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Kodokuna Sango

Kodokuna Sango

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Kodokuna FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Kodokuna.
Location: Kirigakure no Sato.
Specialization: Medical Ninjutsu (Primary), Bukijutsu (Secondary).
Elements: Lightning, Water.

Kodokuna HhU72Pp
Clan History: Kodokuna Ibis is by most, the original creator of the Kodokuna lineage. She is one of the most influential doctors and one of the most intelligent in the land of mist, having developed many treatments and being next of discovering a treatment for the genetic disease of the Kaguya clan, but not even her could do anything. After teaching a method of feeding polyps with chakra, and doing transplants into members of her clan to acquire control over the creation of cnidocytes and corals with hopes it could be used in the treatment of wounded shinobi. However, she was mysteriously killed by assassins of the bloody mist for them to tamper into the knowledge of the kunoichi and censor her. After this sudden traumatic event, they were cursed by the bloody mist, as members developed a sense of inferiority compared to other ninjas in the face of this disaster; and this behavior still lives, years, eons after the bloody mist ended.
Members: Kodokuna Ibis (Original).
Kodokuna Sango.
- x -
- x -
- x -

Kodokuna Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Polyp Pact.
Kekkei Genkai Description: All members of the Kodokuna clan are transplanted with small colonies of chakra-eating polyps in their arms when they were small children; polyps are marine animals composing the majority of coral reefs and species of jellyfish. By feeding them with their own chakra, users have access to two abilities; creation of cnidocytes, microscopic harpoons with the ability to inject chakra into others and the making of corals made out of calcium carbonate.

Jellyfish Technique - Harpoon
(Kurage no Jutsu - Hari)

The ancient and most infamous technique of the Kudokuna clan, and the technique of which they borrow their unique surname. The polyps in their arms have a fearsome weapon; cnidocytes, microscopic needles used by the clade of animals known as cnidarians to attack prey and defend themselves from the harm of other creatures. The cnidocytes used by the Kodokuna are modified to inject chakra directly into the pathway of enemies instead of using venomous or toxic substances, in fear their own members would poison themselves. This process, when using normal chakra, disrupt the chakra distribution to cells next to the afflicted area, induce a necrotic degeneration in the cellular walls and thus, deal damage to the enemy. The range of this technique is very short, in fact, it can only be used if there is physical contact between the enemy and the user. This technique is rarely used by the members, only if there is no other way of self-defence. Any development of variations from this offensive technique are seen as a taboo inside the clan, and thus, the damage done by the use of the Jellyfish Technique - Harpoon, scale to the rank of individual clan members. The use of harpoons affects only a small area of the body, measuring 5 per 5 cm.

D-Rank Damage: 5 chakra per use.
Dermis penetration, small scratches.
C-Rank Damage: 10 chakra per use.
Epidermis penetration, small bleeding.
B-Rank Damage: 15 chakra per use.
Adipose penetration (fat tissue), moderate bleeding.
A-Rank Damage: 20 chakra per use.
Profound hematoma (muscle depth), hemorrhage (for 5 turns).

Jellyfish Reverse - Acupuncture
(Kurage Kijutsu - Shinkyuu)

The reversal of the Jellyfish Technique used to heal allies by means of injecting healing chakra directly into damaged cells. Instead of following a damage chart, this technique follows a healing chart; for example, a deep wound in the knee will only be half-healed if healing chakra is injected in the area. Depends on the level and severity of damage; the more damage is done, the more it takes to heal it.

Skin Acupuncture (D-Rank, 5 chakras per use).
This heals a small portion of the skin layer, because of the low perforation power of the cnidocyte harpoons.
Epidermis Acupuncture (C-Rank, 10 chakras per use).
The deep layer of skin, 60 mm from the top layer. This heals any type of damage that penetrates the epidermis.
Adipose Acupuncture (B-Rank, 15 chakras per use).
Adipose tissue is very complicated, and even members of the Kodokuna had problems with healing it. For that reason, they can only revert the situation by decreasing the size of fat deposits in damaged areas and replace it with some connective tissue. However, this replacement of tissue increases the necessary turns for full healing (full healing takes 5 turns, and the number of deposits damaged can increase turns depending on the severity).
Muscle Acupuncture (A-Rank, 20 chakras per use).
This is the reconstruction of muscular tissue with the use of healing chakra; more complicated than the healing of adipose tissue due to the numerous proteins and cells inside the muscle fiber. If muscular damage is small, full recovery is done in 10 turns; but damage beyond a small area of 10 cm is beyond total recovery, being replaced with connective tissue and thus becoming atrophied from the degeneration of nearby cells in the damaged area (in short, the area has been covered to avoid necrosis, but the original functions of the regenerated muscle fibers are lost forever). This will possibly decrease strength and speed of muscles by one tier.

