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1 Chakra Guideline on Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:23 pm



Everything in the world has chakra in it, and it his this chakra that the shinobi of this world draw from in order to use their super human abilities. From creating a sparkler, to a pool of water, to a massive all encompassing blaze, this chakra is used as the source of energy from which all shinobi draw. As a shinobi grows in rank, so too does he grow in power and his chakra pool will increase as well. Unless otherwise stated in your clan, the base chakra for each shinobi by rank is as follows:

  • Genin: 150 Chakra
  • Chuunin: 200 Chakra
  • Special Jounin: 250 Chakra
  • Jounin: 300 Chakra
  • S-Rank: 350 Chakra
  • SS-Rank: 400 Chakra

Shinobi spend this chakra by performing jutsus, which all have a separate chakra cost associated with them. Each rank of jutsu has a base chakra, and some have Maintenance costs, which values are as follows:

Chakra costs | Maintenance costs

  • E Rank - 5 chakra | 5 chakra every other turn
  • D Rank - 10 chakra | 5 chakra per turn
  • C Rank - 15 chakra | 5 chakra per turn
  • B Rank - 20 chakra | 5 chakra per turn
  • A Rank - 25 chakra| 10 chakra per turn
  • S Rank - 30 chakra | 10 chakra per turn
  • SS Rank - 35+ chakra | at least 15 chakra per turn

The jutsus you can use, of course, are limited by your rank. Unless your clan states otherwise, you are limited to using jutsus one rank above your shinobi rank (ex. a Genin can use a maximum of C Rank jutsus.)

It is possible to apply for passive jutsus. These jutsus will remove chakra from your pool permanently. They can be a maximum of E-Rank and must be associated with your clan's Kekkai Genkai. The amount of chakra removed is decided case by case. When you are approved for this, you must request the chakra deduction in the administration requests thread.

During a thread where you use chakra, it is imperative that you keep track of the chakra that you use, as well as the jutsu you are using. In order to do this, post a spoiler with the amount of chakra that you have as the title with the jutsu inside of it. For Example:

Chakra 140/150:
Name: Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique (土遁・心中斬首の術 ~ Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Earth/Doton
Range: 10 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description:The user buries himself under the ground at 3 meters deep and moves beneath the surface. He or she can move in a 10 m radius at a speed equal to their Speed stat. The objective of this technique is to drag the opponent under the ground along with the user. The victim is buried beneath the ground up to his or her head. He or she remains trapped and unable to move for up to 2 posts if their Strength stat is D-3 or lower. Anyone with Strength C-0 to C-3 will be able to escape after one post, while anyone with Strength stat B rank or higher can escape easily. Once they are buried, the user emerges from the ground once again. Any raiton technique used on the earth can force the user and the victim out of the earth.

[spoiler="Amount of chakra you have currently/Total chakra"]Jutsu used[/spoiler]

As a final note, once your chakra pool has been diminished to the point of 10 chakra or less, you have reached the point of exhaustion. At 10 chakra you will be lucky to be conscious, and below that you will automatically lose consciousness.


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