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1 Raiu Mizuki [Plot Tracker] on Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:36 pm

Raiu Mizuki


The Laser Circus
Flowing like water, people drift into Mizuki's life, their personalities, words and actions washing ashore through times and tides. Where some may bless little moments with a smile, others might be the next lightning strike destroying a once proud tree. Whether their presence is as short as the flash of light, or last as long as Kumogakure itself... all are welcome at the Laser Circus.

Red is for... Red Rivers of Raiu Rightning

  • No enemies yet

Orange is for... Ohai Dar!

  • Maigo -- The Drunk Jounin

Yellow is for... Yoink! MINE!

  • Lin -- Panther Squad Leader
  • Alwen -- 'Golden Eyes', the Kiri-nin

Green is for... Get off my lawn!

Blue is for... the Blues Brothers, Baby

  • No heartaches yet

Purple is for... Paradise by the Dashboard Light

  • No romance/lovers yet

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2 Re: Raiu Mizuki [Plot Tracker] on Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:12 pm

Raiu Mizuki


Sparks of a Lifetime
Memories are precious moments of the past to take at heart. Whether filled with good, bad or the mind-boggling, they weave a life into shape and form the person into what they are today. Since no life exists without it touching another, these sparks here are Mizuki's memories and milestones, given life and colour by the influence of others.

Rising Star Arc: 'Lady Susanoo' and the Road to Perfection
With an inclination towards lightning, a natural mastery of the Raiu's storms and holding up the dream of reaching the stars one day, Mizuki's growth to becoming a powerful Kumo-nin wielding astral inspired ranton jutsu starts here. Will she succeed in earning a title befitting her dreams?

  • Panther Squad, assemble!
    Appointed a squad, the genin gets to meet its members and pick up a trick or two from the fluffiest jounin Kumogakure has to offer.
  • Days at the Dojo I
    Having asked her father to supervise and guide her, Mizuki sets the first steps in creating her own jutsu and making decisions about her shinobi future.
  • Grand Theft Kumo
    During a late eve theft, Mizuki finds herself at the side of a disheartened jounin called Zetsume Zix and his loyal dog companion Repede.
  • Whethering the Storms I
    Though trained by her father to become the next executioner in line, the hardest part about taking a life is not ending it, but enduring one's conscious. Growth does not come only with weapon and skill...
  • Aiming for Perfection
    Having accepted Zetsume as her kyujutsu sensei, Mizuki is taught the basics by a forsaken Kyodora member.

Shirai Arc: Mizuki, the 'Purple Thunder' Pirate Hunter
Raiu Erisu, Mizuki's elder sister, hasn't come home in months. Nowhere to be found and worrying her family sick, the first hints of what road she may have decided to walk come into light. Mizuki, already bound to prove her worth to her family, picks up the trail in hopes to find her elder sister.

  • B Rank - Escort Duty
    Having received some intel on the activity of her sister, Mizuki picks up a high rank mission in hopes to find more answers. Luckily, her squad leader, Lin, decides to stand by her side.
  • Whethering the Storms I
    Though trained by her father to become the next executioner in line, the hardest part about taking a life is not ending it, but enduring one's conscious. To find back a lost relative may not be as easy when one can't find back their own in the middle of a storm.
  • Downtown Scheming
    Mizuki comes to stand eye in eye with her sister during one of the days of her prolonged mission. A brief moment of reconciliation where love, loyalty and duty are all being tested.

CSI Kumo Arc: Blood Feud at the Backwater Bar
What original started as a simple diplomatic interference between two bars turns out to have a much bigger web of intrigue. A new generation of thugs rises up and rekindles a dormant blood feud between the Backwater Bar and the Rusty Penny Cartel - two inns located in the depths of the slums, each with their own history as being one of the most ill-reputed headquarters for notorious turf gangs.

  • C Rank Mission - City Brawl I
    It all starts with a simple diplomatic mission intended to stop a seemingly 'innocent' harassment.
  • C Rank Mission - City Brawl II
    Despite the warning, the newest generation returns with a vengeance, bringing more muscle in hopes to rekindle an old, seemingly forgotten, blood feud.
  • Downtown Scheming
    Mizuki decides to do some research on the origins of the bars, hoping to find an answer to the situations at hand.
  • Part IV
    Having relayed the information to the superiors, Mizuki learns that the leader of the Backwater Bar was found dead. Considering that Mizuki has the most experience in the situation and was already investigating the matter, she is given the task to investigate what happened exactly.
  • Part V
    The information gathered and the plans that have been brought to light speak about a possible all-out turf war and a civil rebellion...
    To do: [Mission]

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