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1 Buri's (Plot Mover) Scheme Lol Whatever on Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:24 am



Yo its your fav Yuki here >_> <_< Don't judge so this is my plot tracker guys yeah. So the plot is slowly happening just doing this character development post so its like filler time for Buri.

Anyways lets get real here folks I need three more people here to help me out with my Plot. Basically Burittsu is forming a group like the Akatskui you may say but its for his own personal motive. Basically he wants revenge on the village who did him so much harm nearly killed him he just needs three more people to make it a total of Six people. Making the group a good size and balance for when the time comes to destroy Kumo.

Oh didn't I say he wants to destroy Kumo yeah I know right Three or Four people is enough to get this going to be honest and set the foundation. So if you feel free on joining or just feel like being your usual funny reply back guys.

And for the people that feel like being sneaky and don't wanna let other people know your willing to join in the attempted destruction of a village you can PM. Put a smile on my face.

Well that's all plot starts officially on May 20th gives everyone time to get up there in ranks and skills and stats whatever y'all do when your not in the Chatbox causing hell.

~A penny a day will keep a Buri away.

Thanks for reading guys. xD


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