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Mission details.:
Mission name: Teacherís Pet
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Act as teaching assistant for a day, teaching students on the ninja art of your choice. †
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 70 Ryo †
Mission description: Attention: Teaching assistant wanted for the Iwagakure ninja academy. Requirements: Must have graduated from an academy somewhere in the world, and must be skilled in at least one of the ninja arts. Remember, kids are our future. †
Mission details: Minimum of 600 words, try not to yell at the kids; they tend not to like that.

Taeru's somewhat masculine seeming frame would dip into a bow tilting her head down a touch more keeping her hands at her sides gripping her latest mission in her left hand before raising slowly to leave the mission's office. Another sleepless night left its evidence lingering under her miss matched hues as she stopped just down the corridor from the office to open the scroll, reading through the details of her new mission. She would absentmindedly slip down the wall into a crouch pressing her lower back against it. Gripping the scroll in her left hand as she re-read it, her right hand would shift to her face clutched in a loose first as she pressed the backs of her fingers against her lips taking a moment to ponder on what she could possibly do im means of displaying a specialization before lightly shaking her head. Leaning forwards she would touch the top of her head against the scroll before slowly raising from her crouch. She would head down the stairs and through the hallways before heading slowly towards the academy knowing she would be early, noting that most of the streets were still quiet. Rolling the scroll back up to slip it into a safe pouch, her free hand would raise keeping a loose fist before scrubbing the side of her index finger against her intense blood coloured orb leaving her striking yellow hue to scan around the area before coming to a holt in the courtyard of the academy. Pausing her hand would shift from her eye to reach out grasping at the low fence, curling her slender fingers around the cold metal. 'It wasnít so long ago I were here.. Not long at all..' Her thoughts would wonder as her miss matches orbs slowly shifted along the scene before resting on a few of the teachers sipping at their steaming cups. She would bite down on the soft pale pink flesh of her bottom lip, discolouring it slightly before allowing it to slowly peel from the grasp of her teeth. Taeru would inhale deeply, filling her lungs with the scents the morning gave, before stepping forwards peeling her grip from the fence stopping a few meters from the group of teachers. †She would dip into a bow as she spoke "Good morning Sensei's, I have been told to report for duty." Her accent would warp her dull tones words slightly as she spoke. Her hand would dip into her pouch producing the scroll as she shifted upright once more. One of the Sensei's would step forwards holding two steaming cups with a bright smile "Ah You must be Taeru.. They said you would be the first to arrive. You'll be assisting me today." The sensei would hold out the cup for Taeru as though to exchange it for the scroll as she continued "I do hope you like your tea sweet." A light pale dusty pink hue would grace along the bridge of her nose briefly before fading as quickly as it came. "Thank you Sensei. " She would dip into a bow again before exchanging the scroll for the cup. †
Taeru would follow the Sensei having listened to the lesson plan and assisted with the setting up, as they proceeded into the courtyard once again as the students paled in making a fair amount of noise. The sensei would clear her throat grinning at the children as her mouth opened to speak " Right then you little monsters, I have a treat for you today. We have one of our ex students here on an official mission to show you what you may be able to achieve if you graduate this academy." Her words would come almost as a cheerful bellow as she draped an arm around Taeru. Taeru's head would dip a touch to one side as she watched the shocked expressions of the children before centering her gaze on one of the children as they stepped forwards drawing close to look at Taeru. Taeru would remain still for the time being raising a brow as the child spoke "are you sure he graduated Sensei..? He doesn't seem like a shanobi." The sensei would arch back letting a laughter spill from her lips before straightening up wiping her eyes as she spoke "Taeru is young but I assure you Taeru has passed... Infact, Taeru would you like to tell them.." Taeru would nod before stepping out from under the sensei arm brushing past the outspoken child pausing in-front of the group as she spoke, her voice carrying like a drone "I graduated from the academy a very short time ago, I have completes three D rank missions, this mind you will be a forth and one C rank mission and am awaiting my second C rank mission once I have saw this one to completion." Her hand would reach up tapping her nail against the metal of her forehead protector as it rested in the center of her chest attached to her t-shirt as usual "I always have my Headband with me symbolizing my graduation and my dedication to Iwagakure, its people and the Tsuchikage Sama of course. Now..." She would glance at the sensei only to find her urging her on before continuing, "Your sensei and I have decided to demonstrate Bukijutsu. And prove that you do not need a big weapon to cause harsh damage. I will show this using a post and my Kuni." A bord mumble would flow among the children. Taeru would nod before turning on her heels "Watch." She would step up to one of the courtyards training posts dipping her hand into her leg pouch, slipping her middle finger through her kuni's loop she would tug it from the pocket allowing it to spin at a fast pace around her middle finger before pushing against the handle with her ring finger releasing her middle finger allowing her to grasp the handle pumping her chakra into the kuni upon the tight grasp. She would allow a subtle moment for the children to see the dull olive green crackle of electricity along the surface of the weapon before darting past the post almost as though she floated by. The contact of the blade against the post would cause a somewhat harsh impact sound, like that of a paper bomb, cutting into the wood of the post before splintering it causing a fair amount of damage to the softwood. She would slip her kuni away before turning around to face the shock on the children's face. "Even with a small weapon, it could include even a senbon you can go a good amount of damage. If that were a person's flesh it could have caused major bruising and even have fractured bone. What I have displayed for you is called Bukijutsu." The Sensei would almost bounce over clapping before patting Taeru hard on the back handing her the scroll back having already signed it "Mission Complete!" The Sensei's gaze would cut along the children with her tone taking a somewhat more serious tone "What do we say to Taeru for the display of prowess ?" They children would all stand tilting into a bow some lower than other as they spoke in unison "Thank You Taeru Dono!" Before leaving to return the scroll to the missions base she would wait around answering a few questions the children posed.

(Total word count:1237)
( Mission word count: 600/600 - word count left over: 637)

(Chakra: 150/135)

[Exit Thread.]

Jutsu used:
Name: Ration Style: Impact fuse. (nickname: Daisy-cutter)
Canon/Custom: Custom. †
Rank: C †
Type: Offensive
Element: Ration.
Range: close range/contact.
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description: The official and original name of the jutsu is Impact fuse though over time Taeru began to nickname it 'Daisy-cutter' for reasons unknown. The jutsu user activates this jutsu by infusing their chakra into their weapon giving the weapon an odd olive green crackle of electricity along its surface, only when the opponent makes contact with the weapon does the jutsu take effect. Upon contact it causes the compact chakra within the weapon to immediately disperse (Quite similar as to the sensation of a balloon popping too close) offensively causing impact damage (Hence the jutsu name Impact fuse). †The damage this jutsu causes effects the integrity of the flesh and beneath, causing major bruising with the possibility of fracturing bone. ( bone fractures may occur if the damage is taken where a bone is close to the surface as a pose to guarded by muscle. Examples of the bones that could be effected are jaw, cheek, hands, feet, ribs and so on.)

If the individual uses two weapons at one time they are only able to infuse this jutsu into one of the weapons Unless either halving the damage each are able to causes or spending 1 round to charge Ration chakra into both.

((Training speed from D1 to D2:400/400))
((word count left over:237))

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