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Lin was called to aid some people on the mountain, and so was Gora... well. Gora hadn't been called so much as Lin had. Well... that wasn't entirely true either, Lin had just heard of it and hadn't been formally handed the papers. She was moving along with 3 other shinobi, some of them Genin, to investigate an earthquake that had toppled a lot of debris, apparently several thousand tons of  rocks had slipped when a thunder peal struck the side of the mountain, causing loose rocks to tumble down the slope.

Kumogakure, where the grade would easily tire out people that hadn't been to the mountains before, and the soil loose because of the constant fires that came from ninja training, lightning strikes, and campers that didn't put out their damned fires. What people didn't know was the less trees on the slope, the more loamy soil that eroded, and if it didn't erode quickly, there could be pockets of water, waiting for one cataclysmic event to come crashing down. This was one such event.

The landslide had buried three houses, each with 3 people in them, and there was an estimated 4 more people that were just in the area when the landslide had hit. The hard part was going to be locating the people and Lin was the first one on the scene, the people that were supposed to be helping lagging further and further behind as she sped up the hill.

Wasting no time, she performed a series of hand seals, the tiger, rat, and then ram signs and then clasped her nose with her left hand. She breathed deep, knowing Gora's scent helped. There were five only two meters off. She ran and put a stick there, signaling where she would have to dig. Then, knowing that the jutsu would be muddled by further people, she located the next house, only 4 here. She placed another branch in the overturned soil and then sniffed out the next house, 3 people here. She put a stick there, and sniffed, sniffed. She smelled the last person, they were only five meters off, she sped to that area and started digging. A small girl was balled up, and when she opened a hole in the loamy dirt, she gasped for air, already semi-blue from suffocation. Good, she wasn't hurt.

"Stay here, and wait for the others to be taken out of the ground, do you understand?" Lin looked at the small girl, brushing one of the strands of hair back from her face, revealing a stark set of green eyes. The girl nodded, her brown hair falling in front of her dirt covered face again. She was covered in mud, but that was the least of Lin's worries right now. For now she wanted nothing more than to get these people home safely. She stood up, looking between the girl and Gora who was digging with her fore-paws at the other spot with people, and patted the girl on the head once she nodded.

It was one of those situations where the world was moving unbearably slow. Lin had nothing to dig with but her hands, and couldn't use any sort of jutsu that might dislodge some of the debris for fear of hurting one of the people inside. The next shinobi finally arrived when she was five feet down with Gora, still digging. She pointed to the stick and shouted, "Dig there!" She didn't have time to explain. The only way that she could would be to tell them about her jutsu, and that would take too much time.

"Oh please, please, please be alive. Please be alive and well. I am coming for you. I should have brought a shovel, or made one out of chakra, but I don't know how. If only Gin were here, she could summon one out of thin air and get you out of there in no time. and I don't know what to do and I can't stand it when people die so you hold on, you fight." She said to the dirt as handful after handful got shoveled out of the ground. Another hour later they came to a pit where the family had huddled against the house, the parents had already fainted, and the children were blue in the face as Lin opened up the cavern. They smelled like sweat and desperation.

"Hold on! I'm going to make a way down to you!" Lin called down to the kids, who nodded back up at her. They seemed scared, and Lin didn't blame them, "Now that you have air, I am going to go and make sure that the others aren't hurt. Are you or your sister at all hurt?" She shouted to the girl that was huddled against her parents.

"She's not my sister, and no one is hurt down here. Mommy and Daddy said that their heads hurt before they fell asleep. They told us not to worry, and not to cry, but we cried after they fell asleep. We can't wake them up!" Typical little girl talk, Lin would have to explain to them that their mommy and daddy had come very close to dying apparently before she could help the others. Now how to explain it to an apparent 5 year old. No time to waste.

"Your mommy and daddy are going to be fine. They were sleeping to save their breaths for you. They won't wake up because they want to protect you. They should wake up in a few minutes though. Give them time." Lin moved away from the hole and heard one of the girls start to cry. She couldn't deal with that now, she had to move on, she had to be strong for the sake of the girls, and for the sake of the other people. Gora had already started on another hole, and Lin nodded to her. "We're going to get them out Gora, we are."

She didn't know if she was saying it to herself or to Gora, she didn't know if they would be dead by asphyxiation or not, but she would have to try to get to them as soon as she could. She could only do so much in one day, she could only put so much of her effort into finding them. Her jutsu for smelling wore off, leaving her feeling oddly out of place in this place, and with a feeling that her nose was stuffed up. She continued to dig, wiping her nose on the shoulder of her shirt and making sure that she kept the rhythm up. She needed to get these kids out. She needed to get these parents out. So far there were more kids in this area than there were people. She came upon a roof, and a chimney that went down.

"Hello?" called up a voice, a voice that sounded panicked, but still was alright, "Hello??" Lin called back down.

"One of us is hurt, and he is dying, Send a medic!" Gora looked at Lin, and Lin nodded, she was the only medic on the scene, so she would have to do. She scrambled to the hole that was the chimney and  shouted back down, "I'm coming down, make sure that the grate is open!" To the person who was shouting up the chimney at her.

