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Kakushi Arashi

Kakushi Arashi

Gate Guard Check-in Slip
Guard Name: Kakushi Arashi
Current Date: I forgot
Current Time: Too early!
Current Weather: Can't see, it's still dark out
Notes: This sucks

Kakushi Arashi set down his pen and stared at the slip of paper in his hands.  The light from the guard shack's lamp shone on the black words that soon began floating from page.  Kakushi put the paper down as well and rubbed his eyes for the thousandth time.  

"Careful," said the Konoha gate guard whose shift Kakushi was taking over, "You might rub holes in your face if you keep that up."

"Why am I here again?" Kakushi asked, "And more importantly, why am I here this early?"

"Because the guard who was supposed to be here is sick and there's no one else available," the guard responded as he filled out the last of his check-out paperwork, "And you're here early because at no point in time can our gate be unguarded." Kakushi sighed and reached for the cup of coffee he'd bought on the way to his post. Though only fourteen, Kakushi had aquired a taste for the drink while studying for his academy final exams, and now drank at least one cup daily.  He took a long sip, feeling his senses perk slightly from the caffeine.  

"You should consider yourself lucky," the guard said as he placed his check-out slip in the required folder at the shack door, "Not many genin with your amount of experience get to go on a C-rank mission." Kakushi had to admit that that was true, but seriously, how was gate guarding a C-rank mission? All he was expected to do was sit here for six hours, checking people in and out of Konoha.  It was important, for sure, that the gate be guarded, but still, anyone was capable of checking boxes on a piece of paper.  

Sighing again, Kakushi gripped his mug, stared out into the barely illuminated blackness, and prepared himself for a long day.

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Total WC: 333

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Kakushi Arashi

Kakushi Arashi

Gate Guard Hourly Report Slip
Guard Name: Kakushi Arashi
Current Date: The calendar says March 19th
Current Time: The clock says 0800 hours
Current Weather: Kind of chilly, but sunny too
Passage (Report time and whether exit or entrance):
0600/Entrance: A guy came in from a neighboring farm, said he was setting up a fruit stand for the morning rush.  Had correct papers, I let him through.
0630/Exit: Jonin came out to go for a morning run around the village, had an exit pass, I let him through.  Was very strange, directing a Jonin.
0650/Entrance: Couple of chuunin back from a night recon, had a mission slip, I let them through.
Notes: Bored out of my mind, hungry as an ox

Kakushi's stomach grumbled as he wrote the last words on his third hourly slip of the day.  "Ox" may have been an exaggeration, but "hungry" wasn't.  He had had barely any breakfast, and was starving, and stiff.  At least he was halfway through his shift.  Just three more hours and he could go home and take a nap.  But first, he needed to eat.   Stretching his tired limbs, Kakushi sighed and reached under his chair for his bento.  Inside the carved wooden box was a ball of rice and some teriyaki chicken that made his mouth start to salivate as soon as he smelled it.  He licked his lips, picked up his chopsticks, and was about to reach for his first bite when he heard a rustle coming from somewhere near the gate.  He looked up and saw nothing but some bushes on the other side of the street.  He gave the area a quick once-over, but saw nothing. Dismissing it, he looked back down at his breakfast, spearing the first piece of chicken and bringing it to his mouth.

He had just started to chew when he heard the rustle again.  He again looked up, mouth still full of chicken, and again saw nothing.  He was about to return to his meal when something suddenly caught his eye.  He looked more closely at the bushes across the street, one of which appeared to have moved several meters closer to the gate.  

"What the..." Kakushi said through a mouthful of chicken.  He stood up and walked over to the bush.    It looked perfectly normal, but normal bushes didn't just pack up and move.  Arashi looked around, but the street was empty, most people either still asleep or having breakfast at this time of day.  

"Anyone there!?" he called out.  No one responded, but when he looked down, the bush had vanished.  He looked around frantically, and saw that it had again moved, this time right to the gate entrance.  Now quite annoyed, Kakushi stormed over to the bush and grabbed ahold of it.  He expected it to lift, and was surprised when it resisted.

"Huh?" he said, pulling harder.  

"Quit it!" said a voice, "You're wrecking my perfect disguise!" It took a moment for Kakushi to realize that the voice was coming from the bush, and when he did he was so surprised that he didn't react when a young child suddenly burst from the bush, running out of the village.

