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1 Santaku Nariko [Plot Tracker] on Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:53 pm

Santaku Nariko



The Seven Songs
What originally started as a small group of friends at the age of six, has grown into a group of ninja of various clans with debatable morals and goals.

At the age of 10, their interests were more in chaos and havoc, running from pulling the wings of insects to painting walls in bright colours, scaring their peers with stories or intimidation. Looking nothing more than just a bunch of bullies, teachers mostly stuck to scolding them - but a deeper darkness lived in their hearts.

At current age, as genin and chuunin, the Seven Songs intend to spread disaster in all forms. Some of them aim to physically maim and distort whoever they feel like, others are more inclined to warp the mind, and yet others just wish for the world to burn. While they say responsibility comes with power, the Seven Songs are more inclined to believe that 'with great power, comes great possibility.'

As it stands, the Seven Songs count six heads. Six people with the same distorted mind searching to have fun as they tear down the traditions and regulations of society with the intention to spread discord.

  • Santaku Nariko
  • Santaku Misako - Himura
  • Shinko Hua Li - Nogitsune/Three Tails
  • Haruto Hideyaki
  • Niidashi Kasuki/Kaede
  • Jashin Kyo
  • ??

Santaku Misako:
Himura Lineage like Nariko, she's a black winged devil in disguise. Where Nariko's just a spoiled brat doing whatever she wishes, Misako's the girl that plays intentionally with the hearts of men to get whatever she wishes. She loves to play the devil's advocate, especially if it's to get her own way.

Specialised in:
- Taijutsu & Genjutsu
- Fuuton & Katon

Shinko Hua Li:

Manipulative more in mind and manners rather than beauty, Hua Li is usually the one tempering the damage done by acting much like a diplomat. Her eloquence and knowledge of proper traditional etiquette makes her the ideal company for the higher class, but don't be fooled by the tricks of the kitsune.

Specialised in:
- Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Senjutsu
- Katon & Fuuton

Haruto Hideyaki:
Of all the Seven Songs, Hideyaki might be the most quiet of them all. Due to his KKG, he's rather inclined to stay at a distance, but that doesn't hold him back from being just as creepy. Hideyaki's so calm when sharing his sparks of insanity, upholding a casual smile at all times, he gives of such a naturally eerie impression, most people usually don't strike up conversation twice.

Specialised in:
- Bukijutsu: Kyujutsu
- Raiton, Fuuton & Suiton

Niidashi Kasuki/Kaede:
The Yin personality, Kasuki, is a mass of energy and destruction best not left unchecked. Bravura, expression and impulsion, he's ready to face every challenge from the silliest to the most dangerous head-on. In combat, he's a real maniac with such love for blood and combat he might not be too far of a berserker.

The Yan personality, Kaede, however, is one and all gloom and depression. Listless and nihilistic to the point of being pacifically self-destructive, he is often the punching bag of the other members - he doesn't care, and doesn't even bother to heal his wounds, fully embracing the idea of dying. Most of his jutsu are therefore oriented towards denial, sealing and enchaining.

Specialised in:
- Taijutsu & Ninjutsu - Kugutsu & Fuuinjutsu
- Katon & Raiton - Suiton & Raiton

Jashin Kyo:

An androgynous sadist, Kyo, born male, loves to dress himself up like a girl to fool people around him. Greater still is the shock when people realise he has no qualms with hurting himself, inflicting pain on himself for kicks while using his own body as a canvas for his sadistic self-styled artistry - Iryo Tattooing. And if that wasn't enough to crack the mind of the sane... he's a hematophage.

Specialised in:
- Iryo Jutsu, Ninjutsu & Fuuinjutsu
- Suiton & Doton

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2 Re: Santaku Nariko [Plot Tracker] on Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:41 pm

Santaku Nariko



Hallucinations of the Mind
There are those people, outside the Seven Songs, that seem to haunt the mind at random. Some would call them friends, others enemies. Nariko calls them 'potential', 'muses' or 'playthings' depending her mood and needs. Why they haunt her mind remains a mystery, but one day or another they are bound to become instruments of her discord.