She scrunched her legs in and arched her back, planting her knees in the hard bricks and her palms also. It hurt, and she grit her teeth, but she one by one dislodged one of her extremities and shimmied down the chimney as fast as molasses in the winter time. She would have to make better time, she started to sweat, her palms started to slip on the bricks and the person shouted, "Please hurry, his breath is getting shallower!" She grit her teeth and dug her knees into the chimney. She tried to see down to see if she could just drop down the chimney without hurting herself. She would be of no use to the people down there if she hurt herself.

She sighed, there was no way to judge the distance,so she would just have to drop down. She held her breath and placed her palms against the wall, letting her legs drop out from under her. Her entire weight against her palms and her shoulder blades she took two short breaths and dropped. It seemed like a while, and her ankle muscles tensed, while she got ready for impact.

Hitting the ground, she tumbled out of the fireplace into a blackness that was all too deep. She coughed, as she had inhaled some soot on the roll out of the fire place and asked, "Could you light a candle or something, I can't see anything in this dark!" She coughed once more and looked around for a candle herself.

Suddenly all was illumined in a yellow glow as a match was struck and a candle lit. Who was holding it was an old man, he rushed over to her, grabbing her by the arm and leading her to the kitchen where she saw something that turned her stomach. A man, one much younger than the man who was dragging him had  been impaled by a rod, he hung there, the rod angled down and out of the window into the soil. The rod had once been a sign, Lin figured, but had punctured one of his lungs. Raspy breaths came in shallow and infrequent intervals.

He was dying. She plucked up the courage and went over to him. She pulled him off of the spike and started to do a sting of hand seals. She aimed a medical defribulator at him and aimed it at his chest. It was... it was weird. She felt like she hadn't saved him. A woman who she assumed to be his wife ran over and shoved Lin out of the way, shaking the man. His chest was healed, but he still coughed blood, his lung apparently still torn.

"Help him!" She screamed at Lin. She couldn't though. There was nothing that Lin could do but just stare at the woman. She looked at her hands and wiped them on her ninja flak jacket, but the blood did not come off. She wiped them more vigorously as the wife started to cry, and the man took his last shuddering breath.

"There was no helping him." The old man said, sadly, but it was true. There was no helping him. At least they had an air supply now. She sighed, and took a rope from the storage closet and tied it to her waist. She shimmied up the chimney again, scraping her knee twice on the way up, and trying to beat down the sinking feeling inher stomach, she couldn't save that man. She couldn't save anyone. She couldn't save herself she couldn't save Gora, she might as well... She might as well get over it.

She sighed as she came to the top, the sun was setting. The other genin had arrived and were working on the hole with the other. She pulled up the old man, his daughter in law and their teenage daughter, before going to the other hole, pulling those people up and heading to the final hole. The wounds on her knees and her palms didn't hurt at this moment, she was going on adrenaline and 5 hours worth of time. She looked down the hole and told them to get out and get the people back to town. She nodded when they asked about the dead body. They needed to bring that back to town as well.

She sighed, digging with Gora as the sun set. She didn't know whether these people would be alive. the only remaining people that were left of the 13 that she was supposed to save. They were buried under the most dirt, and really she should have saved them first, but she didn't know if the others would have made it if she had. She dug, and dug, and dug some more until she found a wooden plank. She knocked on it and there were some muffled cries.

Sighing with relief, she took a tonfa of hers and smashed a hole in the bottom of an overturned cart it seemed. The people inside were numbering two, the others... the others were buried right when the landslide had collapsed. One of them had a wound that had the blood flow cut off by an expert immobilization of the blood. The hand was blue, and Lin didn't know if he would get his full range of motion back, since it seemed as though he had this tied for a couple of hours at least. Lin reached down and pulled him and who seemed to be his girlfriend out of the hole, before taking the tourniquet off of the wound. It spurted in her eye, and she sighed.

Taking her hands, she made seals once more and placed an aura on the man, the longevity: healing aura. Might as well use it since it didn't help the other man to use a similar ability. She felt his wound heal up, and a couple of other minor scrapes and bruises before touching the woman and doing the same to her. She instructed for them to get out of the hole and sit on the edge of it until she got there. Gora made sure to give them lots of cuddles, and they, in their fear of her, sat where they were told.

While Lin hated dead bodies, she had to get the others out, and so she worked for another hour without rest to retrieve what was left of the corpses of three other people, and throw them up to Gora. She instructed the people that were up there, the couple that were supposed to be sticking around to put the dead bodies one by one on Gora's back. She grumbled at the first one, but because she loved Lin, she, when she had all three carried them to the village.

She handed the bodies off to the guards of Kumogakure when she got back, giving Gora a pat on the head she headed home. It was... it was nice to have saved as many people as she did... but she had let four of them die. Well, she had let one die, three had died in the wave of dirt and debris. Still, it weighed on her. It weighed on her heavily. Perhaps she could come up with some sort of a way to bring people back to life. Perhaps, some way she could turn the tides of life and death itself. She had heard of one person, Pein who was able to do it at the cost of his life. Or Chiyo who did it at the cost of hers. Perhaps she would be able to do it.

WC: 2538,

I want the Ryo reward Please :)

Lin out :)

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