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1 Training starts now! [Open] on Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:55 am

Kenna Asuka


"Lets go just another day of training, except this time we take it to another level!" I say to myself, I start to pack up my things and start to venture out to the small south forest not to far away. "We always start with the speed test it makes things a lot more easier for me" I say in my head, I start to run across the trees and see how fast I can get to the ocean. "40 seconds, 2 seconds faster than usual, what if I try and run around on the ocean to test my charka" I think. I start to slowly get onto the water and assert myself to make sure I won't mess anything any of my charka flow. I start to run around and see if I can create enough pace to slowly start to make the water move, the water slowly starts to spin in small circles. I become exhausted and decide to take a little break and get back onto land.

I stare off into the sky and watch all the clouds go by, I then decide to walk around in the forest and enjoy the flowers and tree, "Back to work" I say. I decide to work on all of my Kekkai Genkai base attacks and decide to throw Kunai at trees and see if i could create enough charka flowing to be ready for my Kekkai Genkai, I start to slowly pass my charka into my kunai and it starts to create a small amount of chakra flow around it, I take a few seconds to try and get enough power and precision into my shot. I throw it the kunai hits the tree but not enough for my Kekkai Genkai to start working. I decide to think the situation through and what I might be doing wrong, I decide to start working on my strength instead and not worry about the Kekkai Genkai at the moment.

I start to hit trees and create enough power and momentum from the speed and strength together to create a small hole within one of the trees, I keep doing this over and over until it becomes regular to me. I start to use my senses as a way to determine how much power I need to use to create a big enough hole, I start to channel my charka into my Kunai and charge at the tree, I decide to slowly pace myself going towards the tree, as I start getting closer to the tree I decide to jump onto the side of the tree and attack a tree right next to it so that im able to use my speed and strength together as one.

I decide to take another break and focus on what I should try and do to increase my power and speed to create enough force for a take down. I move on and start to begin the throwing part of my training, I decide to wait in a tree and sit and wait for a while waiting for a flock of birds to come this way. A decent while after some birds start to head in direction I slowly count up how many bird there are, I see 4 birds and decide the smartest way to take them out would be to use my Senbon, yet the only problem would be it would need to target a vital spot within the body. I think and decide maybe I should reflect the Senbons onto each other but disregard that idea because the sound would spread the birds apart. The birds get closer and closer, I decide maybe if I can chuck one senbon infused with Charka I might be able to create a small explosion from one senbon and since they are all together as a flock they wouldn't have enough time to react to a senbon flying past compared to the sound of one. I slowly start to infuse my charka just into one of my senbons and start to think if I should expose my position or stuck to where I am, but since there are so many trees and leaves blocking the way and could ruin the senbon I think the smartest thing would be to get into open space or air for no disruptions. "The only problem is my senbon will only explode if my Kekkai Genkai works and it didnt work before" I say and start to ponder it, "I dont have much time" I decide to get into open air, and infuse my charka within the senbon, I chuck the senbon towards the flock, it doesn't hit any single one of the birds. "Trigger" I say, the Senton explodes and 3 of the birds die, one comes flying down from the injury.

"Three out of four, what did I do wrong?" I start to analyse the situation, "since bird one and two were in the front they could both die pretty quickly, but since bird three was in the way of this bird it took more damage than him leading him to survive." I say. "This means if I ever use the bomb I need to use my surroundings to my advantage and that needs to account for people as well, but in this case birds." I start to think of more situations I could you this for.
"Since I can activate any bomb when I want I would be able to setup traps in certain parts with my sentons to explode a cave or something like that." I mutter.

I move on from that and decide to rest for a little longer for the last task, perception. I start to gather rocks together and decide to find a nice open area. I make it into a small open spot within the forest, with all the rocks I chuck them into the air at once. I quickly step back, really quickly I look at all of the rocks and try and find a perfect spot to throw my Kunai so it is able to hit all of the rocks after a ricochet, I notice that the top one would make the easier option because its higher and aimed above to create more impact. I throw my Kunai it hits the top rock and bounces down and collides with all of the other rocks, yet it wasen't fast enough or good enough to break any of the rocks. I analyse this situation now, "Maybe if I started at the bottom, it would create more tension and more power towards piecing as all the power would have been wasted on the first rock." I say, "I should really start trying to perfect this ahah" I chuckle.
I decide to head home as it gets late and get a night of rest for the next day of training.

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