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Piero Chi


Piero filled his bag with many of the toys he had created yesterday. He was excited. He had been asked to train a few young and impressionable ninja. He scampered off into a boat, and rowed his way to the academy. It was his first time really exploring Kiri. He felt the mist on his face. It was cool and refreshing. The Land of Water was a nice place to live. He continued to row his rented boat. He finally came upon the Academy. In front were four kids. Ah. So small, so impressionable. Her hopped out of the boat and walked up to the four children, the bag slumped over his shoulder. He looked at the kids who smiled up at him “Hello!” they all said in unison. One young man was the shortest and yet had the proudest look on his face. The other was had black hair over his eyes, and had a mischievous look towards him. There were two girls who looked almost exactly alike, except one wore blue and another red. Proud one walked up to Piero starting to bow. “Hello. My name is-” Piero put his hand up. ”Your names don't matter right now, kiddies. All that does is turning you into high ranking ninja that will go out there and kick some serious ass.” The edgy™ looking kid looked over his shoulder, seeing the brown bag drape down. “Uh…what's that?” 

Piero held is stupid amused look. In actuality he was excited. They were crafted toys, and made with some of the best plastic and wood. A Bag o tricks. Just for you guys. Now let's move on to some interesting things. The first thing I am going to teach is to specialize. You'll be a one trick pony, but you'll have a pretty damned good trick. It makes you fit in more to your team. It gives you a role that your partner can't do, so it keeps everyone busy. Now, I'm not saying that you should ever downplay the other focuses that comes with being a ninja. Let's put it this way: say if I had two balls of energy. One is full of one spec and the other is everything else. You have to balance it out. We’ll do your specs another time. That special spec. But for today we are going to teach you how to do everything else alright?  In unison they all said “Yes!” 

 ”Alright let’s learn some fun Jutsu. Who knows supernatural walking?” They all shook their heads.

”Than that's where we start! I'm going to teach you to walk on walls like spider people!” 
“Like Sero!?” the edgy™ kid asked. 
Don't know who that, nor do I care, but YES!” Piero walked the young children to the wall on the side of  the academy. Okay this should be simple. You guys learned to control your chakra, right?” 
“Yes!” The way they said things in unison slightly creeper Piero out. And slightly a used him. ”Okay. Now push the chakra into your hands and feet. Like this.”Piero held out his hand, and it started to flair in blue energy. The same thing happened to his feet.I could have used supernatural walking practice to get here instead of a boat! Darn… He placed his hands on the wall, and then his feet, and started to move up the wall like an insect. The four kids looked amazed. Piero spent the rest of the day training group the young ninja. “Okay, I want you all to sit down and study all the specializations. I want you to pick one, come back, and I can teach you how to apply it. And one more thing. “And one more thing…” Piero took the bag and threw it on the ground. “In this bag, are some toys. But be careful. These toys are actually ninja weapons. Some are more dangerous than others. Class dismissed.







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