Mass Murderer of Kiri Forest -- Kiri-nin
(Burittsu - name unknown IC)

A masked murderer that digs holes in the forest, dumps corpses in them, copies voices and spits on people to web hands rather than to help. Rude enough to leave a girl starving and ditch her in a forest.
Found him back in Kumogakure, being as rude as ever. He wanted to fight an Uchiha.

Specialisations: ??
Elements: Fuuton, Suiton, Hyoton

Maigo -- Kiri-nin

He's no simple Uchiha. He's the Mad God.

Specialisations: Genjutsu, Bukijutsu
Elements: ??
Others: Doujutsu (Sharingan)

Nayoko Nozara -- Konoha-nin

Met him in Kiri's park on a stroll. He was part of an exchange project between Konoha & Kiri, and out to visit a family friend as a personal side-interest. Curious if I'll see him back some day. After I got to Konohagakure.

Specialisations: ??
Elements: ??

Rakurai -- Kumo-nin

A friend to Madame Selene, who runs an orphanage in Kumogakure. He was friendly enough to bring me to the orphanage for food and a bath.

Specialisations: ??
Elements: ??

Toilet Bishi -- Kiri-nin
(Kimiyama Izumi - name unknown IC)

A random good-looking guy with a bleeding nose problem. Boldly perverted enough to appear in the girl's toilets, and heroically 'offered' to help her escape her chaperones. Not very talkative when it isn't about himself, but we escaped.

Specialisations: ??
Elements: ??


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3 Re: Santaku Nariko [Plot Tracker] on Sun May 14, 2017 11:05 pm

Santaku Nariko


[x] Rank Tracker

The Wings of Change
Being an official genin, Nariko decides to finally set her plan into motion. For years she has been plotting how to escape her father's grasp, trading the dull and tedious lifestyle of etiquette for a road towards adventure. With a strong desire to cloak the world in chaos and mayhem, turn the mundane into misery and break down routine and tradition for unexpected events, she has finally set foot on a path that will hopefully teach her more about the mind of clans, the ways of the ninja and the workings of the world than her family ever did.

  • D Rank Mission - Securing Assets
    Part I -- Sneaking out at night to take on a most peculiar mission and bolster her assets before she sets out to run away from home, Nariko investigates a 'haunted' mine.
  • Eloping a royal Destiny
    Part II -- With new coin in her pockets and under the guise of shopping, Nariko wanders the streets of Kiri City to get the last bits of items required for her great escape.
  • Eloping a royal Destiny II
    Part III -- The need to find a means to escape her chaperones brought Nariko to the infamous Siren's Den, run by a member of the Seven Swordsmen.
  • Elysian Fields
    Part IV -- Having successfully escaped her chaperones, Nariko takes a moment of quiet repose as she once more changes her disguise before she truly leaves Kirigakure
  • The Forest of Terror
    Part V -- As the evening draws closer, Nariko finally decides to leave Kirigakure behind, assuming she is completely prepared for the road ahead. Will her preparations been enough?
  • Not all roads lead to Konoha?
    Finally, Nariko escaped her clan. But now, the rail road of discord truly begins.

TNT for the Brain
Having escaped the first shackles of social structure, Nariko is finally able to start the hidden agenda of the Seven Songs. Having stranded in Kumogakure, a country not living up to the warmth of Konohagakure, the question remains what sort of discord Nariko is about to unleash upon the Lands of Lightning.

  • The Maw of Arawn
    Feverish and tripping by eating some poisonous forest mushrooms, Nariko wanders into Kumogakure in search of new clothes, food, a bath and a bed.
  • The Maw of Arawn II
    Having stranded in the orphanage of Lady Selene, Nariko awakens restored and unsure where she is or what exactly happened.
  • The Place where Strength lies
    Nariko finds the Mass Murderer back (or is it the way around?) and finds him facing a peculiar man in combat. Bored and quite spiteful for his behaviour, she decides to cause some confusion.


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