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Special Jounin
Mission details.:
Mission name: Pest Control: Mole Rats
Mission rank: C
Objective: Exterminate the nest of mole rats  
Location: The Wilderness
Reward: 160 Ryo
Mission description: A nest of Mole Rats have been found in the wilderness near the city gates. They wouldn’t normally be a threat, but now there’s a group of them and they’re attacking food shipments to try and get things to eat. Please wipe them out.  
Mission details: There are 10 mole rats, each of which is equivalent to a D rank ninja. Their main weakness is their sensitivity to light, as their eyes are adapted to the dark rather than light, so either take them out during the day or fight them with fire techniques. 1000 words minimum

Taeru would grasp at the step ladder with her right hand as she lent onto her tiptoes grazing her left hands index finger along the row of books on the shelf in search of two types of books in particular, both however informative books. One being about  Iryōjutsu and the other about rock pythons. Her mind though would wonder off to  earlier that day, back at the missions office as the women's look and words echoed in her mind. She would shake off the thought as she pulled out a medical book placing it under her arm as she continued to search muttering almost inaudibly, lightly under her breath "another kill order..." She would pause staring at the bookshelf only to hop down with an unusual grace before standing upright. She would step around a few bookcases up pausing by one allowing her gaze to flicker over the books only to shifting right into a low crouch placing her left hand down against the ground slowly leaning forwards as his miss matched hue searched along the shelf, only to withdraw her hand from the ground prying a book from the shelf. She would give the book a quick look over before standing, still looking at the book on the creature she had already disposed of as she stepped over to the desk to check both of the books out. She would pause waiting patiently before being greeted by a familiar aged face " Hello again deary." A soft smile would graze along her pale pink lips slightly eradicating the lines under her eyes from the lack of sleep as he greeting to the elderly lady "Hello.. I do hope everything has been okay here since my last visit?.. I had notices a few of the bookcases have shifted. I could come back another time and sort that?" Taeru would pop the books down on the desk as she spoke only to feel a 'slap' on the shoulder as the lad that worked at the library too, interjected shifting to lean against the desk "Hey that sounds like a plan." Taeru's gaze would shift to him watching the lad pound the side of his fist into his other hand as he spoke before patting at her shoulders continuing "Its nice having a strong young lad about to help" the elderly lady's brow would arch, visible even behind her half brimmed glasses as she peered over them only to scoff "Isn't that what your supposed to be here for." Spoken as a statement not a question the look of shock would glaze the lads features only to twist into annoyance as he strode off to the bookcases. The elderly lady would grin up at Taeru, a rather mischievous look if anything before popping a note atop the books as she spoke in a hushed tone placing her hand up against her cheek to cover her lips, "If you find you like the books.. Keep them." She would pat Taeru's hand before returning to her to paperwork as she continued to speak in a more level tone " no arguments now that’s final... off you go then" the women's head would tilt down just a touch as she peered over her glasses once again as she looked at Taeru with a rather stern look, only the mischievous glint in her aged eyes would give her away. Taeru would scoop up the books taking a step back before dipping into a low bow, showing an odd flexibility on her movement "Thank you Dono" raising she would tuck the books into her pockets before heading out of the library and off to the place in which she called home to get ready to trek to the wilderness of Iwagakure no sato.

Grazing her fingers along her weapons pouches making sure everything were in place she would slip back into her black and red trimmed jacket only to tug on her small haversack before slipping out of the again quiet house. Her walk haddent taken her as long as she had expected, though throughout her walk there she had, had her nose dipped in the book on the python snake based book on their nature, physiology and how to care for one. Feeling the ground beneath her feet change, her miss match hues would raise allowing her vision to be filled with Iwagakure no sato's wilderness, grazing her gaze along it just past the city gates. She would pause remembering the sight only to be approached by a much older shanobi than herself, with a hefty sized weapon latched to his back. She would immediately dip into a bow, showing an odd amount of flexibility after scanning her gaze over his headband that sat as a crooked angel on his head "I have been sent to the city gates on a mission of pest control." His arms would fold over his chest as he watched her for a moment a slight bit of confusion crossing his, causing his features to crease as he spoke "Okay then.. Raise and produce your permission scroll." As she rose his moss green gaze would rest on her head band attached to the flat of her tightly bound chest as she held out the scroll. After another minute of silence the male would take the scroll looking it over before giving a light nod "Come on I can point you in the right direction." He would hand back the scroll before slipping his arm around her shoulders as he brought up a little bit of small talk  on their walk mentioning small things like where she were from in the living quarters, he didn't recognize her accent and her eyes. Stopping just a little ways out of the gates he would point her in the right direction before returning to his post. She would give another short bow after thanking him before setting in the direction indicated. On her way she would search along the ground looking for a piece of flint slate, slipping her book into her bag once more. As she looked for the flint slate she would collect pieces of dead, dry grass bundling it up into a roll ready, though it would take a short time before finally finding a piece of flint slate. Once she were happy with what she had gathered she would make note of where all of the mole rats burrow holes were located taking her time to fill all but two of them in with stone and dirt. If she were going to rid them all then she were going to do it in her terms, in the light where the advantage were hers. Crouching down she would twist the grass into  a broom like shape before using the flint against her kuni to create sparks eventually lighting the slim end of her dry grass before quickly leaning down blowing lightly against it drawing a night flame before grasping the brush end. She would stuff the lit end down one of the remaining two burrow holes far enough in for just a little of the dry grass to poke out the end. She would quickly dart to the only other exit of the mole rats. She would smoke them out. She would ready herself perched just behind the hole with Amai and tetsu in hand ready. The first came at a quick pase much to Taeru's surprise having only just made the swipe with both tessen cutting a wedge like chunk from the back of its neck stopping it dead in its track only for another and another and another suffering similar fates as they scrambled to get away from the smoke. With the dead creatures piling up Taeru would lean over using Amai and Tetsu to scrape the bodies over to the holes entrance blocking it indefinitely before closing her tessen slipping them away before shifting over to the smoking entrance, the grass still burning away. She would set down on her rump at the entrance feeding the fire as she needed to. She would spend around an hour repeating this before waiting for the fire to completely burn down. Using a stone she would dig out along the tunnels making sure all of the mole rats were dead. Counting along her way only to pause as a snug alcove. Finding a mole rat unable to move struggling with each labored breath though still attempting to move a little pup towards an entrance, its eyes cloudy clear burns along its face, blinding it and down each side. She would retrieve her kuni returning to her knees once more giving a soft sigh before quickly and carefully slipping the blade in to kill the creature immediately. The creatures mouth would go slack allowing the corpse of the pup to roll from it. Taeru's miss match hues would follow it only to allow her hand to dart out to stop it returning it's attempted savior. Looking at her bloody hands as the blood smeared along the infant catching her attention all that crossed her mind were ' bloody hands again...' She would carefully set aside the two before burying the rest as carefully as she could adult and pup alike all dead, yet together only parting two from there group. She would shuffle back over to the two removing her haversack to take out a cloth placing first the adult before placing the infant in its arms. She would carefully wrap them before placing them in her haversack taking back as evidence. She would return to the gate after collecting her things, getting the scroll signed by the same guard before heading back to the missions office to present the scroll and evidence of the brutal carnage that had eradicated the family of mole rats.

[Total word count: 1632]
[Mission: 1000/1000]
[Word count left over: 632]

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