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Mission details.:
Mission name: Books, Books everywhere!
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Work in the Iwagakure library, donít get any of the books damaged.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Librarian wanted for short-term position in the Iwagakure library. Please come to the Iwagakure library ASAP, help needed for shelving position.
Mission details: Minimum of 600 words, donít damage any of the books or you wonít get paid

She would carefully scoot down trying to slowly withdraw her arms without waking any of the others as they had like most other nights all congregated to sleep. Her head would tilt back a touch in her movement watching as she slowly brought her hands to her sides biting down on the soft pale pink flesh of her bottom lip dis-colouring it in the process before slowly raising into a crouch pausing to make sure she hadn't disturbed anyone before standing fully as she slipped into her clean clothes. She would tighten off her bandages strapping her chest down tightly before bending at the hips to tighten off the straps around her baggy black trousers. As she ran over the details of the mission she had been given. ' right assisting at the library, moving shelves and re shelving the books.. Hopefully I'll find a book whilst I'm at it... maybe even find a medical book.. ' She would shake her head snapping herself out of her slipping trail of thought before standing and tiptoeing down the hallway carefully clothing the doors on her way before reaching the front door. Her hands would trail along her somewhat masculine seeming frame checking all of her tools were in their rightful place before pausing only to draw †her hands up slipping the cloth of her Iwagakure headband under her hair at an angle just enough to draw the hair from her right eye allowing the striking yellow of her hue to come into view. A smile would crawl along her lips as she tied the headband into place making sure that †the hidden stone symbol could be seen atop her hair tilted at an angle on the side of her head as the cloth were hidden, its knot resting just below and behind her left ear. She would glance in the mirror to make sure the headband could be seen before slipping into her boots and quickly out of the front door closing it quietly behind herself. †

She would dip her hands into the deep pockets of her trousers allowing her fingers to fiddle with the threads inside of them as she strolled down along the living quarters making her way slowly towards the library knowing she would be quite early, not wanting to be late. She would crouch down beside the library doors as she waited for the worker to come and open up. She would reach into her pouch withdrawing her scroll slowly rolling it between her thumb and fingers before pressing it into her palm as she saw an individual approach fiddling with his keys. The lad were younger than she had expected hitting an average height with a rather thin frame wearing a somewhat stressed expression. She would wait whilst he unlocked the building before clearing her throat finding he hadn't actually noticed her form as she stood to her full height speaking without a hitch and right to the point "I have been sent to assist with the rearrangements and refiling of books." He would jump back clearly having been startled as his hand shifted to grip at his chest †looking her up and down "Dear gods donít ever do that to me again" If she weren't so shocked by his reaction she would have had a hard time hiding a chuckle. He would reach out still eyeing her "Show me the scroll then." It would take her a moment before nodding as a smile crawled along her lips handing him the scroll. He would read over the mission before nodding as he spoke "I were under the impression they were sending a young female, you'll do much better youíve got a bit of height to you." He would look back to Taeru allowing an odd smile to crawl along his lips as he lent in draping his arm around her broad shoulders "Right last night I removed all of the books so we can start by moving the shelves then we can replace the books. The quicker were done the quicker the library can reopen and the quicker you will be released." His voice had taken a somewhat more cheerful almost creepy tone as he led her into the dark library handing her the scroll back once more. Her brow would arch as he fumbled around before flicking the light on to reveal the room and its contents. †

She would follow the lads instruction slipping into a plane black apron to match his before pressing her frame against the end of a bookcase, it were heavy yet luckily on wheels making the movements a little easier. She would grasp the end of the bookcase before reaching with her other hand to grasp at a shelf keeping it steady as she slowly stepped shifting the bookcase into the area the lad pointed out before steeping and repeating the movements again and again until all of the book cases were in their new positions. She would lean down placing her hands against her thighs close to her knees catching her breath as he spoke "Well thatís the easy part out of the way.." She would raise a brow 'the easy part.. Easy for you to say you wasnít the one shifting the bookcases alone.' "Right now for the hard stuff, we will be placing all of the books back and in order. Once the receptionist gets in I'm sure she will help too." He would push over a trolley cart filled with books before indicating to the third book case before patting a sheet down atop the piles of books. "Theres a step ladder over there make sure to put the books in the order depicted on the sheet." With that she would nod grasping the trolley before dragging it over to the indicated bookcase. †She would look down the list finding a books name that immidiatly caught her eye. A smile would crawl along her lips as she lifted the first few book from the trolley before stepping up the ladder balancing the books in her right arm as she place the books back carefully and neatly waiting until she found the book she had been waiting for. She would flip to open slowly reading through it as she continued placing the books in there rightful places along the shelves. Multitasking were something that seemed to come naturally to her as she attempted to soak up as much information from the book she held. She would eventually reach the last book to place into the bookcase along the with last few pages of the book she were reading finding herself sat on the ground. The time had passed quicker than expected. She would finish the book before placing both of them into their rightful places only to step over assisting with the receptionists bookcase. The receptionist had entered without a sound even in her elderly age. Taeru would flash a soft smile her way taking to holding the books for the woman as she placed them away with an elegant care. Once the woman were finished the young lad would repair wearing a grin "Right now all that is done we can relax." She elderly women would shake her head turning to face Taeru "Thank you, young lady, your assistance has been appreciated. I will sign your scroll." A look of confusion would crease along the lad brow as Taeru lent into a soft bow as she handed over the scroll. Once the scroll were signed she would place it back into her pouch before leaving into the warmth of the mid-day sun heading back to the missions depo.

(Total word count:1272)
( Mission: 600/600 - Extra word count:672)

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