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Getting back in shape [Training/Private/closed]

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Maxwell woke up at 7 AM sharply. Today he would start to get to his old training standards. Going through nine months of shinobi training to fit into the rooster didn´t mean that he was at his best.
Definitely not. Leaving his home and traveling to Konoha took 6 months, spending most of the time on the road, leaving not much time for training. And as difficult as it was for him to learn the academy jutsus with just minor instructions in chakra control during his earlier military training, it didn´t help him much in physical terms of the training.

Passing his exams yesterday was just the first tiny step. Today he would begin to get back in shape.
And that mainly meant strength, endurance and speed training. Oh joy. His shooting and swordsmanship skills had to be postponed till he could afford a decent rapier. And getting a rifle or pistol in that corner of the world was rather difficult. Not just the weapon itself, that was the easier part. Getting ammunition was problem. Noone seemed to use fire arms here.
Well, one step at a time.

Getting out of bed, having breakfast, and getting ready to move to the training ground just took 30 minutes. After arriving at a lone training ground, Maxwell started with basic warmups.
Jogging at a decent pace around the area a few times, a few jumpingjacks and burpees later he was warmed up and ready for the main part.
As he wanted to train his endurance and his speed today, he ran at a greater pace around the training ground. One round was approximately 1000 meters. His goal today was to make 6 rounds pure running.
After completing the sixth round he stopped his watch: 24 minutes. Maxwell sighed. There would be a lot more training to conduct before he would be back at his peak. But there was no sense in stopping now.
Despite the fact that he worked up quite a breath he continued with his training regime. Next up would be zig zag runs, direction changes, sprinter-ABC and running against drag.
For that he set up a small parkour, 200 meters in length, and marked the different stations with small rocks.
Another half an hour later he was nearly out of his breath, but there were two last stations in his regime: Running against drag and a cooldown run.

As he prepared a larger rock with a rope, which he would later drag behind while sprinting as fast as possible, he reflected on his current condition. 24 minutes for 6 kilometers and working up quite a breath was pathetic. He would have to amp his training up quite a notch to get back to his old time of 18 minutes and still stay able to continue training without much of a fuzz.

And his speed during his little parkour? Even more ridiculous. Comparing to other shinobi his age, which also held a higher rank than him, he was as slow as a snail. That was definitely not acceptable. Not for a perfectionist like him, who would give nothing more than his very best. That was, what he was paid for, wasn´t he?

[color=#00cc66]“Well, no time to whine”[/color], he thought as he finished the last knots on the rock. He slung the other end of the rope around his shoulders and started his sprints.
6 Sprints later, he was huffing like an old locomotive, but Maxwell thought, that there was still some leftover power in him.

[color=#00cc66]“Come on, you old piece of crap. You can still do 4 more sprints”[/color], he thought to himself. And so he did.
Bracing himself against his knees, he was despite his subpar performance, satisfied. Baby steps, no one is born a master. He would get back to his old condition. Taking a few sips of water out of his canteen he started with his relaxed two-kilometer cooldown run. As he was running he thought about what he would spend the rest of the day. Looking at his watch, while running, he noted that it was nearly half past nine. More than enough time to get back to his apartment, showering, and getting into a decent field dress and getting to the administration building to receive a mission. He was currently not assigned to any team at the moment, but he could do a D-Rank mission or two today.

Thinking about his training regime, he contemplated that a workout partner would not be the worst idea. Perhaps there were some other Genin he could get in form with.

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