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Kenna Asuka

Kenna Asuka

Mission name: Planer Lost?
Mission rank: D
Objective: Find the Carpenter's Plane
Location: Konoha
Reward: 90 Ryo
Mission description: A local carpenter has lost his plane, a tool used for making flat surfaces out of wood. While not an uncommon tool, the carpenter highly values this particular piece of equipment as it is a family heirloom. The ancient village symbol is carved into the wooden handle, making this tool fairly easy to distinguish.
Mission details: Beyond a few cats or small animals, you won't likely find much in the way of problems finding this tool. Just make sure to bring it back in one piece; a screw is loose in the handle and if it breaks the tool will come apart in a way that cannot be fixed. If this happens, you will fail.

"Who would want to steal a plane anyway" I ask myself. I start by asking around in the town and most of the replies were "I dont know sorry", "Ugh this is annoying we have no idea where it could be at all" as I sigh to myself. I start to head over to the construction area to see if anyone else around there has some planes. As I make my way over I can hear a conversation between two construction workers, "Here look at this" The first construction worker says, "Your crazy is that what I think it is, We need to take this somewhere safe, if anyone knows you have this with you, you would surely be charged with theft." The second construction worker replies. I quickly take a glance and notice its a plane but cant identify if its the one that I'm looking for. The two construction workers start to walk through some alleyways with this plane, I quickly get over top of a roof and try to get a better look of the item.

As I start to close in and identify if its what I'm looking for, the two construction workers come to a stop, someone from down another ally starts walking towards them, I quickly look at the plane again and finally can identify the plane properly, "Thats the one, no doubt about it." I whisper. I quickly start to create a plan I notice a few pots of flowers onto the right off me, and think if I tip this from above they wont be able to see and I might be able to steal the plane. The man from the alleyway starts to talk to both the workers and points out the plane. "Now or never I guess" I say, I quickly grab the flower pot and head back onto the roof, I quickly chuck the dirt and flowers on top of all three of them, I rush down and grab the plane, as I start to take it and run off the man from the alleyway chases me.

"I can't get away from him, I need to think fast." I say to myself, the man chasing me yells "I got you now"
"Bunshin no Jutsu" I create one clone and we both start running together, I quickly jump over some fences and the clone runs the other way, I quickly check over my shoulder. "He must have gone for the clone". I start to make my way back to the owner of the plane, I reach him and he thanks me for my efforts, before I could completely end this conversation the man shows up from before. "You thought you lost me?" The man says, The owner of the plane says "Whos this?" I reply with "Hes the man who tried to chase me and get that plane of yours, and decided to ask some guys who had it if he could have it, Come on we can fight right now" The stranger laughs, "That plane of yours, don't make me laugh again, he stole that from us" The owner replies, "Thats a lie, our family has always owned this" The stranger lunges at the owner but I get the first touch and push him down. "Come at him again, and you will be on the ground for a lot longer than you are right now" I yell.

The stranger replies "Don't forget me kid, Lucid is my name and I will get you back for this" Lucid takes off and leaves. "Are you alright?" I say to the owner, "I'm just fine, Thank you for protecting me there" I go on top of the roof just to check if there is anyone else near. "Lucid huh, guess hes another one to add to the list" I whisper.


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"Misery is the only thing that cuts deeper than my blade."

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