"Freedom!" yelled the boy.  The cry jolted  Kakushi into action.  He raced forward, easily catching up to the 8 or so year-old boy.  Kakushi reached out and grabbed the kid by his collar.  

"Hey, lemme go!" the kid said, attempting to reach behind him and knock Kakushi off.  Kakushi kept him at arms length and glared at him.  

"What do you think you're doing!" he said, "Leaving the village without permission is strictly forbidden, and so is leaving without checking out at the guard shack!" The boy glared right back.

"Don't act so superior!" the boy said as he continued to try and pummel his captor, "You're just a genin!" Kakushi's anger flared and grabbed the boys wrists.  

"A genin who can lock you in his shack for the next hour for trying to leave without permission!" he yelled.  Suddenly, Kakushi heard footsteps  from the direction of the village.  He looked up to see a young woman, accompanied by a chuunin sensei, racing towards him.

"Thank goodness!" the woman cried, "Thank goodness you found him!"

"Huh?" Kakushi said.  The two people reached him,teh woman taking the boy from Kakushi's grasp.  

"You are in so much trouble young man!" said the woman, holding the struggling boy by his shoulders.  She turned to Kakushi and smiled.  

"My boy just started at the academy," she said, "But he already thinks he's a real ninja.  He ran off from his classes this morning and I had a feeling he would head here.  Thank you for catching him!" The woman walked off, returning to scolding her son as she dragged him by his ear.  

"Good work," the chuunin said, clapping Kakushi on the shoulder as he turned to go.  Kakushi watched them leave.

"What the heck," he said, "Just happened?"

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Kakushi Arashi

Kakushi Arashi

Gate Guard Check-Out Slip
Name: Kakushi Arashi
Current Date: March 19th (What is the point of this section?)
Current Time: 1100 hours (Thank goodness!)
Current Weather: Still sunny, still chilly
Number of Passages: Heck if I know, around 100 or so?
Notes: Hallelujah!

Kakushi finished the last word of his check-out slip with a flourish and leaned back in his chair with a sigh.  Finally, he had finished his shift at the gate.  It had been, as expected, a boring day.  The little kid at 8 in the morning had been, oddly enough, the most exciting thing to happen.  Now all Kakushi had to do was wait for the next guard to hurry up and come and he could go home for some well-deserved rest.  

"Come on man," Kakushi said, gazing at the door, "Where are you?" Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps made him turn.  He saw a man wearing a cloak and wide-brimmed hat scurrying through the gate.

"Hey mister!" he yelled, standing up and waving as the man turned, "You gotta check in over here!" The man hesitated, which Kakushi instantly found suspicious, then walked over, keeping his face low.

"Papers please," he said.  The man handed him the papers, and Kakushi noticed his hands were slightly shaky.  

"You all right sir?" Kakushi said as he began to compare the man's papers with the sample ones the previous guard had given him.

"Yeah, totally," the man replied.  Kakushi looked closely at the two sets of papers, and was about to hand them back when suddenly he noticed that the seal was a slightly different shape than what it was supposed to be.  

"Wait a minute," he said, "These papers aren't..." He looked up, and was face to face with a tanto.

"Let me through or I will kill you right here," the man said.  Kakushi blinked a few times, then his anger rose and he scowled.  

"Are you really threatening a ninja in his own village?" he said.  The man laughed.  

"You ain't no ninja," he said, "You're just a kid." Kakushi blinked again, then lunged forward.  In a flash he grabbed the man's wrist and twisted it, yanking him forward to slam the man's face on the counter of the shack.  Kakushi then drew his own kunai knife and pressed the point to the man's neck.  The whole thing happened in a matter of seconds.  The man's face was pure shock.  Kakushi grinned.

"I'm not a kid," he said, "I'm a genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and that trumps thug any day of the week." Kakushi heard the door to the shack open, and turned to see a very surprised relief guard walk in.

"Don't blink," Kakushi said, "You might miss the only excitement you'll see all day."

465 words


Total WC: 1,624
Mission Completion Requirement: 1,624 - 1000 = 624
Training: All stats to E-1: 75 x 5 = 375 : 624 - 375 = 249
Training: Speed stat to E-2: 150 : 249 - 150 = 99
Total Leftover Word Count: 99


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