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1 White Edge Red Lightning(B-rank Mission) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:02 pm



B-Rank Mission Red Lightning:
Mission name: Red lightning
Mission rank: B-rank
Objective: Kill the single invader.
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: There is a man how has some how made it past the gates of the village and is attacking shops and villagers as he is going around. He hasn't been deemed worthy enough of a threat for a full scale defense squad, but you should be wary of him. you're job is to kill him, and show no mercy in doing so.
Mission details: This person will be running through the village attacking citizens and blowing up shops and what not. they will accept a challenge if you challenge them to the fight, however they will not pull punches in case people get in the way, which is what makes this mission excessively challenging. You are to kill them to complete the mission.

The mission board seemed to be bustling as a mission request was rushed in, he took a look at the mission and it said that some crazy invader had broken through the gates and began blasting lightning at buildings and killing people. He then proceeded to the location in search of his target, as he went through to the scene of the crime, he noticed one of the shinobi guards were sleeping and the other one was stabbed in the neck with a kunai while reading manga.

What had happened to there being competent guardians of the city, and even while reading manga for him not to have even been able to put up a fight while being a chuunin was sad. Bigger question was why the other guard was still fast asleep as he tied the guard up and placed a note to inform the clean up crew that this guy was a traitor to his post and should be imprisoned or killed. He was not the judge or the kage of the village and the sight of the dead guard had made him feel a little bit sick in the stomach.

He followed the path before him as he realised just how much damage had occurred, shops were burning and women were crying. Mean with their arms blown off and legs scattered here and there. A small teddy bear hanging on the side of a bed lying in the middle of the street as he began to wonder why someone would ever do such a horrible deed in the first place and for what purpose.

Words 267/1500

2 Re: White Edge Red Lightning(B-rank Mission) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:11 pm



The beat of his heart falls still as he witnesses the horrors of this man as he picks up with a soft pitter patter to a louder bitter batter as his steps go from soft slow to flamingly fast as he chases down his target. He had to find this man, but he also had to help keep the others safe as he had hoped this man would be someone he could handle at his current strength. He kept dashing as he finally seemed to be getting closer to his target as he tripped and fell face first towards the dirt beneath him as he regained his composure he placed his right hand down firmly pressing down the palm of his hand as he used it to pivot, spinning as he did a side hand spring before coming to a sliding stop. Right before his eyes he was hoping it would not be so, but the man held the man by the neck as he spoke really strange words.

"You were tough, but if you really wanted to challenge me you should have brought a team. These guys are all underestimating me, no worthy opponents anywhere I might as well kill those little girls over there", as the man struggled and as the small boy with a mission knew he had to stop this man it was already too late. The sound of the man's neck breaking as he tossed the man aside, he knew he was no match if it became a battle of strength and while he was thinking about that the man grinned as he walked towards the two scared little girls.

He ran towards the man as if he was some helpless child as the man scoffed at the child only to notice at the last second a small kunai slashing towards his throat as it barely missed striking the side of the mans cheek as he realised he missed his chance. The man glared at grinned at the same time as the man cried out while laughing as the small boy ran as fast as he could, the man gave chase and so their game of tag began.

Words 267 + 363 = 630/1500

3 Re: White Edge Red Lightning(B-rank Mission) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:32 pm



The man gave chase as the small boy realised the man was gaining on him, the man then started playing around as the small boy looked behind him small streams of red lightning shot towards him as he side stepped the first, then the second and upon realising that the second one created a light explosion near where he was standing. He was slightly in the air which meant he would not be able to dodge the next one as he unsealed his earth scroll to drop a rock between them as it shattered into tiny rubble as the small boy flew back rolling a few times. The man jumped in the air like a frog as he laughed while coming down with his hand charged full of lightning. Understanding the danger of the situation the small boy managed to roll out of the way having not had his position well set up as they were still in the village, before he could even respond some lightning fast punch came towards him hitting his ear as he dodge. The lightning caused him to lose a bit of consciousness as he realised this was dangerous.

The beating of his heart racing like a fire blazing as his eyes changed, he knew that his life was on the line and that he could not half way fight someone who was clearly faster and stronger then him. That lightning earlier must have also been rather strong to have broken his rock defence not even counting that it was the wrong attribute he was at a huge disadvantage. He activated the seals as the man was reaching with his other arm, lightning clad on his entire arm as he prepared to completely destroy his target even though he was just a little boy. Was there no other way, did he have to fight, did he have to run, or did he have to fight to run away and then run away in order to fight back. His mind was not clear, his heart was not still, all he had left was his iron clad will.

Words 630 + 351 = 981/1500

4 Re: White Edge Red Lightning(B-rank Mission) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:05 am



The man was stronger, he was faster, he could react to nearly anything but his underestimation of his opponent. As flames had arisen as he managed to block them with his lightning arm style technique as he noticed flames before him as the boy had began making a dash for at a speed that even he felt was impressive. He even wondered how the technique itself was performed as the boy was managing to pull away from him as they went further out reaching a rather deserted alleyway, with less room to move it might be a good idea to destroy the buildings, but he wanted to kill his target not leave it as a mystery as he followed the flames.

The boy had kept his technique active as he prepared some kind of trap as he tossed kunai with wires all over which were probably less visible due to how dark this alleyway was even with the flames it would be hard to tell where the wires were exactly, though this man may be skilled enough to see through it as the small boy waited at the dead end, he could simply run up the wall but then he would be wasting his time, his energy and his limited chakra reserves. He just barely managed to string together his yin and tiger seal, if he hesitated for even a moment he would have been dead right now.

The man was grinning as he used a powerful lightning technique to clear away the fire as the boy now stood before him trapped, but was no longer running away. Then he figured the boy might have set up a trap and not wanting to have to waste time dealing with that the man charged a large amount of red lightning in his hand and sent it flying towards the boy as it turned into a red lightning wolf as he realised his speed could not deal with that as he ran up the wall a bit the lightning wolf jumped through the air in a straight line as the boy tossed a smoke bomb which exploded as the man got a bit annoyed as he pulled back his lightning wolf. The man kept his ears clear as he listened to make sure the boy did not try escaping or breaking the buildings apart as a smoke screen.

The smoke was clearing as the man prepared to strike the moment it cleared. The boy had vanished and that was something that bothered the man as he saw a ring of fire, the boy sealed a small bit of earth away and was hiding by two flames as the man got annoyed he jumped up into the air once again as his lightning wolf also joined him as he planned to nuke the boy. When he finally got a good view of the location he sent the wolf charging at the boy as he had some strange rabbit stance. There was a massive explosion as the guy was smiling only to notice after the dust cleared as he tried to take a step that the ground was gone. Falling he did not know how big it was, but that was when he hit the ground hurting his legs. Then as he looked up he saw the buildings had also fallen apart as he got hit by some rubble and grinned. "Is that all, I might have fallen for your trap but..." as he looked up the boy did a crazy technique as a large massive rock came crashing down as the man could not form his hand seals like this he cried out. "what the..." as the earth crashed into him.

After a long period of time passed the boy sealed the earth away finding the dead suffocated body of the shinobi as he reported it they collected the body and the boy proceeded to go collect his payment.

Words 981 + 656 = 1637/1500



**small jutsu recap**
Jutsu Used in thread Fire Trail, Trap Hole, Bottomless Trap Hole, Drop Rock, Earth Sealing
Enemy used various random lightning techniques along with a Red Lightning version of the running beast technique from the ration library

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