Coral Technique: Weapon
Ninjas, especially medical ones, are prone to surprise attacks at any moment. The Kodokuna, knowing that, developed their own technique of defense based by the one used by the Kaguya clan; creation of weaponized bones. Instead of resorting to the same method, since their ability were believed to be the cause of many genetic diseases, and because of that, members resorted to corals; calcium filaments made from the body of polyps. However, since the calcium used is from the users, they take calcium supplements made by the clan's elders to avoid osteoporosis.

Name: Coral Weapon Technique (Sango Buki no Jutsu).
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: D.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Water.
Range: None.
Specialty: Bukijutsu.
Duration: 10 posts.
Cooldown: 5 posts.
Description: With this technique, any weapon can be created by the exoskeleton of corals. Only one weapon can be created by this jutsu, and another can only be created after the established cooldown; after used, the weapons are not considered as part of the jutsu anymore, and can only disappear if broken or if the duration is over. One after-effect of this ability is the development of osteoporosis, a consequence of the coral polyps draining sources of calcium from the users themselves.

Item: Calcium Pills.
Rank: E.
Quantity: 10.
Price: 1500 Ryo.
Description: Supplementary box with 10 calcium pills made especially for the use of Coral Weapon Technique by members of the Kodokuna clan. If not administrated or taken, development of osteoporosis is possible, and broken bones are often a signal for those that hadn't taken the pills before using the technique.

[b]Item:[/b] Calcium Pills.
[b]Rank:[/b] E.
[b]Quantity:[/b] 10.
[b]Price:[/b] 700.
[b]Description:[/b] Supplementary box with 10 calcium pills made especially for the use of Coral Weapon Technique by members of the Kodokuna clan. If not administrated or taken, development of osteoporosis is possible, and broken bones are often a signal for those that hadn't taken the pills before using the technique.

[quote]Kodokuna Secret Technique - Pain Nullification

- They are unable to heal themselves.
- Can't acquire secondary or tertiary elements.
- Genjutsu; members can't snap themselves out of it.
- Ninjutsu is the only and single tertiary specialty they can learn.
- Members have; low self-esteem and narcissism, and it can't add points.
- Coral Technique has been restricted to people with Water (Sango) alignment.
- Jellyfish Technique has been restricted to people with Water (Kurage) alignment.
- Damage to the polyps results in a temporary inability to create jutsu (10 turns).

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2Kodokuna Empty Re: Kodokuna on Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:28 pm



Please be aware that while I will allow abilities that require chakra, I will not allow jutsu that are not absolutely integral to the clan. Resulting from this, I will have to ask you to remove your Advanced Healing techniques. The entirety of the Medical specialization is able to perform defibrillation with the Lightning nature, and thus it does not require detailing as a clan ability. Universal blood transfusion is not an ability yet found on Saga, and quite unique, though this is notably due to the dearth of necessity; oddly enough, no one has ever needed a blood transfusion performed by an in-character medic. (If you would like to keep this as a general ability, you may do so; please excise the jutsu portion, however, as it is not integral to the writeup of the clan.)


Onto your actual abilities...

Jellyfish - Harpoon Technique: At all ranks, you will want to list the affected radius around the touched area, as well as a maximum area affected per touch-use, if either exists. (If they do not, state that it only occurs at the direct points of contact.) In addition, I will require depths here if applicable (such as for hemorrhaging and hematoma).


Jellyfish - Acupuncture Technique: As above. Does this heal only the areas in direct contact, or those around it as well? If so, what size is this area? At any level, you'll at least want to roughly equate (even if not exactly) a rank of jutsu that can be healed by this ability.

The only real clarification otherwise is the stipulation on Muscular Acupuncture. What is the permanent effect of this atrophying? Does it impact the target's statistics (such as Speed or Strength) somehow?


As to the Coral Weapon technique, if these are free, I'm afraid I cannot have them leave the thread. It would simply break the Ryo economy if someone was suddenly able to produce weaponry that persists between threads without limit. When you asked in Chat, perhaps we had a misunderstanding; while one can create weaponry ad infinitum so long as chakra is paid, these weapons are never permanent due to being created from chakra, a resource that, unlike Ryo, is infinitely renewable within threads.


Your drawbacks are solid, though may require explanation. Can they not heal themselves only with their clan ability, or can they neither perform other Medical Ninjutsu on themselves? Are they even disallowed from using pain to break Genjutsu, or can they simply not use Kai/other techniques?

Narcissism and low self-esteem are not Special Characteristics that can normally be used to balance positive ones on Saga; therefore, I do not believe it would be permissible to allow them for clan drawbacks.

How does one damage the polyps?


Overall, your clan's drawback/ability balance is okay, seeing as how most if not all your abilities require chakra to perform, and the complete inability for a medical ninja to heal themselves (or any ninja to release Genjutsu) is a very powerful drawback.

If I missed anything, or I was confusing somehow, please don't hesitate to point it out!


Kodokuna Solsig
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