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A small boy was excited as his heart began racing as he put on his soft socks and his dark blue going out shoes. He took some time to get a dark blue shorts to match his shoes which had white triple stripes down each side. He tied the string at the waste then put on a really plain white t-shirt with a sakura petals pattern on it. He really liked flowers sometimes and was hoping she would like it too, he had not made many new friends ever since coming out of hospital from his surgery. He did not even tell her his name and she still accepted him for who he was without wanting to know everything about him. He did not really remember how it happened, but she ended up to agreeing to going out to eat with him. He liked her and it felt good to have friends is what he thought, but a part of him thought she might leave like all the others who left before.

He finally found the place where they were suppose to meet up as he sat by the fountain in the middle of one of the village gardens. It was a peaceful place with some really nice trees here and there as he waited for her patiently. Swaying his feet back and forth with right foot first then left as he kept waiting patiently, he had no sense of time and was actually there early which he felt was best since it was better to be early then late or better late then never as he began to think about that for a moment. He really hoped they would have fun and eat out something great like burgers and maybe a sandwich special. The place had desserts too so that was always good for him, he was not sure if girls liked them too. He also wanted to go to the flower shop some time as well to get some flowers, but he thought he would ask her about that later as he waited as the time began to pass as the wind blew through his hair peacefully.

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Lin had promised Elin, a chuunin in kumogakure, that she would see him today. Their previous meeting has beenasshort, abrupt, and she had has not really learned a thing about him since then. She had met him and he had bandages on his face, she had not gotten the chance to heal him and hoped that he would at least do her the courtesy of asking if she could help him.

It wasn't every day that she did healing on actual ninjas and their sounds seemed more severe than those of the farmers and common folk that she was used to treating.

Lin was dressed in a blue plaid skirt with black leggings underneath. Her sneakers squeaked against the pavement as she wound her way through the garden from her house. She had left her hair down, opting to cover her scar with it. She wore a title neck that covered the other part of her scar, with a jacket best that matched the skirt. The turtle neck was a blue, the same blue as the stripes in the plaid.

Lin saw the young chuunin and raised her hand in greeting. He was swinging his legs and apparently enjoying the weather. She didn't know why they were meeting but they were going to do something of a meet and greet. She smiled as she approached.

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