned up empty.  He could not believe there was not a single fissure big enough for him to fall and get back up.  To Logan, it is very important to experience a few near-death experiences so that when one does occur, you are mentally prepared to handle what life hands you. Although banned by both of his parents, this is a training method that Logan chooses to do for his own good.  He looked towards the entrance of the front gate, thinking about heading home after a training day workout.  He took off his bow from across his chest and set it down on the floor flat, taking a gaze at the famous Kyudoka clan symbol engraved on the center holster of the bow.  It was a beautiful bow that he could create instantly at any time under the right circumstances, and he has the Kyudoka clan to thank for it.  He sighed and began to make his way out, leaving the bow on the ground knowing that it would evaporate away in just a matter of time. Logan looked forward the entire time on his way back home, not even taking a single glance back behind him.

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